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What color is love Black or white?

IM a nobody. I stand stark naked in front of you on the market square. My ship anchored in a world full of nations. I came from a long way away. I am also called the stranger. Yes, I must have lost my way in the streets and alleys of your nations. Yes, I also cry and shed tears for humanity, but I cry in the dark, under my covers. I don't want you to see my tears because my tears would be painful for you. My tears would be like wounds to you. You have only experienced my songs, but my eyes also have tear glands.

I watch the world, the market place, the big cities and see a man named George Floyd lying on the ground. He is strangled by a white policeman. Very loudly he screams, “Mama, Mama.” All dams should break. Heaven is crying right now. There is nothing more sacred than the mother who made us all. Didn't this policeman experience love for his own mother? Wasn't he told beautiful fairy tales from his mom as a child, before going to bed? Anyone who has experienced motherly love could not do such a cruel thing. I bite my teeth, keep walking, wondering. "Why are people of color still discriminated against?"

The night is now turning towards the day, and I wonder whether the night in which humanity finds itself will last forever? It seems as if the human lot is divided among one another. Why do people divide in black and white? Thunder and lightning hit my head. I just do not understand.

You ask me where I come from The silence is my answer. I became love. It is said, “Life does not go backwards, nor does it linger in yesterday.” The person in the marketplace is in a deep sleep. The evidence of his sleep are all the nations he has built. The separation of races.

Each of us is responsible for the war because our lives are full of aggressiveness, we have our nationalism, we are full of selfishness, we have our gods, our prejudices and all of this separates us from one another.

“You are now asking me, beloved, where do I come from? Please don't do that. Do you hear?"

“Because where love awakens, the ego dies. The dark despot. “There are no limits in love. Any identification with a nation involves violence. If they call themselves Indian, Muslim, Christian, German or Turkish or anything, they are violent. Do you see why this is so? Because you isolate yourself from the rest of humanity. Separation creates violence.

You ask me now, beloved, where do I come from? Please don't do that. Do you hear? Because in this way you generate violence on earth, because I don't feel that I belong to any nation. I came to earth to devote myself to beauty.

Yes, of course, it takes seeing eyes to see the great spirit of unity, as the Indians did. Since the eye of the mind cannot see, the magic of lovers remains alien to it. Love knows no skin color. My eyes are not enough, I still have to find hundreds of eyes, have to lend them to me and look at this enchanting world. Yes, a beautiful world seems a long way off. The external social fabric is only the result of the internal psychological structure. All the nations are just a reflection of the ugly in the soul of man. But what are nations and races for?

Are we still not fed up with division and violence? Why are we so afraid of freedom? Nations indicate a serious, neurotic disease in humans. Who needs nations? What for? Why do you need passports, visas and borders? The whole world belongs to all of us, my beloved. The sun does not belong to anyone, the earth does not belong to anyone, the moon does not belong to anyone. Nothing belongs to anyone.

Heaven is sad, eyes full of tears and complaints loud, in a world full of nations and divisions. The mountains, rivers and trees sing their most beautiful songs and yet they do not belong to any nation. If you listen to these lines with your heart, you will understand what these confused lines from a poet mean. The wind now commands me to leave you. We hikers, who are always looking for the lonelier way, never begin a day where we have ended the last, and no sunrise finds us where the sunset left us. Even while the earth sleeps, we travel.

In the silence of the night I have walked through your cities and my spirit has entered your houses. I have often heard you talk about myself, “He consults with the trees of the forest, but not with the people. He sits alone on the hills and looks at our market square. “Yes, I'm in less of a hurry than the wind, but I have to go. And it has always been the case that love only recognizes its own depth in the hour of separation. How am I supposed to leave you in peace and without sorrow? No, I will not leave this world full of nations and discrimination without a wound in the spirit. Long were the days of grief among you. Yes, I can't stay any longer. The sea, which calls everything to itself, calls me and I have to board the ship. I expressed these things in words. But much in my sad heart remained unsaid, my beloved.

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