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The garden of a thousand fruits

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There was a wonderful garden in the land of Neem. Countless, seductive sweet fruits thrived on a wide variety of plants. That is why the garden was only called the “garden of a thousand fruits” far beyond the borders of the country.

The garden was surrounded by four strong walls that were so high that no one could climb over them. Only a single gate in each wall gave way to the garden and back outside. Every gate was guarded day and night by a never weary guard. The passage out of little paradise belonged to each of these guards. The garden itself did not belong to anyone. Anyone who liked was allowed to come in and reap as many fruits as they could. However, if you wanted to leave the garden again, you had to pay a road toll to each of the guards.

This road toll consisted of half of the harvested fruit for each guard. Those who paid this toll were allowed to pass and carry the rest of their harvest home. But those who were stingy and refused to pay tribute were forever trapped between the walls.

Old Käthe had also gone to the garden early in the morning to pick strawberries for her sick granddaughter, because many a fruit in the garden was said to have healing powers. The old woman strode eagerly through the rows of overflowing strawberry plants and put berry after berry in her large basket. After all, it was noon when the old woman made her way home with the basket full to the brim under the high sun.

At the first gate she politely handed half of the fruit to the guard. He thanked her with a deep bass and wished her a good trip. She again gave half of the remaining fruit to the second guard. He wished her a safe way home.

Old Kathe gave half of the remaining berries to the third guard while she was telling him about her sick granddaughter. In gratitude for this she received the best wishes for her granddaughter and was allowed to go on to the last gate, where she once again divided her harvest into two equal parts and handed one of them to the guard. He then granted her safe passage through his gate and thanked her for her gift.

In good spirits to be able to give the miraculous fruits to her granddaughter soon, Käthe walked towards her small village with 10 strawberries in the basket.

But how many sweet berries did the old woman have in her basket when she set off in the garden?

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