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Characterization of Siri Sellin in Blueprint

You have to read the book Blueprint by Charlotte Kerner in school and characterize the protagonist Siri Sellin? In order for this to work, you should have read the novel thoroughly and observe a few typical requirements for characterization.

That's what Blueprint is all about

  • The two main protagonists in the novel Blueprint are Iris Sellin and her daughter Siri. Iris is a talented pianist who has literally found her calling in her profession. When she was confronted with multiple sclerosis, she saw her work as a pianist in danger and wanted to pass on her talent at all costs. Since she has no husband and does not want to "contaminate" her talented genes with those of a man, she decides to have herself cloned.
  • The cloned daughter grows up in uncertainty about her fate and only discovers the truth over time, when the resemblance to her mother strikes her as uncanny. Iris, on the other hand, basically sees Siri only as an image of herself and although she idolizes Siri, she wants to turn her into a talent at the piano at all costs. You can be sure that the relationship between mother and daughter will not remain problem-free. As the daughter gets older, she rebels increasingly against her mother and, by moving, increasingly detracts from her in order to find her own "I" and no longer be just an image of her mother. Only on their mother's deathbed do they find each other again.

That is what is expected of you in a characterization

  • In a characterization you should emphasize the essence of one or more protagonists. Several factors belong to the essence of a person. So, first, describe what the person looks like. What clothes does she wear, what hairstyle does she have and how tall is she? These and similar questions, which the reader can answer, are essential for the task.
  • Also describe the external circumstances in which the character lives. What does your social environment look like and who are your caregivers? What is their standard of living and what external influences are there?
  • This is followed by the most important part of the characterization, namely the inner workings of the person. What are their likes and dislikes and how can they be justified? What is the person's opinion and attitude to certain questions? How does it behave in different situations? You can always add examples that are addressed in the book. Also try to work out the person's self-image. Where does it see its place in this world and how can this be justified?

The protagonist Siri Sellin

  • Siri Sellin grew up in a sheltered environment in the novel Blueprint and was introduced to the piano at an early age by her mother. When she realizes she is cloned in her early teens, she develops a strong dislike for her mother and also for herself. When she looks in the mirror, she does not see herself, but only her mother's likeness, which she is increasingly into a strong identity crisis plunges.
  • This is reinforced by the fact that Siri cuts a good figure on the piano, but her mother is still far ahead of her and she lets her feel this clearly. Anger and hatred for her mother grows in Siri, she turns away from her and moves to Hamburg.
  • In the new city, however, everything doesn't suddenly get better, but Siri's identity crisis grows. She tries at all costs to cut herself off from her mother and to be quite explicitly different from her. So she paints the walls of her apartment in dark colors, dresses conspicuously and rebels against her mother, so to speak. However, all these optical changes only overshadow her inner life, in which she does not seem to find her own "I" for a long time, since she does not see herself as an independent person with her own identity, but only as an artificially created construct of her selfish mother.
  • You can surely imagine that Siri is a very sensitive and almost depressive and psychologically unstable person deep down. Her life is marked by doubts, in which she actually sees no sense in her existence, since it is just an artifact. Only with the death of her mother does the process of cutting the cord completely succeed. From now on Siri feels free and as an independent "I" with its own identity.

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