Marianne Penta, when love takes over lyric

Can love be a sin
of Zarah Leander

Can love be a sin

Every little philistine does
Life is a torment to me
Because he only always speaks of morality.
And whatever he thinks and does,
Unfortunately, you can tell
That he cannot see anyone happy.
Then he says: In my time
There wasn't anything like that!
I ask humbly
With a smiling face:
Can love be a sin?
No one should know
When you kiss
If you forget everything
With happiness?
Can that really be a sin
If you only think of you all the time
Once you give everything to him,
With happiness?
I will never regret

What I did,
And what happened out of love
You have to forgive me for that
That's what it's there for!
Love cannot be sin
But if it were
Then I wouldn't care -
I would rather sin
Than to be without love!
Whatever the world speaks of me
I don't care.
I only stay true to love!
Oh, the women who scoff so much
At most I'm sorry;
Ladies, please, don't be jealous!
No woman remains immune
When a man kisses her;
Everyone would like to do it
Even if it's forbidden!
Can love be a sin ...

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