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With mixed reality advice, your dream kitchen merges with your home.

Home planning is not only the best for us in Corona times.

Actually, we're not particularly tech-savvy. But when the kitchen architect from küchenquelle put these mixed reality glasses on us when planning our homes, everything went automatically. We could easily lay holograms of our dream kitchen over our old kitchen and even walk around in it! There was always visual contact with the real environment.

Then change colors and materials in a matter of seconds - for the first time we knew exactly what we wanted and what it looked like. Incidentally, the mixed reality glasses were sealed sterile and the kitchen advisor was well trained, including in dealing with the corona regulations.

Often things go haywire - and yet everything is in its place.

The kitchen is the heart of our family. There is always something going on here, often things go haywire. But since we have our dream kitchen, everything is child-friendly and safe in the right place. And not only that: we have more storage space for everything, including a small pantry.

When planning the home, we were able to see everything in advance with our own eyes with the mixed reality glasses: we were able to experience the higher built-in storage cupboards, the worktop at the desired height, and even back-friendly work processes "live". And the fact that we were spared the annoying kitchen studio visits with the children makes things even more fun. Pretty clever, the kitchen source home planning.

A feel-good kitchen to fall in love with again.

We are passionate about cooking. The most important thing for us is that we feel comfortable in our kitchen. But it should also have character, show a noble look and of course be ergonomically tailored to us. Sounds like quite a challenge.

When planning the home with the mixed reality glasses, everything was so easy. We were able to see with our own eyes the perfect solution for our sloping roof, custom-made cupboards without handles and our refrigerator, which can be opened very practically with the elbow. It's also great that everything at küchequelle is made in Germany.