Liqui Moly differential oil how often

Summary: Time specification: How often ...?


You can ask about repeated events or activities with How often ...?:

We often answer with ...


... The determiner everyone/each/each:
Yara works everyone Day. (the Day -> everyone Day -> accusative:everyone Day)
Max, Tarek and Yara meet each Week. (the Week -> each Week)
Nico visits Inge each Weekend. (the Weekend -> each Weekend)


... An indication of frequency (once, twice, three times ...) and the preposition Per:
Nina cleans twice Per Week.


... Adverbs of time that indicate how often someone does something:
We drive almost always by bicycle. We drive Rare by car.



These adverbs usually come after the conjugated verb. If you want to stress them, you can also put them at the start of the sentence.

We drive sometimes by bus.
Sometimes let's go by bus.