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DU & WIR - parish community Ochtendung

P DU & WIR Parish community Ochtendung - Kobern… for those interested in our parish community 7th year www.pg-ochtendung-kobern.de No. 08/2015 Gospel concert in Kobern 200 participants at the 10th gospel workshop in Kobern On the last weekend in February the Gospel workshop under the direction of Hans-Jörg Fiehl in Kobern-Gondorf. For the tenth anniversary, the workshop ended on Sunday afternoon at 5 p.m. with a concert in the fully occupied St. Lubentius Church in Kobern. Most of the almost 200 participants this weekend did not come for the first time. Rehearsals took place on Saturday and Sunday in the Schlossberghalle in Kobern. Some came from far away, for example from Wiesbaden or Saarbrücken, but there was also a great response from the surrounding area. A whole choir came from Kruft. When asked about their motivation, many referred to the rousing manner of the workshop leader Hans-Jörg Fiehl. And indeed: in the rehearsals you could see how the confusion of 200 voices came to a standstill as soon as the gospel choir director from Bad Kreuznach took hold of the microphone. A short instruction about the piece, in the background the jazz pianist Martin Drazek who had traveled with him was already playing a gospel rhythm, the first clapped their hands and bobbed in time and the voices rose in unison. Page 1 of 4 Editor: Last but not least, the loving organization contributed to the success story of the gospel workshop in Kobern, because the gospel weekend started with just 45 participants, the number of which rose steadily every year. “Actually, we had set a limit of 150 participants,” explains the organizer, “but at some point we thought that there had to be more to it if the interest was so great. People come here and it's so harmonious from the start. The mood is very special. It is like an opposite pole in our hectic and crisis-ridden society ”. What Sinje Schmidt-Dötsch was talking about quickly became clear to the audience at the final concert in the Kobern church. The sea of ​​singers dressed in black filled the whole front of the church. With a remarkable intensity they sang thoughtful spirituals and cheered songs with an irrepressible force that made the concert participants enthusiastically clap their hands in rhythm. From the quiet piano to the almost deafening forte, the 200 voices are intertwined in three voices to form the “sung prayers” of the gospel pieces. Public Relations Committee, Pfarramt, Hospitalstrasse 10, 56299 Ochtendung Tel .: 02625 - 952 609-0, Fax: -13; Mail: [email protected] YOU & WE The soloist Natalia Antczak touched many of the audience when she sang the piece “Be blessed” with her heavy soul voice and dedicated it to all those who had a worry or burden with them. After the speeches by the organizers and participants, who especially thanked the workshop leader Hans-Jörg Fiehl for ten years of gospel in Kobern, Pastor Schuh affirmed that there are still many common goals to be achieved before the 25th anniversary. The concert ended with a brilliant finale, the canon of three traditional gospel songs in which the audience was invited to sing along. Parish community Ochtendung - Kobern The participants and concert-goers stood together for a long time at the subsequent community meeting organized by the parish council, administrative council and the St. Lubentius development association. Half of the donations from the concert-goers of € 1,442 go to Pastor Abouna Jhiad to look after Syrian refugees and half to the Friends' Association to finance a piano for the new parish center. The proceeds from the community meeting in the amount of approx. 300 € will also be used for the latter purpose. Photos of the event will shortly be published on the website www.Pfarrgemeinde-Kobern.de. Caren Hupe Below are 3 links with excerpts from the gospel concert: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=921B621AFA1B5D70!2184&authkey=!AJbC4GthVoy5SuM&ithint=video%2cmp4 https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid= 921B621AFA1B5D70! 2185 & authkey =! AMf_r4_41Yw56Xg & ithint = video% 2cmp4 https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=921B621AFA1B5D70!2186&authkey=!AJPpIYC_sTocmp4v Competitions | Awards Catholic Prize against Xenophobia and Racism! This year, the German Bishops' Conference is awarding the "Catholic Prize against Xenophobia and Racism" for the first time. This prize is awarded for outstanding church commitment against xenophobia and racism, is endowed with prize money of 10,000 euros and can be divided among up to three winners Applications can be submitted to the secretariat of the German Bishops' Conference by April 30. Further information in the announcement Ochtendung - Kobern # is running! Orientation days for pupils of the Realschule Plus Untermosel If you are now wondering who is going where and when and, above all, why, the simple answer is: pupils of the 9th graduation classes 2014/2015 of the Realschule Plus Untermosel from Bullay station to Marienburg for orientation there stage to spend. If you sum it up in this way for young people, you could get the impression: “Someone has absolutely no idea what I'm talking about and what I'm talking about.” This means that the conversation should probably end sooner than it began. But that cannot be the goal of orientation days. On the contrary. During the time together and in the various workshops, the students were able to “think about things that are otherwise not talked about”, according to one participant. The young people experienced how good it is to be out and about with each other and just to have time. Time to talk and time to think about your own life. “What will happen to me after graduating from school? How do I deal with goodbyes? Intoxicated through life? What happens to my friendships? ”, To name just a few of the questions they dealt with. “Runs”, to resolve the question of the beginning, means that something works, is fun, everyone involved is doing well and / or someone is very good at something and has it all. "It was great to see how interested the students were in our program proposals and how committed they were," said Teresa Ley, parish officer of the Ochtendung-Kobern parish community, who organized the days in cooperation with the MaifeldUntermosel dean's office and the Realschule Plus Untermosel. So the common conclusion on the question about the orientation days could be: “Orientation days? Running! “Hospiz e.V. Region Mayen is looking for new interested parties The outpatient hospice and palliative counseling service of the Hospice Association Mayen accompanies and supports seriously ill and dying people and their relatives. After the Easter break, we would like to start a new qualification course for volunteer work in the hospice. We are looking for interested people! If you have any questions or to arrange a personal meeting, you can reach us at 02651-900045, E-Mail: [email protected]. Page 3 of 4 www.pg-ochtendung-kobern.de Public Relations Committee DU & WIR Parish Community Ochtendung - Kobern Ki n de rk om m un i on 20 15 We invite all Communion children and their families to make the communion service a lively celebration a “singing in a big choir” with Dean's Chantor Thomas Oster. We will meet on Friday, March 20, 5:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. in the Ochtendung community center. The com m un i on k in de r st el lense: First communion in Rüber on April 6th, 2015 Sebastian Acht Fabio Heintz Elias Kunantz Leonie Kupser Sara Löhr Lola Neumeister Cyrano Schneising Luis Weller Leah Wolff First communion in Kobern on April 12th, 2015 Celina Brzank Charlyn Dorn Laura Marie Gold Yannis Hödt Vincent Jakobs Jacob Liebler Jonah Meurer Jamie Müller Verena Reif Joe Riehl Philip Schneider Ann-Kathrin Take Emma Weber Till Wöllnitz First Communion in Ochtendung on April 12, 2015 Tom Andrae Joy Baum Luca Böhler Janina Bonsels Samantha Clavero Sanchez Lucas Deres Kimberly Drexler Elisa Fröhlich Hendrik Hahn Markus Hauswirth Thilo Kluger Leonie Lauth Mirja Lipinski First Communion in Lehmen on April 19, 2015 David Pauli Lars Röder Arvid Ruppert Mattes Schäfer Julian Schneider Christian Schumacher Eleonora Sonnen Jolina Theisen Benedikt Weiler Raphael Zender Phoebe Zils Sebastian Zwick Emma. Moritz Etzkorn Janson Alena Möhring Justus Schmidt Leo Stoffel For data protection reasons only publishes the names of children with parental consent. Settin g th e C o mm un io nc in th 26.03.2015 10.30 a.m. Allocation of communion children in Lonnig-Rüber in the church R ü about 2 p.m. Allocation of communion children in Ochtendung in the community center Ochtendung 3:30 pm Allocation of communion children Kobern, Gondorf and clouds in the Kobern church 5:00 p.m. Classification of the communion children Lehmen and Moselsürsch in the Lehmen parish center Celebrate the jubilee in the parish together in the church service. Since the seats are occupied quickly on First Communion Day, benches are reserved for the anniversaries. So far we have received feedback from Ochtendung and Kobern-Gondorf. If there are also anniversaries in Rüber and Lehmen, we ask you to contact the parish offices in Ochtendung or Kobern as soon as possible so that seats can be reserved accordingly. 19.3. and 1.5 .: St. Joseph - Joseph, the carpenter. Joseph holding the lantern at the crib. Joseph, the foster father of Jesus. These are possibly the images that many of him will have in front of their eyes. Maybe also: Josef as an old man with a thick beard. Because many representations show him this way or something similar. One reason for imagining an elderly Joseph might be that he had an eventful past. http://www.katholisch.de/de/katholisch/glaube/unser_kirchenjahr/osterfestkreis/heiliger_joseph.php Please print out this copy and pass it on to anyone interested who does not have internet access. Thank you very much Heinz Schmitz Page 4 of 4 www.pg-ochtendung-kobern.de Ochtendung, 03/17/2015 Technical Committee for Public Relations PS: Training wheels - by Dr. Ludwig Burgdörfer I still remember it as if it only happened yesterday. We were visiting grandma and grandpa. After lunch, the obligatory Sunday walk through the park. The children in the lead with their first little cogs. We strolled relaxed afterwards. Suddenly the son stopped, got off resolutely and held his bike away from him as one would hold something away from himself, looked at me very seriously and said: “Turn that off, Papa!” He showed with one free hand on the training wheels, to which he owed all the accident-free journeys up to this point. “Tomorrow!” I said promisingly and wanted it to go on. The training wheel refuser, however, did not move from the spot and said. "Now dad!" I was used to reacting to clear instructions and wanted to go to the car when my grandfather had long since left. Grandpas and grandmas are the best idea God has ever had. Which was also confirmed this time. In no time the grandpa hero came back with the appropriate tools, of course, kneeling down and screwing and turning until both handicaps were eliminated. He handed me the training wheels. And as I stood there, right and left with the relics of the little man, he rose in front of our eyes without hesitation and started cycling without a single wobble! In pastoral care I have met people over and over again over the years who even as a child said: Dad, mom, take it off, now! Prohibited balancing, prohibited free travel for free children. That then takes revenge. That makes you small and insecure. “Children are a gift from God!” Says the Bible. “That they are born is his gift!” Gifts can be unwrapped, but not locked up. Deal!

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