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Information about the coronavirus

What happens if symptoms suggest that I am infected with the new coronavirus?

If the employees on the health hotline 1450 classify you as a suspected case, you will either be referred to a test street with a drive-in or the workers' maritime association or a messenger from Veloce will come to your home for a PCR test. The team works around the clock, i.e. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There may be slight delays on weekends.

It is not possible to say exactly how long it will take for someone to come to you. For example, assignments to people with acute complaints are ranked first. Important: If a test has been announced, you are considered a suspected case and are no longer allowed to leave the house.

You will be tested to see if you really have the coronavirus. For this, either a nasopharynx smear is taken or a gargle test is carried out.

If you have symptoms, please call your general practitioner in sick.

If youFindings negative is, you have - currently - the coronavirusNot.

If youFindings positive is you have the coronavirus. In this case, you will be notified by the health authority (MA 15).

All people in home quarantine have access to the homecare app. With this you can stay in contact with the health authority (MA 15).

If you have taken an antigen test and it is positive, you must do a PCR test and go to home quarantine until the result is available. You can find more information in the leaflet "Information on quarantine at home after a positive antigen test"

Suspected cases and tests