What's at the end of the intersection

If the person in front does not observe the traffic rules, it is often difficult to behave properly. In the end, a man even gets a parking ticket himself.

USA - Some drivers are in a great hurry. Then when you have to stop at an intersection or a stop sign, they don't always obey the traffic rules. After all, they want to move on quickly. Partly to the chagrin of the road users who drive behind it. After all, such car owners make it difficult to adhere to the “rules of the game” in traffic because they impair one's own concentration. A vehicle driver has experienced this first hand - and is therefore even considering going to court.

Drivers get traffic tickets - because the vehicle in front drives over a stop sign?

The reason is a ticket that he received from the police - but does not want to pay. After all, he doesn't see the guilt in himself. That's why he seeks advice on the Reddit social network and has posted a video from his car dashcam. The footage shows how a white Chevrolet Camaro drives to a busy intersection in front of him. The stop sign can be seen from afar, but the driver does not think to stop in front of it. Even bolder is a Corvette driver who rolls back at a red light and crashes onto a motorcycle. Is it insurance fraud?

Instead, he drives over the stop line and stops in the middle of a pedestrian crossing. He wants to turn left, but doesn't seem to have patience, drives over the zebra crossing and a little way into the intersection. In the end, he stands there for a full 18 seconds before he can finally turn. The owner of the dashcam sticks to the stop sign and stops briefly behind the white Chevrolet. Then he turns right into the intersection without stopping again and wants to drive on his way. (Oldtimer simply sawed up: owner destroys Chevrolet Camaro because ...)

Motorists get traffic tickets - should they challenge them in court?

But only a few meters further on, on the right, hidden in a meadow next to the road, he sees a patrol car that is moving and driving towards him. And then the police officers give him to understand that he should pull over to the right. The dashcam owner would not have gotten away anyway, because only a hundred meters away there is a second patrol car in the grass. In the end, the unlucky person receives a ticket - because he allegedly disregarded the stop sign. He's not the only one: As the video says, the driver behind him is also being pulled out of the traffic by the officers. The same thing happened to a Suzuki driver who allegedly drove through an intersection in the yellow - and was blackened by a Jeep driver at the police station.

Now the Reddit user asks himself whether he should contest the ticket. Some say yes and find the fine unjustified. They also believe that he has a good chance in court. Still others explain to him that the officials are factually right. After all, you learn in driving school that you don't just have to stop at the stop sign - but, if the intersection is also confusing, you have to feel your way very slowly before continuing. However, it remains unclear whether the driver of the Chevrolet in front will also receive a ticket. It seems as if he of all people gets away with it in the end - because he turns left instead of right.

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