How attractive are you really

Attractive: This is how you can tell that you are hotter than you think

We women are professionals in self-criticism: the eyelashes could be longer, the hair fuller and the scales should show three kilos less. But How attractive and sexy we really are, we often don't find out by looking in the mirror, but through our fellow human beings. Because above all beautiful people, and women in particular, are the greatest self-critics and often consider themselves less beautiful and hot than they really are. We often think that there is still a lot of room for improvement and unfortunately too often compare ourselves with other women, whom we rate as much hotter than ourselves. The self-image is distorted and we often do not even notice what kind of hot sweetheart we really are. It is therefore worth taking a look at the reaction to our fellow human beings. To bring a little light into the dark We found five signs that you can tell that you are actually a lot hotter than you probably think. 🔥

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1. Compliments? What's this?

You are out with your girls, they get one compliment after the other, but you usually get nothing? No reason to sink into self-pity - on the contrary, you should rather be happy. Because people who get fewer compliments are perceived as extremely attractive and sexy. It is believed that extremely good-looking people already know how attractive they are and that there is no need to tell them again. When a compliment does come, it often seems very emotionless, as it is assumed that you hardly have to bother to come up with unusual compliments with very attractive people.

2. Strangers often seek eye contact

You sit on the bus and notice staring glances all the time? No, you probably don't have a ketchup stain on your T-shirt or anything on your face - the other person just thinks you are very attractive. If a stranger looks you deep in the eye and maybe even smiles, he tries to connect with you. This can sometimes seem a bit scary - but you can just take it as a compliment and maybe even make eye contact with the other person. 😍

3. Pay attention to facial expressions

Another indication to find out how hot you appear to others are the facial expressions of your counterpart. Do people raise their eyebrows when they look at you and smile? Then you can be pretty sure that you are at the very top of the sexyness scale, because when we find someone visually attractive, we automatically raise our eyebrows. In this way, we convey to our counterpart that we are open and friendly in order to please.

4. Surprised reactions when you talk about your complexes

If you tell others that you do not have great self-confidence or that you suffer from numerous complexes and the other person reacts very surprised and does not take your insecurities really seriously, this is of course a bit stupid at the moment, but it is also a great compliment. When we stand in front of a hot person who complains about external doubts, we are often surprised because we cannot imagine that an attractive person does not find himself sexy.

5. You are often shunned by other women

You have a new job, are you looking forward to meeting your female colleagues, but they are initially moving away from each other? Don't worry, it's not because you look unkempt or unappealing. On the contrary - because of your awesome appearance, some women feel threatened and often avoid you for the first time. If, on the other hand, they see no competition in other women, they are much more open-minded and make a personal bond faster because they do not see them as a danger. The next time we feel unattractive looking in the mirror again, we should simply pay attention to the reactions of our fellow human beings and not just trust how we see ourselves.

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