How to taste Bacardi 151 good

Bacardi 151 1l 75.5%

Item number: 2699488
BacardiInformation on the food regulation:
Items: rum
Net filling quantity: 1l
Alcohol content: 75,50%
Food manufacturer / importer: SSG Trading GmbH, Fellerstraße 12, 42555 Velbert, Germany
Country of origin: Bermuda

Bacardi 151 with 1 liter content and a very strong 75.5% volume

You should only drink this highly flammable rum as it is very strong. High-proof Bacardi feeling with the 151 rum - a premium rum in a class of its own: The Bacardi 151 is particularly popular among connoisseurs because of its excellent quality, authenticity and strong taste. The Bacardi belongs to the spirit category of the overproof rum, due to its 75.5% volume.

Taste: Soft and mild, characterized by impressions of tropical fruits, vanilla and walnut, with subtle oak nuances.

Production: Original recipe by Don Facundo Bacardi, storage in selected North American oak barrels in the climate of the Caribbean.

Drinking recommendation of the manufacturer: Mix strong cocktails with the Bacardi 151, such as the Mai Tai or Zombie.

Customer ratings (13)

Bacardi 151 1 liter on 07/27/2011 5.00

very good article, smells very good. Golden yellow color and very recommendable even if this spirit has 75.5% =)

Bacardi 151 1 liter on 07/07/2011 4.00

The stuff goes in well - tastes better than the booze that you get in the standard shops. . .

Barcardi 151 on 05.07.2011 5.00

very fast delivery super safe packed,
absolutely recommend

Bacardi 151 - Cuba libre with a difference on 05/09/2007 5.00

Despite (or perhaps because of the high alcohol content) it has a very full-bodied taste, quite aromatic (aroma is somewhat reminiscent of vanilla) With cola (and without lemon / lime juice) a great alternative to the normal "Cuba libre" - however, the following applies here in particular: Don't put too much in the glass, otherwise it won't taste good ...

cannot be compared to any other Bacardi on 11/21/2008 5.00

For the pleasant, simply Caribbean, sweet, round taste it should be drunk pure, but because of the over 75% alcohol it is impossible ... best to mix it with cola, and you will learn how a real cola rum should taste! fantastic

optics good on 03.03.2010 5.00

I received my bottle (s) quickly and safely! optically a feast for the eyes!
content not yet tried, but the joy is great

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