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How to set up or turn off usage reporting

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You can use the following procedures in the Application Virtualization Server administrative console to specify the length of time, in months, of the Application Virtualization System usage information that you want to store in the database.

Note To save usage information, you must be on the tab Provider pipeline check box Log usage information activate. To view this tab, click in the results pane Provider guidelines Right-click the provider policy and select propertiesout.

How to set up usage reports

  1. Right-click the Application Virtualization System node in the left pane and select System optionsout.

  2. Select the tab Database out.

  3. Activate the radio button Use for (months) or all use maintained.

  4. If you want to specify the usage time in months, enter a number from 1 to 120 (the default is 6 months). If you keep all usageIf you select, the database will grow until it has reached the specified size limit.

  5. Click about to take or OK.

How to turn off usage reporting

  1. Click on the node Provider guidelines .

  2. Right click on Provider Policy , and choose propertiesout.

  3. Select the tab Provider pipeline out.

  4. Uncheck the box Log usage information .

  5. Click about to take or OK.

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