How to Modify Lego Games

Play Lego at 13?

I will soon be 13 years old and you won't be a teenager for long. So many people experience the most blatant things and gain a lot of experience. I also want a youth like in films, that's not impossible, is it?

The question may sound strange, but it's so important to me. What do you have to experience in your youth? Which sins do you have to have committed? How can you have so much fun in your youth? To the people who are a bit older, what do you regret not doing?

Few ideas in a list would be so helpful I really want to use and enjoy the 5 years that I have.

And I would be happy if the answers aren't something like "You do something spontaneously" or "You will find out for yourself" or "You don't have to do anything", believe me, I know that. I just want ideas and your opinion.

Thanks in advance! -Riley