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Personality - Aquarius zodiac sign - This is how Aquarius ticks

Anyone whose birthday is between January 21st and February 19th was born under the zodiac sign Aquarius. What does it mean and what does it say about personality? What traits are typical of those born in Aquarius? Read on to find out what makes Aquarius and what makes them tick.


Typical characteristics of the zodiac sign Aquarius

Aquarius (Latin Aquarius, astrological symbol ♒) is the eleventh sign of the zodiac. Its planets are Saturn and Uranus, its element is air.

The typical Aquarius is sincere, charismatic, resourceful, inventive, eccentric, progressive, freedom-loving, friendly, sociable, helpful, full of ideas, individualistic, stirring, original, positive, principled, reform-minded, creative, socially minded, special, tolerant, independent, unconventional , entertaining, versatile, visionary, unprejudiced, strong-willed and future-oriented.

Weaknesses: distant, solitary, extravagant, cool, rebellious, revolutionary, snobbish, stubborn, impatient, aloof, noncommittal, utopian and changeable.

Life motto: I express my individuality! I find!

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This is how people born in Aquarius tick

Never boring

The planet Uranus ensures that the typical Aquarius likes to show himself as an original contemporary. Everything that is extraordinary and sometimes a bit bizarre attracts Aquarius. That sometimes makes it difficult to assess it, at times it is even unpredictable, but it also prevents boredom.

The love of independence

His love for independence is legendary. Aquarius willingly accepts many a detour if he can only avoid the cliffs of the conservative social order.

His great strengths are the many ideas that he has every day, but occasionally there is a lack of stamina, and so it often does not work with their implementation. If only because he simply doesn't have the time to realize all of the flashes of thought.

Fascinated by reforms

Aquarius is always a bit ahead of their fellow human beings, which is no wonder, because they are fascinated by the modern age and by reforms that improve social life. In doing so, he proves to be a true visionary, which often unsettles his fellow men more than it inspires them.

Many Aquarians are therefore often dismissed as crazy. When you see their bizarre and unusual plans, it's not at all surprising.

Surrounded by individual characters

Aquarius' circle of acquaintances is just as colorful and unusual as his ideas. Everything that is original can be found here: artists, birds of paradise, scientists, all people who have an individual character. They also feel at ease with him, because a particularly likeable quality of Aquarius is his camaraderie.

Risk of getting bogged down

Aquarius is helpful and always there for his friends. Since he mostly knows God and the world, it can happen that he is on the way from one mission to the next and sometimes gets a little bogged down. Unfortunately, he forgets some of his great ideas that he really wanted to implement. Sometimes less would just be more!

Adventure or romance

Erotic games of hide and seek are the lifeblood of the original and unconventional Aquarius. With him you can flirt and wink to your heart's content, and preferably without any obligation. However, Aquarius should not get too cocky. He is constantly accompanied by the nagging feeling that no opportunity should be missed.

With this, however, he can easily squander his chances with a real dream partner. In order to win this over for himself, he should proceed with more caution. If he has other irons in the fire by the way, his new flame could disappear from his life faster than he would like. Aquarius in love should also keep this in mind if they do not want to lose their partner.

Job, Finance and Success

Aquarius is in good hands in professions in which they can show off their inventive talent. This includes activities in which research is carried out or new technologies are applied. In any case, he should have a job that really recognizes his inventiveness.

He is also a good advisor because an Aquarius has the ability to look at a matter objectively. Sometimes his rational nature is a bit of a hindrance, especially when he is too concerned about one thing.

Because of his great urge for freedom, he always needs enough money to shape life according to his wishes - but he is not inclined to waste.

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These traits are typical of the Aquarian woman

Everything, just not ordinary, that is Mrs. Wassermann's motto. She doesn't believe in old traditions, she wants to change the world. Modesty is a foreign word for them. She is bursting with self-confidence and vigor and can't wait to finally get active and put all of her great ideas into practice.

The creative streak is particularly strong in Ms. Wassermann. Your ingenuity is second to none. However, not all of their plans are realistic. When the ideas are bubbling up, she doesn't want to pay attention to something like that. And that's exactly how she trips herself up a lot. She has to be careful not to lose touch with reality completely.

The Aquarian Lady likes it varied and entertaining. She is incredibly versatile and therefore often doesn't even know what to do first. After all, everything is so tempting. However, not everyone gets along equally well with their volatile nature. This independent lady needs a lot of freedom in the relationship. As soon as she feels constricted, she takes flight.

Another little tip for Mr Wassermann on how he can make his loved one happy: She loves surprises. Everything that breaks the gray daily grind makes you shine. Because her biggest worry is that at some point boredom could creep into her (love) life.

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These traits are typical of the Aquarian man

Mr. Wassermann is a little creative genius. He is never at a loss for good ideas and he loves to explore unfamiliar territory. He is so much in his element that he sometimes leaves the ground of reality - without even realizing it. It is not uncommon for horses to run away with him in his enthusiasm. In any case, one thing is certain: with an Aquarius acquaintance, you won't get bored that quickly! He's always up to something interesting.

Lengthy planning is not for him, he prefers to decide what he wants to do next as he likes. You should therefore be prepared for the fact that he will cancel an appointment at the last minute. But nobody takes that offense, he spreads far too much good mood for that. He is also very tolerant of other opinions and understands everything and everyone.

Arguing with him is almost an impossibility. But you shouldn't expect him to make a clear decision. He is extremely reluctant to commit himself, that would ultimately limit his options. And he needs a lot of space in order to be able to fully develop. Not only professionally, where Mr. Wassermann prefers to work alone, but also privately.

Marriage is not for him, an equal, relaxed relationship is more likely. Because what makes him happy today, he can already yawn in a year. Nothing is certain about this unsteady comrade, only this much: Nothing remains as it was.

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Friendship and happiness under the sign of Aquarius

Are Aquarius-Born Friends for Life?

Aquarians are strong individualists and like to be a bit headstrong. Therefore, whoever is friends with an Aquarius should have unusual hobbies or funky leisure activities to offer. With an Aquarius you have a particularly tolerant friend by your side, with whom you can be who you are, with all your strengths and weaknesses.

Aquarius naturally also makes use of this right for himself, and if you want to change him, he reacts rather stubbornly. It is better not to restrict an Aquarius, they need their freedom and often a break from time to time. If you let him do this, a friendship with him can last for a long time and, above all, be very fulfilling.

What does Aquarius need to be happy?

Aquarians have a great talent for happiness because they don't take life terribly seriously. You like to take a step to the side and look at things from a distance. However, they themselves approach emotional issues with their heads. Sometimes they get in their own way because you can't analyze everything and grasp it mentally.

Letting go and feeling, that is your learning task. What an Aquarius also needs to be happy is a lot of freedom. To have to submit to rules or conventions is anathema to him.

Magic numbers: 2, 13, 89, 270

Magical colors: Blue purple, sky blue, lilac, light gray

Lucky flower: The slightly exotic touch of the azalea is exactly what appeals to the original Aquarius so much.

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Can Aquarius Keep a Secret?

The secret of the pyramids, the Inca treasure or the legendary Atlantis: Aquarius is magically drawn to unusual secrets of the mystical kind. From an early age he wants to unravel or research something and experiences at an early age that he sometimes chases after an illusion.

He's very good at keeping secrets to himself. The Aquarius is a very open type, but he values ​​camaraderie and therefore secrecy and trust play a big role for him. If his friends do it, he will remain loyal.

However, if you lightly divulge something that Aquarius has told him in confidence, you can experience something. The Aquarius becomes an unpredictable opponent who sometimes targets below the belt with his attacks.

Quirks and quirks ... everyone has them ... even Aquarius

As soon as an Aquarius lives in a block of flats, everyone knows them for sure. Either he wears his hair in pink, always the latest fashion, or he prefers the most exotic partners. He likes it a bit flashy and never socially compliant. He himself is tolerant and magically attracts a colorful crowd.

Parties in a shared apartment, a vintage car as a car and an artistic profession, that's exactly his thing. And preferably always chaotic. He hated to conform to clichés and a fixed agenda. It's awesome, but often comes across as a bit bizarre. So he has to be careful not to be mistaken for crazy because of his modern ideas.

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