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Outer Spray Tan Stand Filter Inflatable Paint Spray For Automobile

Spray Tan Stand Filter Outdoor Inflatable Spray Painting Stand For Cars

The airtight Spray stand material is permanent PVC tarpaulin assumed, so it is difficult to stand as normal. It has to do with 1pc blower, 1pc air pump equipped. Blower is used for inflating the air to the inside continually and air pump inflates the frame once sealed air. The stand is to be installed 4 pieces of large carbon filterswhich is used to filter dirty air and certfying the air entering the tent is fresh. Filter cotton is easy to install and easy to remove. We also welcome the pressure of personal logos on tents. Welcome to inquire more information. Any questions you have will be perfectly answered!

Product Show:

Quality control:

1. double sewing sewing in the inflatable spray booth that makes our booth more durable. All sewing part will be with the double stitching- Made this, which extends the useful life of the stand, safe and durable.

2. Our inflatable spray booth that by High quality plato PVC tarpaulin, Transparent part is made, is made by durable PVC, is the material waterproof and durable.

3. Adding a few D-clips in around the stand to reinforce the stand on the ground

Product description:

ArtSpray booths, portable spray booth / portable spray booth
External size6mLx3.3mWx2.7mH or customized
Internal size5.68mLx2.66mWx2.38mH or customized
Column diameter0.32m
warranty2 years
filter1.0mm air carbon filter
energy1100W or as requirement
Field typleAir sealed
additiveBlower for continually inflate for stand, inflate air pump for frame once time
useCar wash, car repair, car covers, car parking garage, paint booth

Product application:

Rental business, parties, birthday, clubs, parking lot, outdoor entertainment, backyard fun, car painting, car baking, cleaning car and miscellaneous functions.

Product Details:


Q1: What's included in the products?

A: It is included inflatable spray booth, 2pcs blower, 4pcs sandbag and ropes, 1 set repair kit.

Q2. Do your blowers and pumps meet CE / UL requirements?
A: Our blowers and pumps are with the certificate of CE / UL.

Q3: Can we change the shape, size, color or printing based on the original design?
A: Yes, and OEM accepted, we are just listing a small sample of some styles and designs that we have produced.

Q4: Can you print my picture or logo on the inflatable products?
A: Yes, we can print your picture or logo on the inflatable products, and you can offer the picture in any format made by Photoshop, Coredraw or AI.

Q5 :. Can you design one especially?
A: Yes, just send us details or a sketch or picture of your requirements or idea.