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impoverishment poverty depletion
Theirs Impoverishment is the cause of the Maoist uprising in central India.
Their impoverishment is at the root of the Maoist rebellion in Central India.
There are worrying signs of an increasing Impoverishment the women.
There are worrying signs of a feminization of poverty.
The Impoverishment and the lack of economic growth in the Central Asian countries have exacerbated social and economic tensions.
Poverty and lack of growth in the countries of Central Asia have exacerbated socio-economic tensions.
Non-destructive test method for determining the Impoverishment a coating
A non-destructive testing method of determining the depletion of a coating
A high pH leads to Impoverishment of ammonium.
A higher pH value leads to the depletion of ammonium.
These procedures open the Impoverishment of countries due to delays, indecision and corruption door wide.
These procedures are an open door to the impoverishment of countries through delay, vacillation and corruption.
Any erosion of this diversity would be tantamount to one Impoverishment of our cultural heritage.
Any erosion of this diversity would constitute an impoverishment of our cultural heritage.
The mixture created from a superficial reproduction of ideas from culture leads to Impoverishment.
The mixture created by a superficial reproduction of ideas taken from culture leads to impoverishment.
Massive immigration results from weak economies, the Impoverishment of people, human rights violations and numerous other causes.
Massive immigration is a result of failing economies, impoverishment of the people, human rights violations and many other causes.
Lisbon wants against that Impoverishment fight in Europe and for more social justice.
Lisbon wishes to fight against impoverishment in Europe and for greater social justice.
The report also draws attention to new risks in the Impoverishment.
The resulting Impoverishment the region can also be directly related to massive emigration.
The resultant impoverishment in the region can also be linked directly to large-scale migration.
Who wants that Impoverishment of rural populations?
Who would wish poverty on the rural population?
Malnutrition, AIDS, Impoverishment and illiteracy decimate the population there physically and psychologically.
Malnutrition, AIDS, poverty and illiteracy are taking a massive physical and mental toll of the population there.
Impoverishment, Crime, alcoholism, social conflicts and diseases are the result.
Impoverishment, crimes, alcoholism, social conflicts, and diseases are the results.
They fight for their rights, for adequate compensation, against others Impoverishment.
They fight for their rights, for appropriate compensation, against further impoverishment.
The economic change in Eastern Europe has to Impoverishment and marginalization of the Roma population there.
The economic changes in Eastern Europe have lead to impoverishment and marginalization of the Roma population there.
The disintegration of ẓaddiḳ dynasties and the Impoverishment the Ḥasidic literature became evident.
The decay of ẓaddiḳ dynasties and the impoverishment of the Ḥasidic literature became apparent.
Hunger, Impoverishment and social inequality is increasing in many countries.
Famine, impoverishment and social inequality are increasing in many countries.
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