How to put blush on an elongated face

Applying blush correctly: our secret tricks for a fresh complexion

But blush not only gives a great complexion: With blush you can also skilfully model the face. A round face looks less full with blush in the right spot, a pronounced chin less angular. We'll show you how to properly apply blush and explain which blush is best for you.

Rouge: This is how you find the right tone

The hard blush bar was a hit in the 80s - today it's only accepted on the catwalk or at Denver Clan Revival parties. Otherwise applies: Naturalness is the key. Ideally, blush looks like the red cheeks after a yoga workout. The right color is the basis for this natural freshness.

Basically: Women with blonde hair and fair complexions look good on delicate pink tones, brunettes with brownish nuances such as terracotta or brick red. If you have black hair and a rather cool skin tone, you can choose pink or rosewood tones. Blush beginners - regardless of hair color - play it safe with warm red tones with a yellow component such as coral or salmon. These blush colors are most likely to forgive small mistakes when applying.

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Rouge types: from creamy to powdery

If you want to bring color to your cheeks, you are spoiled for choice: There are a variety of blush types and shapes.

  • Powder blush: Whether loose or pressed - powder blush is versatile and adheres well. It is applied to the powdered skin or foundation with a special blush brush. The ideal blush for oily skin.
  • Cream rouge: A compact cream in a jar, this blush melts on contact with the skin. It is applied with the fingers and worked in with circular movements - after the powder! Its high fat content makes it ideal for dry skin.
  • Blusher sticks: Pen-shaped blush is actually just a firmer cream blush. It can be applied directly to the skin and then rubbed in with your fingers. Always work from the inside out and from the front towards the temples.
  • Liquid blush: The packaging is often reminiscent of nail polish, and like that, liquid blush is applied with a brush. Many products are waterproof and kiss-proof and last a particularly long time.
    Attention beginners: Since this blush is absorbed very quickly, it has to be applied quickly!

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Explained on video: Apply make-up step-by-step

Video by Heike Schmidt

1. Apply blush: Round face shape

Make-up artists swear by it: When applied skillfully, blush models the face and makes small problem areas disappear. Important: blush that is used for contouring should be matte and brownish rather than red. Tanning powder without glitter particles is also well suited for this.

The problem:
A round face often looks too flat because there are no clear contours.

The solution:
Place the powder brush or the finger with blush at ear level and apply to the corner of the mouth. Important: The line should be slightly below the cheekbones. Blend well down and up. Then put a touch of powder on the narrowest part of the temples. The light-dark contrast at eye level also structures the face.

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2. Apply blush: Square face shape

Square-faced women often find their features too distinctive and masculine. With a little blush in the right place, they look more feminine and softer.

The problem:
With a square face, the cheek area is too pronounced and the prominent chin is unfavorably in focus.

The solution:
With this face shape, the blush should sit on the side of the cheekbones and extend further down than with other face shapes. This interrupts the surface of the cheeks and moves the chin a little out of focus.

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3. Apply blush: Oval face shape

Is your face more oval? Congratulation! This face shape is actually ideal and free of problem areas. Rouge can simply be used here as a great freshener or for an elegant look.

The problem:
Actually none. But so that the beautiful proportions of this face shape look particularly good, there is also the ideal placement for the red cheeks.

The recommendation:
Put the blush right on your cheekbones. Start at the highest point of the cheek and spread the color backwards. A little blush on the hairline above the temples also emphasizes the beautiful proportions.

Holger Weins, make-up artist for the beauty brand 'Rouge Bunny Rouge', recommends Cremerouge for this face shape: "The advantage of the creamy blush is that you can put it directly on the apple cheeks with your fingers and then easily blend it so that there are no hard edges. Cream rouge also has a fresher and rejuvenating effect. "

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4. Apply blush: Long face

An elongated face shape looks more balanced if focal points are set horizontally. That works great with blush.

The problem:
A long face is perceived as too narrow - the proportions appear inharmonious.

The solution:
Apply the blush from the highest point of the cheekbones almost horizontally towards the hairline. The horizontal line forms the necessary compensation for the length of the face. So it looks less narrow and slim.

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Rouge: Rosy variety

From powder blush to blusher sticks - the variety of blush products is huge. Cream blush works well for dry skin. However, if you have a naturally oily complexion, you should use powdered blush.

For real powder blush fans: Invest in a good brush. Anyone who spends a little more can enjoy their beauty helper for a long time. Cheap brushes like to lose hair and who wants to pick them off their faces after applying makeup?

Bring rosy freshness, among other things. these blush variations on your cheeks:

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