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The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari (MP3 Download)

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• Download (total playing time 439 min.)
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Main speakers: Thomas Wenke, Armin Z. Berger

Co-speakers: Bettina Römer, Angelika Utto, Frank Engelhardt, Herbert Schäfer, Claudia Maria Haas, Frank Muth, Matthias Christian Rehrl, Julian Valerio Rehrl, Maja Schneider, Martin Schülke

After a severe heart attack, star lawyer Julian Mantle parted from his hard-earned luxury life. Instead of returning to his old life after a cure, he travels to the Himalayas to face the basic questions of life in a monastery. A group of monks teach him the secret of happiness: to cultivate the mind through self-discipline, to change one's diet, to put his dreams into practice and to savor the fullness of life every day.

After his extraordinary odyssey, he comes to see his friend and former colleague. He is just beginning to look for the secrets of happiness himself. Julian Mantle opens up wisdom for his friend, combined with very practical suggestions. He opens his eyes and introduces him and thus the listener to his method of tapping the potential that lies in us and leading a life in greater simplicity, happiness and abundance.

This extraordinary audio book was produced in a radio play style with a total of twelve actors.

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Information about the author Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma was a successful lawyer when he wrote a world bestseller with "The Monk Who Sells His Ferrari". He is the founder of Leadership International Inc., a global consulting firm that helps people in companies to "lead without a title". His customers include Microsoft, General Electric, Nike, FedEx and IBM. Robin Sharma is married and lives with his wife and children in Toronto / Canada.

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