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Loan calculator with repayment schedule

Flexible loan calculator with repayment plan for calculating interest, monthly installments and term. Determine the nominal and effective interest rates as well as interest and installment payments for installment loans with constant payments. For detailed instructions.

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Key facts at a glance

  • You can use our loan calculator to calculate your Calculate credit in advance and try different variants: Simply check the interest rate of an offer, determine the amount of the loan installments or calculate the loan term until full repayment.
  • This loan calculator is suitable for installment loans and consumer loans. If you would like to calculate a construction or real estate financing, please use our mortgage calculator or our construction financing calculator. These calculators are better adapted to the special conditions of these loan variants.
  • You can find specific loan offers in our loan comparison.
  • Use the loan for necessary purchases and, if possible, not for luxury or consumer goods. Compare the prices in advance.

This is the best way to use our loan calculator

The easiest way to show how the loan calculator works is the example of three typical questions that can be answered with the calculator.

I have a specific loan offer. How do I check the APR?

This question is about the calculation of the APR with given values ​​for loan amount, loan installment and term. In the "What do you want to calculate?" the value "interest rate". Then provide information about your loan offer and fill in the loan amount, term and installment fields.

Calculation example interest rate:
Ms. H. has received a loan offer for 15,000 euros. With a repayment over 60 months and a monthly installment of 279.00, the bank calculates an effective annual interest rate of 4.49% p.a. The bank offers Ms. H. an optional residual debt insurance to protect her loan against unemployment. The insurance would increase the monthly rate to EUR 293.84. Ms. H. would now like to calculate the APR for this offer.
Ms. H. enters the loan amount of 15,000 euros, the term of 60 months and the monthly rate of 293.84 euros in our loan calculator. The result: the residual debt insurance increases the effective annual interest rate for the offer to 6.75% p.a.!

What is the monthly charge with different combinations of interest rate and term?

With this question, you calculate the amount of the (monthly) loan installment for a desired loan amount, a certain term as well as a certain borrowing rate or annual percentage rate. In the "What do you want to calculate?" select the value "loan installments". Now try out different combinations of term and interest rate to get a feel for how high the rates for your desired loan will be.

Sample calculation monthly load:
Mr B. would like to take out an installment loan of 10,000 euros. The bank makes him a loan offer with an APR of 2.10% p.a. if he repays the loan in full within 3 years. How high would the burden be if he (assuming the bank's conditions remain the same) instead required 4 years to repay?
After entering the data in our loan calculator, Mr. B. comes to the following result: With a term of 3 years, the monthly charge is 286.78 euros. If, on the other hand, he pays back the loan for a year longer, the monthly rate is reduced to 217.30 euros. In total, with the longer repayment of 4 years, he pays approx. 100 euros more interest to the bank.

How long will it take to fully repay my loan?

You want to take out a loan of a certain amount and repay a certain amount every month. Use the loan calculator to calculate the term to full repayment. In the "What do you want to calculate?" select the value "Runtime". Now add the loan amount, interest rate and the desired loan installment in the calculator.

Sample calculation for runtime:
Mr K. would like to take out a loan of 8,000 euros to finance a new home furnishings and some household appliances. He can repay a maximum of 200 euros to the bank per month. How long does it take to fully repay the loan? Mr. K. expects interest between 2% p.a. and 3% p.a. for the loan from his bank.
With an effective interest rate of 2.5% p.a. and a monthly installment of 200 euros, the loan is repaid in approx. 41.79 months. If the bank actually confirms the interest rate, Mr. K. will remain below his monthly limit of 200 euros in any case with a credit period of 48 months.

Detailed help on the loan calculator

The loan calculator available here is used to calculate Annuity loan with constant payments: This is a common type of loan that is used for almost all classic installment loans and consumer loans. As described above, the interest rate of the loan (debit interest and / or annual percentage rate), the term and the regular monthly installments can be determined in the calculator.

First select WHAT should be calculated and then enter your data in the fields displayed in the loan calculator. After clicking on the "Calculate" button, the results are displayed.

Calculate the repayment schedule

Typical for annuity loans are those over the entire term constant loan installments. Every installment payment by the borrower contains both a repayment and an interest component: with increasing term, the remaining debt decreases and the repayment component of the monthly installments increases. Understandable and clear this becomes when you look at the loan repayment schedule. The repayment schedule is automatically displayed for each calculation by the loan calculator.

Repayment plan: € 20,000, 60 months, 2.20% p.a. effective, monthly installment: € 352.12
Year:Interest:Repayment:Residual debt:

You can choose whether each individual loan installment or only the full years are displayed in the repayment schedule.

Consider fees / discounts

Across the field "additional fees / costs" a one-time fee or payment by the borrower is included in the loan calculation. It is assumed that the fee to be paid is due immediately at the time the loan is disbursed. The fee corresponds to one Discount or a discount on the nominal value when paying out the loan, which is retained by the bank. The influence of additional fees when calculating the loan is interesting, especially with regard to the APR.

Take into account the repayment-free period

During the grace period the borrower is released from interest and principal payments. However, fall for the selected period continue to have regular lending rates at. This interest must also be paid back later. The repayment-free period means a time-limited deferment of payment for the borrower, who is "bought" by slightly higher installments during repayment.

In the loan calculator, the effects of the repayment-free period on the loan installments are determined using the specified or calculated interest rate. The compound interest is taken into account according to the selected rate interval.