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Fast & Furious family dispute: Dwayne Johnson fires back against Tyrese Gibson for Hobbs & Shaw diss

In the immensely successful "Fast & Furious" films, the value of the "family" is emphasized again and again. However, this does not mean the classic family, but the family consisting of comrades-in-arms and friends that Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker) gathered around them during the course of the films. But where cohesion is very important on the screen, those involved behind the camera have been making headlines for several years, mainly with arguments ...

There are now a number of stories that Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson really didn't get along with each other while filming. And that is also one of the reasons why Dwayne Johnson will no longer be in "Fast & Furious 9" (Instead, another wrestler comes on board with John Cena). But because the producers aren't stupid either and know what they got in Dwayne Johnson (not by chance the highest-earning actor on the planet), the “Fast & Furious” spin-off “Hobbs & Shaw” with him is now instead Jason Statham hit theaters.

"Hobbs & Shaw" did not go down well with everyone

Actually a good plan. In this way, Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson continue to secure the services of the two biggest stars in the “Fast & Furious” universe - but they no longer have to appear together in front of the camera! At the same time, some of the cast members of the main series felt set back by the spin-off, especially Tyrese Gibson, who has repeatedly said that in his opinion "Fast & Furious 9" was pushed back because of "Hobbs & Shaw" and that he did not agree with it at all. Gibson had to take a lot of criticism for making such statements. But now he sees his opinion confirmed in view of the solid, but not even close to “Fast & Furious” level, box office results from “Hobbs & Shaw”:

They called me a hater. They attacked me because I gave my opinion. But the family breakup has obviously not paid off as much as expected.

Dwayne Johnson, on the other hand, naturally does not allow such a swipe to sit on him. And even if he does not mention Tyrese Gibson by name in a recent tweet, it is of course absolutely obvious who he means by the clown emoji when he writes:

Thanks to everyone for making the first week at the box office so exciting for our little spin-off. 1st place and 333 million worldwide, not bad at all. And remember the best way to get a [clown] to shut up is to succeed and smile.

“Hobbs & Shaw” has been in our cinemas since August 1st. "Fast & Furious 9" with Tyrese Gibson will follow on May 21, 2020.

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