What does Single Ran stand for?

How do you ask what an abbreviation stands for?

I'm not asking about that here importance or Explanation to an abbreviated term, but after the Name for the wordswhich are replaced by the abbreviation.

How can I express:

Please also provide the English translation of this term.

I'm not asking for the meaning or explanation of an abbreviation, but I want to know the denotation for the abbreviated words.

How can I express the following:

I'm asking as well for the German as the English word.


The acute problem is that I would like to ask the users of healthcareit.stackexchange (currently in private beta) to provide the long text in addition to the abbreviations so that you can at least google for the correct meaning of the term. Maybe I'm fighting windmills there.

My current problem is that I want to beg the users of healthcareit.stackexchange (currently in private beta) to always add the full text in brackets for each abbreviation. To enable me to google for the adequate explanation. That is especially important in cases when we use different denotations and abbreviations for the same thing.