How to find stalkers on Instagram

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Anyone who has a public profile on Instagram and regularly uploads pictures, videos and maybe one or the other story will perhaps ask themselves the question, can I display my "stalkers"? Can I see who has visited my Instagram profile and how often someone has visited my profile?

See stalkers on Instagram?

In social networks, one usually speaks of “stalkers” when certain people very often access their own profile and their own content. Even if that's not necessarily bad, at least as long as you are not harassed, it would sometimes be very interesting to know who calls up my profile and how often, but can you see something like that on Instagram? Are there any ways or apps that can be used to find stalkers?

Who is stalking my Instagram profile?

Instagram does not have direct profile visitors, as you know from some social networks, for example. You cannot see who has accessed your profile when and how often. Although you can see how often the profile was accessed via a business profile and the Insights statistics that are activated via it, it cannot be seen from this who and how often a person's own Instagram profile was accessed.

Incidentally, this applies not only to profile calls, but also to image calls. You can also use the Insights to see how often the image has been viewed, but you cannot see who has viewed the image either. It is different with videos and stories, where you can see how often and who has viewed the post via the viewer list.

Show stalkers through third party apps?

There are now many different third-party apps for Instagram, some of which are quite practical and helpful, but some of them simply do not help at all. So you can find tons of apps for both Android and iOS with which you can supposedly see who has accessed an Instagram profile and how often. Experience has shown that these apps are fakes. For this reason, we would rather advise against it here. If Instagram doesn't show profile visitors, where should the apps get the information about alleged stalkers from?

If you suspect someone, then you can easily get rid of the Instagram stalker. On the one hand, you can make your profile private and delete the person as a follower (if they follow you at all), on the other hand, you can simply block the person.

Tip: This is how you can find out who blocked you on Instagram.