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Ghislaine Maxwell neglected in prison: she doesn't even flush the toilet anymore

Ghislaine Maxwell (59) is currently in custody in a New York prison, waiting for her trial. In jail, the ex-girlfriend of the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein († 66) is said to be more and more neglected.

In their prison cell in Brooklyn, there is to be pure chaos, reports the "New York Post".

While the charges against the 59-year-old were extended by two more points ("sex trafficking with a minor" and "conspiracy to sex trafficking") and the start of the trial planned for July 2021 is therefore likely to be postponed, Maxwell allegedly lets himself go completely.

For example, documents filed with the Manhattan Federal Court say that Maxwell is often not even supposed to flush after using the toilet in her cell.

In February, her lawyers alleged that Maxwell was mistreated in jail by a prison guard during a search and forced to clean up the Metropolitan Detention Center. She is also said to have lost weight and hair because of poor treatment in jail.

These allegations are now apparently to be refuted by alleged eyewitnesses testifying that the guards only made Maxwell clean her cell because it looked like a garbage dump and smelled like crazy. The evaluation of the prison cameras also gave no indication of abuse.

"After reviewing the camera material, the MDC came to the conclusion that the search was carried out appropriately and that the accused's complaint about this incident was unfounded," according to the documents submitted to the court.

Maxwell's arrest in early July 2020 in the US east coast state of New Hampshire was a spectacular development in the Epstein case. The multimillionaire is said to have sexually abused underage girls and young women for years and incited them to prostitution - and Maxwell recruited the girls and women for him, among other things. The investment banker was arrested in July 2019 and found dead in his Manhattan prison cell in August.

Ghislaine Maxwell is now facing life imprisonment. Several applications for release on bail were denied - because of the risk of escape.