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Do corona vaccination in another state?

  • Many are longingly waiting for their corona vaccination
  • But can you shorten the wait and go to a family doctor in another state where the prioritization with Astrazeneca has been lifted?
  • Is there now an “intra-German vaccination tourism”?

The call came last Tuesday. "Are you interested in a corona vaccination?" Asks the doctor's assistant. Alina Juravel is interested and arranges a vaccination appointment for the following Wednesday. She is supposed to receive the vaccine from Pfizer / Biontech.

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The nurse explains to her that they have enough of them so that young and healthy people can be vaccinated. "I no longer live in Hof, however, but moved to Berlin," says Juravel of her old colleague General Practitioner. It doesn't matter if she can arrange to come to Hof for the vaccination.

Because general practitioners can decide for themselves who receives a corona vaccination - that also plays a role federal state the place of residence does not matter. Doctors should prioritize older patients and chronically ill people when awarding them - but of course no vaccine should be left over.

Vaccination against Corona: countries lift Astrazeneca restriction

In Saxony, Bavaria, Berlin and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the restrictions on the Astrazeneca vaccine have also been lifted. The family doctors can distribute their doses there even more flexibly. But this even creates a "German vaccination tourism"? Do people travel from North Rhine-Westphalia to Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania for a vaccination dose? Do doctors in Saxony experience a rush of people from Thuringia who want to be vaccinated?

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Corona vaccination: General practitioners are allowed to vaccinate anyone

"If someone calls me from another federal state and asks for an appointment for a vaccination, they will most likely get one too," says Ingrid Dänschel, family doctor in Lunzenau, Saxony.

"However, this has not happened often before," says Dänschel. Currently she has sufficient vaccine available. If someone is mobile and urgently wants to be vaccinated, it is a good option to switch to doctors in rural areas, she says.

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Dänschel also currently works once a week in one Vaccination center. “People from another federal state also come there every now and then,” she says. Apparently it works that one can also agree with a switching code in a vaccination center in another federal state. "We have a good organization here in rural areas, so that people from Dresden or Leipzig also come," says the doctor. “But I wouldn't call it tourism.” So far, all those willing to vaccinate, with whom she spoke, had a reason for vaccination in Saxony.

Corona vaccination - More about the vaccines:

Distribution of vaccination doses is based on the number of inhabitants

"Within Germany, the vaccination doses are distributed to the federal states according to the proportion of the population and delivered to 27 delivery points named by the states," it said Federal Ministry of Health at the request of this editorial team. "Deliveries to the vaccination centers are made from there."

However, the ministry left unanswered a question as to whether this meant that you should or should only be vaccinated in your own federal state. The ministry also did not answer whether the different regulations with the Astrazeneca preparation would lead to fear of “intra-German vaccination tourism”. Even if it works, it does not seem to be intended to get vaccinated in another state.

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