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England, 12th Century: Gunnar Rutledge was a child when his father and mother were murdered. All because d’Bussy loved his wife but didn't love her. After giving birth to their daughter, they were happy, but then the news that her former fiancé, whom she loved very much, has died, changes the behavior of Raina's parents. Her father accuses her mother of circumstances, cheating and beating her. When she saw at a tournament that her husband kills a man because he helped her, Raina's mother committed suicide at the d’Bussys castle. That night, d’Bussy rides to Rutledge's castle and wants Gunnar's mother to be his next wife. She refuses and is then murdered. Gunnar, a little boy, runs away and is then followed by d’Bussy's men. He collapses with hardly any strength left on his feet. He is found by a healer. Since then, he has had no other thought than to avenge the death of his parents and bring the guilty, Baron Luther d’Bussy, to account. To force the baron to a duel, he kidnaps his daughter, the beautiful Raina, whom he had to save from her childhood friend Nigel, who was intrusive.

Attracted by him, she meets him again at the d’Bussys horse show and gives him her favor. When Gunnar wins the tournament and receives the award, Gunnar sees his chance come. He aims the heavy weight at his enemy's chest, but he would not have expected Raina's courage. She stands between Gunnar and d’Bussy. Deprived of his chance, he trudges off, not without swearing revenge again. From now on he besieges the castle and starts attacks again and again. Nigel tries to get hold of Gunnar, but the Baron opposes it. However, when the village goes up in flames, he lets Nigel off the leash. This is the moment Gunnar has been waiting for. In the dark of night, Gunnar sneaks into the castle and kidnaps Raina. As soon as she arrives at his castle, she tries to escape again. But again and again Gunnar brings her back and she also becomes more and more unwilling to flee. She feels attracted to him and also repelled by him. But Gunnar manages to charm her with small touches and gestures. Slowly the two get closer and closer and tell each other their past. But to think about the future, he sends Raina back home. There she has to watch her father deteriorate and finally she has to deal with the fact that she loves Gunnar and has to hope for a peaceful settlement. Meanwhile, Gunnar has to wonder how he could fall in love with the daughter of his worst enemy and whether the two have a future together!

_My opinion:_

Fantasy author Lara Adrian writes here under her "historical" author pseudonym "Tina St. John". As a result, the writing style differs considerably, but the book reads just as fluently as the "Midnight Breed" series. She just manages to pull the reader into her world, so that he just sinks into it and doesn't appear until he has read the last page.

The characters are drawn in such detail that one could think they were standing next to the reader. Raina and Gunnar continue to develop as one would expect in real life. Raina is kidnapped, is cordial to Gunnar's squire and tries to find her way around there. Gunnar is also developing positively, thanks to Raina's love. Before the acquaintance still minded for revenge, he now only wants to know why his parents had to die. Through love he became softer and found inner strength.

The other protagonists also fit into the story with their actions and developments. Due to the kidnapping, not much of Raina's father can be seen, but the few scenes that he does make him likable on the one hand, but also really unsympathetic because of his behavior towards his wife.

Gunnar's squire, Alaric, looks great in this story. He, the compassionate young man who later wants to become a knight, has fallen in love with Raina, which is almost fatal for him when she decides to flee.

Other villains should not be missing for the tension in the book. Only the feud between Gunnar and the Baron would be boring, so we have to see to it that other situations lead to Gunnar's death. But, like a shining hero, he will survive this because these books always have the advantage of having a happy ending.

This great story is told in prologue, main part and epilogue. While the prologue tells how Gunnar's mother lost her life, the main part of the story relates to the kidnapping and reunification of Raina and Gunnar. The epilogue tells the story of the two around a year after the main story.


Because of the writing style, her sometimes subtle humor and her love for the characters, this book wins a lot, but the story itself makes this book really worth reading. Sure, there are stories like this in different versions, but never before have I felt so entertained. You can see that great love can defeat a lifelong vengeance.

_The author:_

Tina St. John (born in Michigan in 1966) is an American writer. St. John is also known under the pseudonym Lara Adrian, under which she published the vampire saga "Midnight Breed".

Before she devoted herself to writing, she worked in various occupations in the administrative area, most recently as head of the human resources department of an automotive company. She lives with her husband on the New England coast. Her mother is originally from Germany (Lorenzreuth, Bavaria), but emigrated to the USA in 1956. Her favorite authors include Bram Stoker and Anne Rice.

| Paperback: 400 pages
Lara Adrian writes as Tina St. John
Original: Lord of Vengeance)
ISBN: 978-3802585210 |

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