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The coronavirus is omnipresent in NRW at the moment. In the live ticker, RUHR24 informs you about the new developments around the epidemic.

  • The corona virus is currently determining life in all of North Rhine-Westphalia.
  • The ban on contact is also in force in North Rhine-Westphalia with immediate effect.
  • We report on the most important developments in the live ticker.

Update, Monday (March 23rd), 11 a.m .: The live ticker is no longer continued at this point. You can find a new live ticker on the current developments of the coronavirus in NRW here.

Update, Monday (March 23rd), 7.48 a.m .: NRW - Midnight is in NRW the Ban on contact entered into force. This means that - with exceptions - only a maximum of two people are allowed to be outdoors together. This is intended to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus and the disease Covid-19 be slowed down.

Coronavirus in NRW: Contact ban applies with immediate effect

Excluded from the regulation that the federal and state governments agreed on on Sunday are, for example Familys and other people together in one common household dwell. You can continue to travel together.

Herbert Reul (CDU), Minister of the Interior of NRW, considers the ban controllable: "Of course it works. By the way, there is police not solely responsible, but also the Public order offices, the Security services"he said in" Report from Berlin "on Sunday evening.

At Crowds police officers would have to step in, have ID cards shown and ask where people are going and what they want.

Coronavirus in NRW: visits to nursing homes are prohibited

Update, Sunday (March 22nd), 9:23 p.m .: In more and more communities in NRW church bells are currently ringing at a certain time - also in Mülheim an der Ruhr. As the WAZ reported, the people should during the through theCoronavirus conditional restrictions are invited to pause together.

Update, Sunday (March 22nd), 8:20 p.m.: In North Rhine-Westphalia be because of the spread of the novel CoronavirusVisits to nursing homes are prohibited. As the German Press Agency (dpa) reported, these are only allowed if they are used for medical or nursing care or if they are required for legal reasons. In addition, the facilities should allow exceptions if it is ethically and socially necessary, for example in maternity, children's or palliative wards.

Update, Sunday (March 22nd), 7:38 p.m.: Will there be an effective one soon drug in the fight against the novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) ?. Like the Austrian radio station ORF reports, a new product is to achieve good results in the Salzburg area. Accordingly, it mitigates the severity of the Coronavirus triggered disease by 90 percent.

Medicine against the corona virus: Austrians want to publish new findings

Again ORF further reported, it is said to be a substance that is otherwise used against cancer. The exact findings of the Austrians have not yet been published. But they should be published soon.

Update, Sunday (March 22nd), 7:32 p.m .: Even in times of Covid-19 The good news still exists. A couple from Bochum survived the infection and is healthy again. In an interview with RUHR24.de they talk about their experiences with the corona virus.

Update, Sunday (March 22nd), 6.45pm: Bang in Berlin: After Angela Merkel On Sunday (March 22nd) a press conference on the new measures in the fight against this Coronavirus had given, she must now herself in domestic quarantine. As the German Press Agency (dpa) reported that the Chancellor had contact with a doctor who is now positive SARS-CoV-2 has been tested.

Chancellor #Merkel will go into quarantine at home as a precaution in the next few days - Explanation: pic.twitter.com/xfCqlkBRJh

- Steffen Seibert (@RegSsprecher) March 22, 2020

Fight against the coronavirus: these measures have been decided

Update, Sunday (March 22nd), 6:08 p.m.: With the measures decided on Sunday afternoon (March 22nd) by the federal government and the states, public life in NRW further restricted. Overall, the regulations include fighting the novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) According to the federal government, several points:

  • Gatherings of more than two people in public spaces are prohibited. This does not apply to families and people who live in one household.
  • The interpersonal contact should be kept to a minimum.
  • In public, people, with the exception of the above groups, must keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters from one another.
  • Bars and restaurants will be closed.
  • Services that are not necessary (hairdresser, cosmetics) should no longer be offered.
  • The regulatory authorities and the police will monitor the regulations and sanction violations.

#COVID ー 19: In order to prevent the uncontrolled increase in the number of cases and to keep our health system efficient, the federal and state governments have agreed on further measures to limit social contacts. Here are the most important details at: https://t.co/SNFTHhMp4spic.twitter.com/6iGZ6cbQDX

- Steffen Seibert (@RegSsprecher) March 22, 2020

Measures against the corona virus: Bavaria is sticking to Sonderweg

The activities should initially be for two weeks throughout Germany, including in NRW, apply and the spread of the Coronavirus contain. Bavaria is loud dpa but it has already been announced that it will not implement the points and that it will stick to its own rules.

Update, Sunday (March 22nd), 5.47pm: Angela Merkel does not want to comment on the alleged dispute between NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) and his counterpart from Bavaria, Markus Söder (CSU). She speaks of a lively debate.

Update, Sunday (March 22nd), 5.44 p.m.: "Please pull everyone with you. Do what is right for our country," the Chancellor appeals to the population.

Coronavirus: Contact ban also applies to NRW

Update, Sunday (March 22nd), 5.42 p.m.: These measures include far-reaching Restrictions on public life. In addition, people have to significantly reduce their social contacts. Staying in public is because of the Coronavirus Only allowed alone, with another person who does not live in the household or with people who live in the same household, explains Chancellor Merkel.

Update, Sunday (March 22nd), 5:38 p.m.: Many guarantors would have uniform rules in the fight against that Coronavirus wish says Merkel. Therefore one got suitable on guidelines.

Update, Sunday (March 22nd), 5:37 p.m.: "I know it means giving up when Close shops and one is no longer allowed to socialize so easily. We all have to do without it for a while. I am very moved that so many people adhere to it, "says Angela Merkel (CDU) at the beginning of their statement.

In Essen, by the way, a DJ wanted to start a balcony party. However, that was banned. The Lord Mayor of Essen, Thomas Kufen (CDU), thwarted his plans.

Fight against the corona virus: Chancellor Merkel speaks out

Update, Sunday (March 22nd), 5:35 p.m.Angela Merkel now appear before the press. We report live.

Update, Sunday (March 22nd), 5:14 p.m.: "There are people who make me angry when I hear about mass gatherings. We tolerate that in North Rhine-Westphalia not anymore, "said NRW-Minister-President Armin Laschet in a press conference on the measures against the Coronavirus In Dusseldorf.

Because not leaving the house but the contact between people is for the spread of the new Coronavirus responsible. The federal government and the states are agreed by one Ban on contact Break chains of infection.

Coronavirus in NRW: More shops have to close

In addition, from now on you will all Restaurants and pubs close. Services that are not necessary are also prohibited, hairdressing and massage parlors are not allowed to open. "The virus must be fought. Now, immediately, by all means," demanded Laschet. If the hairdressing salons are allowed to reopen, then under strict conditions.

Update, Sunday (March 22nd), 4:57 p.m .: According to the ARD has meanwhile also NRW-Minister-President Armin Laschet (CSU) made the decision for a comprehensive Ban on contact approved. As the German Press Agency (dpa) reported, this should initially apply for two weeks.

Update, Sunday (March 22nd), 4:37 p.m.: The Prime Minister and Chancellor Angela Merkel (CSU) have apparently on further activities agreed to that Coronavirus contain. Again mirror reports, gatherings of more than two people in public spaces are to be prohibited nationwide. Families and people who live in one household are excluded.

Coronavirus in NRW: contact ban instead of exit lock?

So now a Ban on contact be enacted, a Curfew as in Bavaria is apparently off the table for the time being. Violations of the new regulations should be monitored and sanctioned by the regulatory authorities and the police.

Update, Sunday (March 22nd), 4:22 p.m.: In the deliberations of the federal and state governments on Corona crisis According to reports, there is a violent dispute between the CSU boss MarkusSöder and NRW head of government ArminLash (CDU) given. Laschet had therefore massively attacked Söder because he was already taking his own measures on Friday "without consultation" with the federal government and the other countries Exit restrictions had decreed for Bavaria. Söder then threatened to leave the switch. This was also reported by the picture-Newspaper.

Coronavirus in NRW: What drives Armin Laschet (CDU)?

Bavaria was "irritated" about the course, she learned GermanPress agency on Sunday from government circles. So far, Laschet has always held back and hesitated in the debate, even when it was recently about the closure of schools and kindergartens. One therefore suspects another motive, Laschet is probably more concerned with his personal ambitions than with them Corona crisis, it was said.

In addition, according to participants, Laschet is said to have presented an action paper together with other federal states in the conference call. According to reports, however, this was not pursued further in the deliberations because Merkel, for her part, made her own paper as the basis.

Coronavirus in NRW: State wants to support clubs

Update, Sunday (March 22nd), 4:04 p.m.: Politicians want to break through the event because of the Coronavirus help clubs in financial need in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Like State Secretary for Sports Andreaspleen In a joint statement with State Sports Federation President Stefan Klett, the clubs should participate in the state's € 25 billion aid package for the economy to an as yet unknown amount.

Update, Sunday (March 22nd), 2:39 p.m.: Expected NRW from tomorrow one Curfewhow about in Bavaria? The fact is that the federal and state governments are currently meeting for a conference call to discuss how to proceed in the fight against the coronavirus. Prime Minister takes for NRW ArminLash participate in it. Not only are further measures planned to contain the virus, but also the expansion of financial aid.

Coronavirus in NRW: Police complain about violations of security measures

Update, Sunday (March 22nd), 2 p.m.: Birthday party in the restaurant and scuffle in the hardware store: The police in eat had to close again and again in the past few days Corona operations move out. Unteachable people would celebrate and disregard safety rules, the police said on Sunday. "Examples show that some fools have still not realized the seriousness of the situation. With their selfishness and their lack of insight, they endanger not only their own health, but the health of all citizens of this city," said the police.

Update, Sunday (March 22nd), 1.30 p.m.: After massive criticism of his plans to support hospitals in the Corona crisis changes Federal Minister of Health JensSpahn (CDU) his bill. According to information from government circles, among other things, a higher one compensation the Hospitals planned for beds that will be kept free due to the corona pandemic.

Coronavirus: Spahn changes the Ministry of Health's plans

As part of the new one also planned by Spahn Infection Protection Act the federal government should have more powers. Both laws are to advise the Federal Cabinet on Monday so that they can pass the Bundestag and Bundesrat by Friday.

The hospitals deserve the best possible support during this time. There was criticism of the draft hospital law. We take this seriously and have just unanimously agreed on several changes in one column with the health ministers of the federal states.

- Jens Spahn (@jensspahn) March 21, 2020

Update, Sunday (March 22nd), 11:57 a.m.: There are now new case numbers over the confirmed ones Coronavirus infected in NRW. 7361 people have come here withCovid-19 infected. On Saturday there were 6740 confirmed cases. Currently (as of March 22, 2020, 11 a.m.) there are 32 deaths from the coronavirus in North Rhine-Westphalia. On Saturday it was still 9. This is what the current numbers of confirmed cases look like:

District / urban districtConfirmed cases
Aachen & city region Aachen501
Bark (circle)274
Coesfeld (district)152
Düren (district)130
Ennepe-Ruhr district52
Euskirchen (district)51
Gütersloh (district)202
Heinsberg (district)964
Herford (district)97
Hochsauerland (district)116
Kleve (circle)109
Lip (circle)138
Märkischer Kreis38
Mettmann (district)113
Minden-Lübbecke (district)148
Mülheim an der Ruhr36
Oberbergisches Kreis75
Olpe (district)17
Paderborn (district)78
Recklinghausen (district)143
Rhein-Erft district181
Rhenish-Bergischer district95
Rhine district of Neuss119
Rhein-Sieg district262
Siegen-Wittgenstein (district)39
Soest (district)73
Steinfurt (district)201
Unna (district)60
Viersen (district)123
Warendorf (district)208
Wesel (district)124

Source:Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

Update, Sunday (March 22nd), 10:56 a.m.: In the circle Heinsberg (NRW) has the armed forces much needed on Sunday Protective clothing delivered. District Administrator StephanPush (CDU) said the delivery would only last for two to three days, "but it is an important signal for us that we are not left alone by the rest of the republic."

NRW: The fight against the coronavirus is comparable to a war

At the same time, Pusch emphasized that in this context there should be no talk of a "war against the virus" when it comes to saving people. The situation is still comparable. "We as the westernmost district hold the front line against this virus and the soldiers in this fight are doctors and nurses in the hospitals." Like that soldier could not defend without weapons and ammunition, the local people could not fight the virus without protective material.

Update, Sunday (March 22nd), 10.13 a.m.: The deliberations of the Chancellor AngelaMerkel (CDU) and the prime ministers of the federal states - among others ArminLash - about further measures in the Corona crisis start on Sunday at 2 p.m. The news agency found out AFP from several federal states. The switching conference is about whether to contain the Coronavirus further restrictions on public life are necessary (see today's update from 8:13 a.m.).

Coronavirus in North Rhine-Westphalia: No fundamental right to cancel trips

Update, Sunday (March 22nd), 10 a.m.: A blanket Right of cancellation because of the Coronavirus Package travelers are not entitled to either. Has on it North Rhine-Westphalia Justice Minister PeterBiesenbach (CDU) pointed out. However, package holidaymakers are better protected than individual travelers by special legal regulations, he explained at the request of the GermansPress agency in Dusseldorf. Those who have organized their own trip are dependent on the goodwill of their contractual partners.

Update, Sunday (March 22nd), 9:56 a.m.: SPD and Green in the NRW state parliament are concerned about the safety of Womenthat are in the Corona crisis could increasingly become victims of domestic violence.

Being a woman is a security risk. In times of Corona, domestic violence offenses in Beijing tripled. One must expect something similar here.
We need quick answers to fuller women's shelters, e.g. empty hotels + emergency shelters

- Anna Peters (@annarmpeters) March 21, 2020

Coronavirus in North Rhine-Westphalia: Politicians are calling for support in the event of domestic violence

Politicians from both groups want the topic in the on Thursday Parliament bring. According to the SPD, almost all of them are currently autonomous Women's shelters in NRW fully occupied. There are only places left in Aachen. At the same time, the women's policy spokeswoman for the SPD parliamentary group AnjaButschkauthat men fearful for their job, their livelihoods or their future could become violent in this stressful situation.

The SPD politician wants the state government for more capacities ensures "by renting hotels for shelters, for example."

NRW: Coronavirus talks with the federal and state governments - these are the planned measures

Update, Sunday (March 22nd), 8:13 a.m.: The Federal Chancellor is advising on Sunday (March 22nd) AngelaMerkel (CDU) with the Prime Ministers of the federal states - among others ArminLash (CDU) from NRW - the further procedure in the Corona crisis. Among other things nationwide Exit restrictions stand in the room. So far there are already restrictions in all federal states - in North Rhine-Westphalia, for example, large groups are prohibited from gathering or gathering. This, according to Armin Laschet, will be in on Saturday NRW been well respected.

Coronavirus: The federal and state governments advise on emergency measures

In addition to other restrictions on citizens, today's meeting is also about a huge package Protective screens and others Emergency measuresthat should now be on the way. Rent debts as a result of loss of income, for example, should not lead to termination *. What is planned for the employees? Especially with Short-time work companies should be able to keep employees more easily - instead of putting them in unemployment to send.

There are also aid funds for the Germans Hospitals planned. The federal government wants to initiate the measures as soon as possible - after the federal-state switch - on Monday (March 23). On Tuesday, the parliamentary groups in the Bundestag should discuss as best they can with the precautionary measures. The Bundestag is to decide in plenary and the most important committees on Wednesday, and the Bundesrat on Friday.

Update, Saturday (March 21), 9:38 p.m .: The German Red Cross announces that last night (Friday, March 20) a shipment of 113,000 Protective masks arrived. That same night it was delivered to hospitals all over North Rhine-Westphalia distribute.

# Covid_19 # COVID19de: Yesterday a delivery with 113,000 protective masks arrived and was distributed to hospitals in #NRW that night. Thanks to @roteskreuz_de Nordrhein for the support!

Photo: DRK pic.twitter.com/cefMmwCNHA

- MAGS NRW (@MAGS_NRW) March 21, 2020

Update, Saturday (March 21), 7:50 p.m .: In the short term, the armed forces in the District of Heinsberg be in emergency aid. As the State command of North Rhine-Westphalia announced on Saturday, represents the armed forces the assistants in District of Heinsberg 3000 FFP2 masks, 8000 protective gowns and 15000 mouth and nose masks are available. There will also be twoIntensive respirators (Ventilators) supplied.

The District of Heinsberg had a request for assistance to the on March 19th armed forces posed to an impending shortage of much needed Protective clothing avert. The material is to be handed over to the crisis team this evening.

Good news in Bochum: first patients healed

Update, Saturday (March 21), 7:05 p.m .: In the Corona crisis there is also good news. In Bochum could the first Covid-19 infected people be cured. The now healthy couple (68) are now allowed to leave the quarantine.

In a letter the couple contacted the City of Bochum Thanks, the 68-year-olds also offered their help in the ongoing crisis. And that's not all of the good news Bochum. As the city announces on Facebook, has one Bochum company surprisingly 100 Protective masks and donated 120 coloring books.

Update, Saturday (March 21), 6:05 p.m .: It is slowly becoming a ritual: in the evening people stand at their windows or on the balconies and sing together. First, the citizens in Italy their cohesion in the isolation during the Corona crisis demonstrated with voice. Now the Ruhr area is following suit.

Bochum and Bottrop sing at the window and on the balconies

After this Bochum on Friday evening (March 20th) the eponymous classic by Herbert Grönemeyer sounded through the streets, now pulls too Bottrop to. At 6 p.m. they sang and made music Bottroper together the Ruhrpott anthem "Glück auf, der Steiger is coming".

Glück auf, the Steiger is coming ⚒ Also in #Bottrop, where citizens stand on balconies and outdoors at 6 p.m. sharp, sing and make music to thank those who are particularly committed to the #Corona virus. Strong! 👏🏻 pic.twitter.com/VQxUA4pIT7

- Raphael Wiesweg (@RaphaelWiesweg) March 21, 2020

Dortmund also wants to sing - a football anthem, of course

And also in Dortmund it will be musical this Saturday evening. The citizens are called upon to play the football anthem at 7:09 p.m. "You'll Never Walk Alone " to sing. Only on Friday morning had radio stations all over Europe played the song at the same time.

Update, Saturday (March 21), 4:20 p.m.: The measures to curb the group meetings in NRW seem to be bearing fruit. In any case, NRW has Prime Minister ArminLash this impression, as he shared on his Twitter channel on Saturday afternoon.

"Our measures are working. People in North Rhine-Westphalia act in solidarity and reasonable. Everywhere in the country they reduce contacts and stay at home," tweeted the Prime Minister. He also posted two photos with screenshots of empty spaces in Düsseldorf: the Burgplatz directly on the banks of the Rhine and the Marktpatz - and that in bright sunshine.

Our measures are effective. People in North Rhine-Westphalia act in solidarity and reasonable. All over the country they are reducing contacts and staying at home. In preparation for the MP switching conference tomorrow with the Federal Chancellor, today meeting with @UniklinikAachen and resident doctors https://t.co/7GadgyY7uQ

- Armin Laschet (@ArminLaschet) March 21, 2020

Armin Laschet tries to calm the population in North Rhine-Westphalia

Update, Saturday (March 21), 4.14 p.m.: Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) is trying to reassure the population in view of the increasingly dramatic corona crisis: The country is expanding the capacities of hospitals, supporting the economy and ensuring the supply of everyday needs. The 18 million people in NRW now have to stick together. "Our country can do that," affirmed the head of government in an open letter that was featured prominently in the weekend editions of almost all NRW newspapers.

At the same time, the Prime Minister again urged people to avoid social contacts and stay at home so that the virus does not spread any further. "But each of us has to adhere to the new rules," he emphasizes in the letter.

"In these difficult times we have to hold together 18 million North Rhine-Westphalia!" Urgent appeal from Prime Minister @ArminLaschet in the NRW newspapers to the #teamNRW. Find out more on all of @ landnrw's channels # coronovirus # WirBleibenZuHause # CoViD19pic.twitter.com/17nmj6Zy3w

- State Chancellery NRW (@landnrw) March 21, 2020

Update, Saturday (March 21), 3:53 p.m.: Are NRW and all other federal states losing power in the fight against that Coronavirus? As the FrankfurterGeneralnewspaper (FAZ) reports that should German Infection Protection Act to be changed to minister of health JensSpahn (CDU) will have the say in the future. The sheet has a draft of the Federal Ministry of Health to change the law, reports the FAZ.

In the event of a change in the law, according to the report cross-borderPassenger transport prohibited and Mobile phone tracking to search for contact persons of infected people. Besides, then be the centralcare possible with medicines and protective equipment. Also one Forced recruitment of medical staff is conceivable.

According to picture the law is to be introduced as early as next week in an urgent procedure.

Duisburg: Shop for erotic articles delivers waiting by "taxi"

Update, Saturday (March 21), 3:47 p.m.: It was actually just a joke: An erotic shop out Duisburg has given the Corona crisis launched a "dildo taxi". On Wednesday Heimsoth had an edited photo of a car with the label "Dildo-Taxi" on it Facebook posted - for fun. But then many customers would have contacted who really wanted to order something. In the meantime, the car actually drives through the area and delivers goods such as lubricants or vibrators - albeit without a label.

Update, Saturday (March 21), 3:13 p.m.: The toilet paper madness in NRW is becoming increasingly bizarre. Now that warns Ministry of Environment even in a tweet, toilet paper not to be replaced by napkins, kitchen towels or the like. Should you do that, these types of cloths would have to be thrown in the trash can. The ministry also appeals not to hoard toilet paper "so that everyone can still get toilet paper".

Very important note from @vznrw: Please do not replace the # toilet paper with napkins, kitchen towels or the like (if you do: Please dispose of them in the trash can) And please do not hoard so that everyone still gets toilet paper! 👆🧻 # Solidarity # COVID19https: //t.co/EeJzTOzDec

- Ministry of the Environment (@UmweltNRW) March 20, 2020

The background for that warning of the Ministry of the Environment: The paper, which is very thick and firm compared to thin toilet paper, does not dissolve in the water, but clogs the pipes, according to the Consumer centerNRW.

NRW Minister criticizes Söder for rushing ahead in the Corona crisis

Update, Saturday (March 21), 2:36 p.m.: Has with sharp criticism North Rhine-Westphalia Minister of Education YvonneGebauer (FDP) on the uncoordinated decisions in the Corona crisis responds.

"We have reached an agreement with 15 other federal states, including Bavaria, that we are going down a path together. Now Bavaria has pulled out prematurely, we wanted to see the weekend, Saturday, and then decide on Sunday how to proceed!" said Gebauer im RTL- Night journal on Saturday night.

"I also think that if you have made agreements, you should stick to them." Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) announced on Friday that leaving your own apartment would only be allowed on Saturday if there were valid reasons.

NRW: The number of confirmed people infected with the corona virus has increased dramatically

Update, Saturday (March 21), 2:03 p.m.

: In North Rhine-Westphalia, the number of confirmed coronavirus infections has again increased significantly. According to the Ministry of Health on Saturday (as of 11.30 a.m.) there were 6740 proven cases in NRW. This is an increase of more than 1000 in the most populous federal state compared to the previous day. The number of recorded deaths in North Rhine-Westphalia rose by 6 to 23.

Furthermore, the district of Heinsberg reports the most infections: The number increased slightly within 24 hours from 874 to 916 now. In Cologne there were 629 cases, the previous day there were 521.

Coronavirus infections are now reported by all 53 districts and independent cities in North Rhine-Westphalia. The ministry emphasized that the development was dynamic. The figures are based on current official reports received by the ministry.

District / urban districtConfirmed cases
Aachen & city region Aachen436
Bark (circle)252
Coesfeld (district)129
Düren (district)118
Ennepe-Ruhr district45
Euskirchen (district)45
Gütersloh (district)179
Heinsberg (district)916
Herford (district)85
Hochsauerland (district)109
Kleve (circle)109
Lip (circle)133
Märkischer Kreis38
Mettmann (district)113
Minden-Lübbecke (district)140
Mülheim an der Ruhr36
Oberbergischer Kreis71
Olpe (district)17
Paderborn (district)75
Recklinghausen (district)127
Rhein-Erft district154
Rheinisch-Bergischer Kreis81
Rhine district of Neuss96
Rhein-Sieg district248
Siegen-Wittgenstein (district)29
Soest (district)57
Steinfurt (district)188
Unna (district)60
Viersen (district)123
Warendorf (district)186
Wesel (district)124

Source: Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

Coronavirus in North Rhine-Westphalia: The presenter asks fans to take pictures of full shelves

Update, Saturday (March 21), 1 p.m.: The radio presenter and DJane LarissaRieß got their subscribers on Instagram called to do so in times of Corona crisis full shelves to post. "Posting empty shelves and whining about them only creates even more panic and Hamster purchases"wrote the presenter of the WDR radio station 1Live in their post on the social network.

Under the hashtag #VolleRegale, many people followed the call and posted photos of filled vegetable or noodle departments in the supermarket. For days, images of shelves sold empty for products such as toilet paper, flour or pasta have been circulating on the Internet.

Update, Saturday (March 21), 11.55 a.m.: The metal employers and the IGmetal in North Rhine-Westphalia have felt the unpredictable economic impact of the rapid spread of the Coronavirus on one Pilot degree for the employees of the German metal and electrical industry. These are the main agreements:

  • The salary will not be increased until December 31, 2020.
  • Companies have the option of lowering the remanence costs of short-time work if in return they guarantee employment.
  • Instead of a general collectively agreed allowance for short-time work, the social partners have agreed on a hardship provision. After that, a company financing amount is made available, which serves to compensate or reduce social hardship in the case of long-term and high levels of impact due to short-time work.
  • Employees who have to look after children up to the age of twelve because schools and day-care centers are closed for health reasons are granted up to five days of free time with continued payment of their wages, if no other option to take free time (old leave, working time accounts, etc.) consists.

Coronavirus: Düsseldorf Airport temporarily lifts night flight ban

Update, Saturday (March 21), 10:48 a.m.: As a result of the corona crisis, the night flight ban at Düsseldorf Airport has been temporarily lifted. This was announced by NRW Transport Minister Hendrik Wüst (CDU) on Friday in Düsseldorf. Exception permits for landings after 11 p.m. could now be granted, explained Wüst. The main aim was to bring back stranded vacationers.

Update, Saturday (March 21), 10:10 a.m.: Given the surge in Coronavirus infections set up many hospitals in NRW under high pressure Covid-19 intensive care units a. The federal and state governments had specified the doubling of intensive care beds as the target.

In the general hospital in the Lower Rhine region Viersen the Corona station is ready to go. The recovery room of the operating room was completely converted into a corona intensive care unit within two days, said managing director Thomas Axer. The number of intensive care places in Viersen will more than double from twelve to 25.

The Marienhospital in Arnsberg in the Sauerland has created additional intensive care places and opened an outpatient diagnostic center for corona tests. There is still calm before the storm in Arnsberg and Viersen. "But I expect it to come suddenly," said Axer. "Patients in need of treatment" could come in the next few days.

Update, Saturday (March 21), 10:32 a.m.: In spite of Prohibition of assembly due to the danger posed by the Coronavirus has the AfD in eat invited to a meeting for Sunday. The WAZ in Essen there is a corresponding letter.

According to the report, the party claims that, after consulting the electoral office, there is nothing that legally speaks against such a meeting. At the request of the WAZ the electoral office denied a positive answer to the implementation of such an event and referred to the corresponding decrees of the NRW state government.

Coronavirus: Essen police warn of chain letters on WhatsApp

Update, Saturday (March 21), 10.18 a.m.: Currently the warns police in eat from a fraudulent scam in the popular messenger Whatsapp. On Friday (March 20), the officials were informed by a "vigilant woman from Essen-Kettwig" that a Corona chain letter was circulating via WhatsApp informing that fire brigades would soon be checking apartments in order to keep track of the spread of the disease. This message is incorrect.

Update, Saturday (March 21), 9:17 a.m.: The Ministry of School and Education in NRW got them all with a school mail schools in North Rhine-Westphalia instructed, starting next Monday (March 23) the Emergency care for children of parents and legal guardians with professions in the critical infrastructure: Emergency care in schools is based on the weekend as well as the Easter holidays2020 expanded.

Caution❗️ The existing regulation for #emergency care of children whose parents work in areas of so-called critical infrastructures will be expanded! From Monday, March 23, 2020 ... ⤵️ | @ landnrw # BildungslandNRW # Corona # Coronavirus # CoronaVirusDE # CoronaVirusUpdate (1/4) pic.twitter.com/YuvhcHAy9i

- Bildungsland NRW (@BildungslandNRW) March 20, 2020

Update, Saturday (March 21), 9:15 a.m.: At the initiative of the Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia ArminLash (CDU) have North Rhine-Westphalia, the Netherlands and Belgium a so-called "Cross-borderTaskForcecorona"was launched. Under the direction of Secretary of State for Europe, Dr. markMemory it met for the first time on Friday in the form of a conference call. Prime Minister Armin Laschet: "The aim of the joint task force of North Rhine-Westphalia, Belgium and the Netherlands is to synchronize joint activities in the fight against Corona."

Update, Saturday (March 21st), 8.30 a.m .: This weekend - which should be a nice one in terms of weather - may decide whether on Monday also in NRW a Curfew is imposed. The behavior of the people is now decisive for such a decision, it was said from various cities as well as from the Prime Minister ArminLash. In the event of a curfew in North Rhine-Westphalia, leaving the apartment would only be possible for a valid reason.

Coronavirus in NRW: Police want to strictly control the prohibitions on accumulation

Update, Saturday (March 21), 8.26 a.m.: In several NRW-Cities are there due to larger group gatherings despite the warning of the Coronavirus further restrictions that have been in effect since today. For example, in GelsenkirchenBochum and Leverkusen about Accumulations prohibited by more than two people in public space. Dortmund has set the limit for a maximum of four people.

Police and regulatory agencies want to monitor compliance with the new regulation. Failure to comply are initially Speeches planned, only afterwards should References and in the worst case Detention