What does branch a swing mean

Attach the swing - you need to pay attention to this

Children spend a lot of time on a swing, so you should always secure it properly. You can find out what to look out for and which tips will help you in our home article.

Attach the swing - make the right choice

Before you can attach the swing, you need to choose the right model. In the following you can read what is important and what you have to pay attention to:

  • Small children need side protection and adequate back support. Even if you are there swinging, you should choose a swing that has appropriate protection. Baby high swings are well suited for the first few years.
  • Once your children can sit and hold on to their own devices, consider choosing a different swing. The classic seat shells are popular. Plate swings are also very suitable for your own garden.

Attach the swing to the tree - you need to pay attention to this

Once you have chosen the right swing, you can assemble it. What you have to consider if you want to attach the swing to the tree, you will find out below:

  • Load capacity: First you have to check the load capacity of the branch. You should always proceed very conscientiously, otherwise the branch could break. Since it is a children's swing, it is a good test if you, as an adult, put your body weight on the branch. If it can withstand this without any problems, you can safely use the branch to attach the swing.
  • Position: The branch should ideally have grown as straight as possible. Then you don't have to align the swing using the ropes. You should also choose a branch that is a little longer so that you can attach the swing at a sufficient distance from the tree trunk. An ideal branch height is around two to three meters.
  • Attachment: Attach the swing to the branch with cuff hooks. They are particularly suitable for round brackets and are also very stable. Depending on how tall your branch is, you should bring a ladder and a second person to secure it. Tip: Use a jute tape to protect the branch from any damage caused by the cuff hooks.

Fasten the swing to the scaffolding - you have to pay attention to this

There is not a suitable tree in every garden. The best alternative is then the well-known swing frames. We have summarized below for you what you should consider when attaching the swing to a scaffold:

  • Stability: Unlike the tree, your swing frame does not have deep roots. You must therefore secure it appropriately, otherwise the frame could fall over and injure you and your child. When fixing in the ground you have two options - ground anchors or concrete. The ground anchors are well suited for smaller swings. If the swing is larger, you should set the posts in concrete.
  • Position: Always mount your swing frame on flat and stable surfaces. You shouldn't put it on a slope where you might still need to level the swing. In the case of lots that have a lot of slopes, it is best to excavate and straighten the place for the swing accordingly.
  • Assembly: When assembling and attaching the swing, you must make sure that you have tightened all screws correctly. You should also retighten the screws after several weeks. So you can be sure that your swing is really stable.

Fastening the swing - general tips

With the following general tips, you can be sure that your child can swing safely:

  • Subsoil: Ideally, the subsoil consists of fine sand. If your child dares to jump out of the swing at a later age, it cannot be injured.
  • Surrounding area: In the surrounding area you should remove all objects that your swing could hit. In general, you should only set up the swing in places where there are no fixed objects in the danger area. In addition, there should be no pointed or sharp objects near the swing.
  • Inspection: Even after the swing has been attached and set up, it is important that you inspect it regularly. All screws should be tight, the seat pan intact, and the rope should not have any obvious damage.

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If you live in a rented apartment with only a very small garden, an allotment garden can be the ideal place for a swing. In the next home article you will therefore find out what to look out for if you want to rent an allotment garden.