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White feces in discus fish
In order to achieve optimal feeding and ideal growth of a STENDKER discus breeding group, 12 fish in 10 cm size should have no more than a maximum of 200 liters swimming space. A prerequisite is of course a good and run-in filter and enough oxygen supply. Otherwise it often happens that individual animals separate from the group and no longer come to feed.
If the discus group is under 10 animals, often other food than our Good Heart is fed and the animals do not eat anything for a long time, then you often see an alleged white feces.
However, this "white sausage" is usually neither a worm, nor flagellates, but it is the intestinal flora of the discus fish. This is excreted by the fish when it has not eaten for several days.
If you now treat the animal with medication against flagellates, you will harm the animal more than you will help it.
Ideally, if the animal is not eating, do a temperature treatment under quarantine or increase the complete temperature in your aquarium to stimulate the metabolism of the animals again. Also, group size is critical to feeding envy. Feeding envy also often comes when the group size is less than 10 animals.
Please do not always treat immediately with medications, which often do more harm than good to the animals and do not correct the cause.
Here are the instructions for temperature treatment in case of feeding problems:
https: // /.../ 4.1._Quarantaene ...
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10 golden rules for the successful keeping of our STENDKER discus.
1. what distinguishes our STENDKER discus fish?
We have been breeding our popular STENDKER discus fish for over 55 years in the 3rd generation in Germany and have accustomed our offspring to German tap water values. Our animals are therefore brilliantly colored, very robust, not very skittish and used to people. Our STENDKER discus fish are OTHER and can no longer be compared with the wild-caught discus fish from the Amazon.

Our water values:
GH 15, carbonate hardness KH 8,
pH value 7, conductivity 800 μs,
at a water temperature of 28 ° -30 ° C. (usually no osmosis system necessary).

Dealer recommendation water values ​​in the specialist shop:
We keep our animals at a nitrate value NO3 of approx. 200 mg / l. Our specialist dealers should therefore not make the water values ​​too good and keep the NO3 value at approx. 100 mg / l. If you keep our animals at 100 mg / l nitrate value it is already an improvement and if the customer then has 50 mg / l it is again an improvement and so it is ideal for the fish and the customer. A permanent pH value below 8 is important.

With a 1 x weekly water change of approx. 30 percent and 3 x daily feeding with our professional discus food Good Heart, our STENDKER discus fish usually have a long life expectancy (up to 15 years).

Our STENDKER discus fish are available in 29 different colors and can all be socialized with each other without hesitation.

We recommend not to mix our STENDKER discus fish with other discus fish from other breeders (danger of bacterial incompatibility and different keeping and feeding conditions).

Our STENDKER discus fish should be kept in a group of at least 10 discus fish (exception: pair keeping from 14 cm size) and of course continue to be fed 2-3 times daily with our Good Heart complete food mix (as in our breeding farm).

2. aquarium equipment:
In addition to a heater, we recommend a good filter (e.g. Hamburger Matte), for oxygen supply an oxidator, diffuser or aerator and not to use too bright light. Ideally, use a daylight tube and a nightlight to avoid scaring the fish and causing them to bang in front of the glass.

With our high stocking recommendation, which is for the well-being of the animals, it is absolutely necessary to feed oxygen into the aquarium (also in the sales system in the specialist shop). Approx. 30 minutes after feeding, breathing should be calmer again. Calm breathing is about one breath per second.

For raising a group of e.g. 12 discus fish in 8 cm (in this size the animals are already very robust and also suitable for aquarium beginners) a180 liter aquarium is suitable. However, after approx. 8 months (approx. 1 year old, 14 cm size), the animals should be moved to a larger aquarium. For example, 450 liters would be ideal for 12-15 adult discus. Approx. 30 liters per adult discus fish is ideal for our animals. More liters / per adult fish is rather harmful for our STENDKER discus fish.

For breeding our SMALL discus fish it is NOT better to be raised in a larger aquarium right away, as the animals do not feel well, eat worse and therefore do not develop ideally. A SMALLER aquarium is BETTER for breeding and can later be used as a quarantine aquarium.

However, it is also possible to reduce the size of a 450 liter aquarium, for example, with a divider or a hamburger mat, so that the breeding group feels more comfortable. As the animals grow, please increase the swimming space again.

Our GERMAN BREEDING do not need any substrate or plants, but can be used for optical reasons. Please ensure that the substrate is CLEANED weekly to prevent hydrogen sulphide poisoning from forming (bubbles rise when you run your finger through the substrate). Plants can also introduce bacteria, so please also test plants for bacterial incompatibility in advance under quarantine.

3. use of the discus fish after transport: V E R Y I M P O R T A N T!
Please determine the temperature difference between the transport water and your aquarium water when the animals arrive (determine with the transport bag closed).

If the temperature difference is MORE THAN 4 degrees:

Please leave closed transport bags in the box and fill aquarium water into the box. Adjust 1-2 degrees every hour (no more) until the temperature difference is LESS than 4 degrees.

Only then can the transport bags be opened and the water adjustment (fill in aquarium water) can take place.

ATTENTION: After opening the bags, the oxygen escapes and the animals should swim in your retail unit after LATEST 15 minutes. Otherwise our animals can suffer from oxygen deficiency and the immune system will be considerably weakened, which can lead to illness and even death.

We are not the wholesaler around the corner. Our animals often have many hours of transport behind them and it would be nice and very important to make it as gentle as possible. Our animals will thank you with their beauty and health.

4. feeding and care of our STENDKER discus fish is quite simple:
1 x weekly water change of 30 percent and 2-3 x daily feeding with our Good Heart, just like in our breeding farm. A high stocking density contributes to a better food intake and well-being of our discus fish.

Our Good Heart is available in 3 varieties (Classic, Spirulina Algae and Color) in 100 g blister packs and 500 g flat tablets. Our STENDKER discus fish do not need variety and do NOT need ANOTHER FOOD!

Feeding: Our STENDKER discus fish should continue to receive our Good Heart and no live food, which can make our animals ill (please do not feed Tubifex, mussels or red mosquito larvae !!!).

Live food that can be used as a SNACK but does not replace a full meal with our Good Heart would be e.g .: Black and white mosquito larvae, Cyclops crayfish, water fleas.

ATTENTION: Please do not feed any other mixed beef heart food, granules or dry food to our STENDKER discus fish. Our PROFI discus food mix Good Heart contains everything our animals need!

5. water values ​​and water changes
We recommend a 1 x weekly water change of 30 percent with cold water for our animals. If more water is changed, warm water should be added, but there is a risk of getting copper poisoning from the boiler.
Our water values: GH 15, carbonate hardness KH 8, pH value 7, conductance 800 μs, at a water temperature of 28 ° -30 ° C.

6. Stocking density in the shop and at the customers.
Please choose the stocking density in your shop according to the TVT (veterinary association for animal protection). I.e .:
Fish up to 10 cm in size, 2 cm fish to 1 liter of water.
8 cm fish, 4 liters of water and for 10 cm fish 5 liters of water.

Minimum 10 fish per aquarium. The fish stocking in your sales facility should be between the maximum and minimum values ​​to ensure that the animals are doing well.

For the end customer, approx. 30 liters is the rule per liter for adult discus fish.

A 450 liter aquarium is ideal for 12-15 adult discus fish.

Our animals are used to large groups and feel well as a group, eat better and present themselves more beautifully.

An aquarium of 350 liters or more is already suitable for 10 adult STENDKER discus fish with little equipment and decoration.

7. advising customers
Please point out to your customers that these are STENDKER German offspring, which no longer have much in common with wild-caught discus fish.

It is important to point out our good heart food, which should continue to be fed 3 times a day as in our breeding farm. Our feed consists of over 100 valuable ingredients and is made on a beef heart basis. Our feed is a guarantee for good growth and for keeping our STENDKER discus fish healthy.

Please also refer to point 2 Equipment and stocking density and feed. Reference to our homepage with important contents on keeping and care is recommended: (see homepage available in 6 languages):

8. Diseases and their treatment
Important information can be found on our homepage Diskus-Handbuch:

Please inform yourself and your customers on our homepage. Here you will also find helpful tips for the treatment of e.g.

- feeding disorders, pitting disease, external parasites, detoxification, testing, holiday tips and much more. We also give helpful tips on testing the bacterial tolerance of by-fish and plants:

9. Feedback, social media and sales increase

Satisfied customers recommend us and you to others and also send feedback, which we are happy to publish for you on our internet platforms with reference to your specialist shop. A picture is worth a thousand words.

We can also publish up to 12 pictures of you on our dealer list. There is also great feedback and exchange in numerous Facebook Stendker groups in several languages.

Have a look and become a part of our Facebook groups:




Belgium (multilingual):

10. packing of our STENDKER discus fishes

We pack our valuable discus fish in extra thick bags, with rounded corners, several times inside each other. These bags are filled with oxygen and sealed with two metal clips. These fish bags are then placed in our original STENDKER transport boxes, which are heated by a heat pack during transport in winter.

Here, too, we attach great importance to quality. We offer you the possibility of purchasing our bags, boxes and packaging material for your use from us at cost price. Just ask our team.

We recommend you to pack our discus fish in multiple bags, with pure oxygen and to give them in a transport box to the customer with one of our flyers at the time of purchase (please also refer to food Good Heart and feel free to include our recommendation for use, which you can also download from our homepage, packing with pure oxygen or oxygen tablet).

When using transport buckets with lids, we recommend adding an oxygen tablet so that our animals do not suffer from oxygen deficiency in the event of tranpsort arrest.

Tip: Our original STENDKER boxes are also very popular for leisure and camping, as a cooler or emergency quarantine aquarium :-)

Tips for your order

Please do NOT let the discus groups in your sales facility shrink below 10 per aquarium. Order in advance and make sure that the boxes are full when you place your order (please refer to the order form, first line table, to see how many animals will fit in which size). Our team will also be happy to help you optimize your order and keep the shipping costs as low as possible.

We can also offer you an ideal block stocking for your system. Simply send us a sketch with liter specifications and the intended fish stocking.

Tip: If you know that our animals will be delivered the next day, lower the temperature of your sales system in advance so that the temperature difference between the transport water and your aquarium water does not exceed 4 degrees. This way you can start adjusting the water right away upon delivery.

We look forward to continued good cooperation.
Download PDF
Dear members of our STENDKER-Facebook groups, followers and
time and again friends of feed manufacturers, other discus breeders or competitors sneak into our groups and try to stir up our groups.
You are here in a STENDKER group / site and our groups are exclusively about the keeping and care of our popular STENDKER discus fish, which are fed exclusively with our Good Heart in our breeding farm (from the 3rd week of life). Even small discus fish only need to be fed 3 times a day, just like in our breeding farm (feeding more fattening the animals and is not healthy!).
Please note that changes in diet often only become apparent months later.
About feeding: Our STENDKER discus fish should continue to receive our Good Heart and no live food, which can make our animals ill (please do not feed Tubifex, mussels or red mosquito larvae !!!).
Live food that can be used as a SNACK but does not replace a full meal with our Good Heart would be: black and white mosquito larvae, Cyclops crayfish, water fleas.
Please do not feed any other mixed beef heart food, granules or dry food to our STENDKER discus fish. Our PROFI discus food mix Good Heart contains everything our animals need!
In summary: STENDKER discus fish should continue to receive Good Heart! Please thaw our Good Heart gently in the refrigerator, do not feed it frozen.
Further helpful tips on keeping and caring for our discus fish can also be found on our homepage:
also our dealer list:
We wish you much joy with our / your STENDKER discus fish

We would like to thank all our customers, partners, employees and STENDKER discus holders around the world. Thank you for your loyalty, support, great feedback and for your trust.
We wish you a Merry Christmas, health, happiness, success and all the best for the New Year 2021.

Your STENDKER team
STENDKER-much more than just a fish :-)
Not only in private households, hotels, in schools, kindergartens, old peoples homes and social institutions more and more aquariums are set up, because the relaxed effect has a very positive effect on the inhabitants. Mourners also find consolation with our STENDKER Discus Fish, which are happy when you come home, show social behavior and inspire us with their brilliant colors and beautiful shape and swimming behavior.
Discus aquaristics is not only for RICH. We would like to show you how you can easily, cheaply and well build up your own STENDKER discus aquarium and create a wonderful place of peace and strength for yourself and your family in your own home. Experience nature at home and enjoy our animals every day.
The atmosphere in the room is also optimized by the play of light and colors and especially in the winter time the aquarium also helps to increase the humidity in the rooms and thus improve the indoor climate.
With little expenditure of time, approx. 1 hour per week for 30 percent water change, glass cleaning and feeding is usually sufficient. Holidays are also possible without care and feeding, the temperature reduction to WINTERMODE can be used to provide a health-promoting fasting cure for the animals.
Specialist pet shops often offer inexpensive 160-180 liter complete aquarium combinations for beginners. These are ideal for breeding a discus group, which should consist of at least 10 discus fish, or for keeping a discus pair permanently, which however should already have a size of at least 14 cm. This aquarium can also be used later as a quarantine aquarium.
We recommend starting with 8 cm STENDKER Discus Fish for keeping in groups, as they are already approx. 4 months old and very robust, even suitable for beginners. However, the animals should then be transferred to a larger aquarium (ideally 12-15 adult discus fish in 450 liters) after one year at the latest.
Size and age information of our discus fish approx:
5 cm - 2 months
6 cm - 3 months
8 cm - 4 months
10 cm - 6 months
12 cm - 9 months
14 cm - 12 months
15 cm - 18 months
17 cm - 24 months
Discus fish can live up to 15 years if kept in good conditions and can reach a diameter of 21 centimeters! With about 2-2.5 years discus fish are considered to be full grown! To achieve uniform growth of our discus fish, we recommend continuing to feed them 3 times a day with our STENDKER discus food.
Aquarium Equipment:
We recommend the following equipment
- good filter (also 2 as backup)
- Outflow, diffuser or oxidizer for oxygen injection.
- Heating element
- Leave light on for 12 hours a day (not too bright, e.g. daylight tube)
correct preparation:
Please clean the aquarium thoroughly, add water and bring in starter bacteria. Ideally you should already feed the EMPTY aquarium with our Good Heart, so that the important filter bacteria required to break down our food are already formed now.
You will need approx. 2-3 weeks for the correct water values:
Our water values: total hardness: GH 15, carbonate hardness KH 8, pH value 7, conductivity 800, at a water temperature of 28 ° -30 ° C.
Ammonium or ammonia should be 0, NO2 nitrite 0, and NO3 should not exceed 50 mg / l.
Our STENDKER discus fish do not need a substrate or plants to feel comfortable, but can be used. Artificial plants can also be an alternative. As a precautionary measure, it is recommended to filter over activated carbon and remove it after 2 weeks at the latest to remove any toxins from the water.
Select our STENDKER Discus Fish in your specialist shop or have them delivered to your home, here you will find our list of dealers:
Please do not mix our STENDKER Discus Fish with Discus Fish from other breeders and check their bacterial compatibility in advance before socializing them with mating fish and plants. All of our currently 28 STENDKER colors can be mixed with each other without hesitation.
Please continue to feed our discus fish 2-3 times a day with our professional discus food Good Heart, just as you would in our breeding farm, and make a water change of 30% once a week.
You can also find further information on our homepage:
In our numerous STENDKER Facebook Groups you will also find exchanges of like-minded people, tips, help, entertainment and support.
We wish you and your family good health and lots of fun, entertainment, enthusiasm and relaxation with our STENDKER Discus Fish.
Picture: many thanks to our certified specialist dealer Disucus a.e from Abu Dhabi.
Mixing discus fish
Why we advise against mixing discus fish from different breeders:

Discus fish from different breeders grow up under different water parameters and with different food.

If the bacterial compatibility is given and such fish from different breeders are mixed, then the fish from at least one breeder will always be neglected in the new aquarium. This means that the new food or the new water conditions hinder the fish in their growth and have a negative effect on the life expectancy and health of the animals.

As we believe that every discus fish, no matter from which breeder, has a right to be fed optimally and to enjoy a long life, we advise against mixing discus fish from different breeders.

Every Discufish should continue to receive food from the original breeder, as his digestive tract has also become accustomed to it. Ultimately, the food is also an essential requirement for the quality of the fish.

Fate as an opportunity
Especially NOW in the CORONA crisis, where one should leave the apartment or house as little as possible, it is all the more important to make oneself beautiful at home and to pursue a meaningful occupation that brings joy to the whole family.
Creating a beautiful underwater landscape, which can be awakened with colorful life with our STENDKER discus fish, is a fantastic opportunity to bring NATURE into your own four walls and can be a great joy for young and old alike.
NATURE gives us humans a lot of strength and relaxation and it has been scientifically proven that a beautifully furnished aquarium with fish can have a calming effect on people.
Our tip:
Use the present time, e.g. to embellish your living room with an aquarium. It is easier than you think to create an underwater landscape with plants, stones etc. and then bring this beautiful habitat to life with our easy to keep, colorful STENDKER discus fish. Create NATURE in your own four walls, which gives you strength and relaxation.
You will then not only have a great activity, a highlight in your home, but will also find a community of like-minded STENDKER discus holders in our numerous STENDKER Facebook Groups, who are happy to share their experiences and provide helpful support. You can do all this from the comfort of your own home.
Pet shops are currently among the few shops that are still allowed to be open despite the Corona crisis. So even in these difficult times it is still possible to realize your dream of a beautiful underwater world within your own four walls. Many of our specialist dealers also offer deliveries directly to your home. Here you can find our list of dealers:
We wish you and your family that you come through these difficult times in good health.
Your STENDKER Discus Team
Picture: Many THANKS to our certified retailer Discus a.e from Abu Dahabi

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Everything from one source: STENDKER
STENDKER Discus Fish made in Germany, accustomed to German tap water values, sustainable, very easy to keep, long life expectancy and beyond that, we offer you and our dealers many more special services:
1. 29 STENDKER brilliant color variations from 5 cm up to jumbo size available through specialized dealers. Here you can find our list of dealers:
2. Professional feed mix Good Heart with over 54 years of experience, according to our own recipe in 3 flavors, available from specialist retailers.
3. Training and certification of our specialized dealers
4. Image and video exchange on our internet platforms
5. Free information material Flyer, ONLINE book with helpful tips for keeping and care of our STENDKER Discus Fish and for the entrance into the aquarium business, in 6 languages, on our homepage, free of charge, with all necessary information for successful keeping of our animals.
Anyone keeping our STENDKER Discus Fish should also follow our recommended keeping recommendations. Here you can find our discus book in
because there are different keeping conditions and care requirements of different discus species like e.g. parasite free, wild caught, Asian imports, German hobby breeders, bred in Asia and in Germany intermediate salaries and sold as German discus. Our German offspring STENDKER discus fishes come exclusively from our breeding farm in Warendorf (Germany).
We know what our STENDKER Discus Fish need!
6. numerous Facebook groups to exchange experiences with our STENDKER Discus Fish. These following STENDKER-ORIGINAL Groups are managed by us for you:
It is our goal that you will enjoy your STENDKER Discus Fish for many years. In our opinion, this means that STENDKER Discus Fish should continue to be fed with our PROFI Discus Food Good Heart, just as in our breeding operation. Over 100 best ingredients, our own feed mix, our own recipe with over 54 years of experience in discus keeping, breeding and feed production, our Good Heart is the BEST feed for our STENDKER discus fish.
Short recommendation for keeping our STENDKER Discus Fish:
- 2-3 x daily feeding with our Good Heart
- 1 x weekly water change of 30 percent
- Group housing with at least 10 animals (450 liters for 12-15 adult discus, about 30 liters per adult discus fish)
- do not feed live food, no granules, no flake food and do not mix with other discus from other breeders, because every discus fish from other breeders is used to different keeping and care service conditions.
We have made our ONLINE book with helpful tips for keeping and caring for our STENDKER Discus Fish available for you in 6 languages ​​free of charge on our homepage, so that our animals receive the care they need and you have as little effort as possible with them .
You can find the link in GERMAN here:
Topics from our free ONLINE book:
"Worth knowing about our STENDKER Discus Fish"
Worth knowing about discus fishes
The Discus Fish Part 1
The Discus Fish in general
Discus cichlid behavior
Age and size of our discus fish
The Discus Fish Part 2
Discus aquarium for aquaristic beginners
Aquarium size fish stock
Feed dosage and thawing instructions
Feeding and feeding of discus fish
Plants to the discus aquarium
Beifishes to the discus aquarium
Discus gravel (bottom gravel)
Grain size natural gravel
Cleaning the substrate with the mulching bell
The Discus Fish Part 3
Purchase tips from discus fishes
Frequently asked questions about keeping and care of discus fish
Helpful tips around the discus fish
Important notes
Health maintenance of discus fish
Quarantine temperature treatment
Salt bath for outdoor parasites
Ointment treatment for the hole disease
Activated carbon filtration against poison
Bacterial compatibility testing on fish and plants
Bacterial compatibility
We strongly advise not to mix our STENDKER Discus Fish with Asian offspring or wild catches!
Animals from different breedings / sources can have different strains of bacteria and should therefore, because of the danger of disease introduction, not be socialized with each other! If you already have our STENDKER Discus Fish, you can breed animals from our breeding farm at any time without hesitation, even in different colors and sizes. We guarantee that our discus fish are free of tapeworms and the so-called discus search!
Additional information about angelfish
Emergency set
Discus fishes on vacation
Parasite free discus fish
Rod injuries
Preventing hydrogen sulfide poisoning
Basic knowledge of aquaristics
Aquarium equipment filter and decoration tips
Location Aquarium Preparation Retract filter
Water values ​​and water chemistry
Water change with the hose
Water change 90 percent emergency plan
Water change Aquarium cleaning Water readings
Filter function Cleaning and filter pump failure
Aquarium filter self made
Filter hamburger mat planted
Nitrite poisoning
Current filter diaphragm pump failure
Use of the fishes photo story
Current use of fish
We hope you enjoy our STENDKER Discus Fish, that you will find friends in our STENDKER Facebook Groups, that you will discover aquarium photography and that you will have fun with our STENDKER Discus Fish for the whole family.
Your STENDKER Discus Team
discusfishes and much more.
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CORONA is a challenge
DELIVERIES are still possible!

We would like to inform you that we can continue to deliver our STENDKER Discus Fish and our PROFI-Discusfood Good Heart in Corona times as well, either by freight forwarding or with our own drivers within Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland, to Belgium, France , Austria and Denmark.
Delivery to other countries is possible by air - provided there are flights.

With kind regards
The management
Important information about the origin ASIA / GERMANY
Unfortunately many discus sellers in Germany do not point out the different keeping conditions and origin of their animals and even pretend, for example, that they are GERMAN offspring, although they are ASIAN discus imports.
Also Asian discus fish (from China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singhapore etc.) are called GERMAN discus fish and are brought into the trade.

Therefore we would like to contribute something to the clarification, also because we are often confused with the Europe Discus Center in Nackenheim Germany, which sells ASIATIC DISCUS-IMPORTS.

We, the discus breeding STENDKER, are the largest discus breeding company in Europe. We breed our 28 brilliant discus color shots in Warendorf (Germany) and have been shipping our STENDKER discus fish for over 54 years, to over 45 countries worldwide. Our animals are highly valued worldwide for their beauty, longevity, robustness, simple keeping with minimal technical effort and much more. Also our feed mixture Good Heart, is gladly eaten and contains everything our animals need to stay healthy.

What is actually the difference between ASIATIC imports and STENDKER-GERMAN offspring?

Asian imports are usually so used to being kept in Asia by the breeder, with low germ pressure and a daily 90% water change, without filter system. If you keep to the specifications of the Asian breeder (same food, daily water change) you can also have longer pleasure with these animals. If, however, Asian discus imports are kept at our European water values, with a filter system and, as with our STENDKER discus fish, only a once-weekly water change of 30% is carried out, the life expectancy of Asian discus fish is , in our experience, minimized to a maximum of one year.
Asian imports also have completely different feeding conditions. For example, the yellow Asian discus fish can become reddish when fed with our Good Heart, because our Good Heart contains over 100 best ingredients, e.g. Also algae and crabs, which contain special carotenoids that give this reddish coloring, similar to the flamingos, which become pink when they eat crabs. We do not want to do without these important natural ingredients in our food, because of the health-promoting aspects.

Therefore, please be careful. Do not believe everything that discus sellers tell you. It is partly accepted that your existing fish stock will be infected with our STENDKER discus fish and that our animals will die!

Our STENDKER Discus Fish should therefore not be kept together with Asian offspring, even if the BU is compatible. Otherwise, either the advantages of our fish (easy to keep in almost any water as long as the pH value is below 8, low maintenance, water change of 30 percent once a week, also suitable for aquarium beginners) would be lost under Asian keeping conditions, or Asian discus fish, under European keeping conditions, could lose a lot of their life expectancy.

since more than 54 years breeding made in Germany, 28 colors, all compatible, stable breeding stock, delivery to more than 45 countries, own feed mixture Good Heart, kept with filter system, with a 1 x weekly water change of 30%, accustomed to German tap water values ​​and therefore usually no osmosis plant necessary, simplest feeding with Good Heart, with long life expectancy, accustomed to humans and much more.
Our STENDKER discus fish are free of tapeworms and the so-called discus search.

You can find further information on our homepage:

Dealer list:

STENDKER Discus Book:

As a precaution we would like to point out again that we do not want to badmouth breeder here, they also have beautiful breeding forms. But in our opinion one should be fair enough to point out the origin and the different keeping conditions.

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Our service for our STENDKER specialist dealers
We advise our specialist dealers

- even during the planning and installation of your STENDKER discus sales system and make suggestions for the ideal fish stocking, including our top sellers and taking into account the minimum stocking requirements (TVT).

- We train our specialist dealers in the correct handling and care of our animals.

- Our certified specialist dealers continue to feed our STENDKER discus fish with our STENDKER-Good Heart Profi discus food, just as we do in our breeding facility.

- We publish up to 12 pictures of our specialist dealers on our dealer lists and give more information about the shop.

- We publish reports, pictures and videos of our retailers and customer feedback on our internet portals such as Facebook, our website, Instagram, YouTube etc.

- we give information like our little discus book (Flyer in 6 languages) for free to our dealer to give this to the customers, that they know important information in short form.

- We offer our dealers and discus holders multilingual (D, E, I, F) help, support and exchange of experience in our numerous STENDKER-Facebook groups.

- We refer to events and happenings on our website.

- We supply our STENDKER discus fish in 28 colors and our professional discus food Good Heart all year round in over 45 countries worldwide.

- We are happy to answer your questions by telephone or in writing and provide our knowledge in six languages ​​free of charge in our online book on our homepage "Worth knowing about our STENDKER Discus Fish".

- We test and certify our specialist dealers and publish articles about the certification on our social media pages and so much more.

And all this phantastic service is for all our retailer for free!

We congratulate our certified STENDKER specialist dealer who fulfils all the requirements of our guide to the optimal care and maintenance of our STENDKER discus fish:

Black Country Aquatics
8 Langley High Street
B69 4SL
United Kingdom

Mr. Prince and his team fulfill these and more requirements. Due to this we are pleased to be able to certify Mr. Prince and his shop. Of course, you will also find a wide range of aquaristic accessories, ornamental fish and a large selection of STENDKER discus with a stock of over 200 animals.

Mail: [email protected]


Opening Times

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 10am - 5:30 pm
Wednesday: 10am - 5:30 pm
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We also deliver to: Saudi Arabia:
Cornona also makes life difficult for us, but we are happy that we can now not only deliver to America, but also to Saudi Arabia :-)
Deliveries to the Netherlands, Belgium and also within GERMANY are still possible.

We pack our STENDKER discus fish with pure oxygen in high-quality multiple bags, with heat packs and in our ORIGINAL STENDKER boxes, so that our darlings arrive safely at your place. Our animals can also be delivered to Saudi Arabia professionally packed by us and survive very well and undamaged.
We include our recommended use with every delivery.

At the moment we offer EXCEPTIONS in the Corona crisis also DIRECT DELIVERIES within GERMANY to the END CUSTOMER. This means that you can receive our STENDKER Discufish directly from our breeding farm to your home without any intermediate storage.

Many THANKS to our dealer:

Discus Fish Trading (Saudi Branch)
Mecca 24372, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 56 5555 955

Shop: Discus Fish Trading (Saudi Branch) Contact: Mr Mustafa An Naseem, 8816, Saudi Arabia, Mecca 24372, Saudi Arabia Phone: +966 56 5555 955 Email: [email protected]
Yes, we can do :-)
New STENDKER-Discus arrived today by airplane to USA.

We are very happy that it is possible despite Corona.

Thanks to our certified retailer Discus Hans, Jacobus Koopsvantjagt in Baltimore.
Enjoy nature at home :-)
Enjoy our peaceful, colorful, beautiful STENDKER discus.

Tips for successfully keeping our STENDKER Discus fish:
- Keep a minimum of 10 STENDKER Discus in a group
- For growing up a dicus group, a smaller aquarium of 180 liters is ideal or a 450 liter aquairum for 12-15 adult animals (swimming space can be reduced for growing up)
- 3 x daily feeding with our Good Heart (please not more)
- 1 x weekly water change of 30 percent
- Diffuser, diffuser or oxidizer for oxygen supply 24 hours a day.

In our flyer (short instructions) you will find the most important tips in short form:…/Diskuszucht-Stendker_…

You can also find further information on our homepage in 6 languages:

You can find our dealer list here:…/Haendler/Haendler_Ausland/