How to Make Time Lapse on Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 slow motion mode: record videos in slow motion

Do you want to record videos in slow motion with your Samsung Galaxy S6? No problem, then thinks the first-class camera in the new flagship from Samsung is no longer a big problem. We'll show you what you have to do and how you can activate slow-motion mode in the camera app. Sometimes it is hard to believe what modern smartphones can do and what functions they offer. Not only when it comes to the Internet, many nowadays prefer the smartphone to a notebook in order to have a quick look, but you can also take great pictures and videos thanks to the excellent cameras like in the Samsung Galaxy S6. However, this does not only refer to normal recordings, because with the Galaxy S6 it is now possible to record videos in slow motion. Everyone knows the effect from one or the other YouTube video or from films and you can do very cool things with it. Just a drop of water in slow motion or a hand running past you or shaking off the water, with that you can make beautiful videos.

So you can record video in slow motion on the Galaxy S6

Record slow motion videos in slow motion - that's how it works

We also heard about the function, but it was quite hidden in the camera app, so we have created a brief description of how to activate the slow-motion function and, of course, use it.

  1. To be able to record the videos in slow motion, you must first open the camera app.
  2. There you will now see a button that says Mode and you can select different things there.
  3. This also includes the so-called "slow motion mode".
  4. Once activated, the video recording starts in slow motion.
  5. If this is too slow or too fast for you, you can make even smaller adjustments using the gear.

That's it, you can of course deactivate the slow-motion recording mode on the Samsung Galaxy S6 at any time using the method described above.