Girl stops smiling when she sees me

Chapter 40

• Martin Garrix - So Far Away •

Warm rays of sunshine that shine on my face wake me up from my restful sleep.

Sleepily I open my eyes and knock the white blanket with black patterns from my body before I get out of bed.

I haven't slept that well in a long time. Jax's bed is really comfortable, at least I think it's Jax's room as I see pictures of him and friends on the walls.

I go closer to the picture wall and look at each one carefully, with a child's picture of him and Ace catching my eye.

In the picture you can see how both of them are holding each other and smiling. I guess Ace should be around 7 and Jax should be 9. They look happy. So carefree, as if nobody could spoil their mood. I gently run my fingers once over the glass behind which the picture lies.

"Good morning", the hoarse voice of Jax frightens me, who is standing at the door of the room with two cups in his hands.

Caught I blush slightly and turn away from the wall to go to him. As I walk, I greet him and pictures from last night come into my head of how I wanted to kiss him.

Oh no!

Why do I always do such stupid things, that made me look pretty ridiculous again.

I suppress the feeling of charm and pretend I can't remember anything, because that would be best for everyone involved.

He hands me a cup when I get there and I thank him with a short smile.

The smell of hot chocolate rises to me and I immediately take a sip from the cup. Immediately I burn my tongue and curse myself for being so careless.

Damn! It really happens to me every time, but somehow I never learn that you should blow before you have a hot drink. But I just can't resist this hot chocolate, and you can put up with a burned tongue.

"Burned?" He asks with a smile when he sees my contorted face.
Grumbling, I only nod once and then take a short breath until I hesitantly take a small sip from the cup.

Much better, I think to myself, when the warm chocolate runs down my throat.

With a wave of his hand, Jax tells me that I should follow him, which I then do. We'll probably go down to the kitchen and have some breakfast. At least I hope so, because my stomach starts to growl quietly at this moment.

Psst stomach! We don't want anyone to hear us!

In response, I only get another growl and I hold my stomach and hope that it doesn't make any more sounds.

We go down the stairs until we get to the kitchen. Immediately I smell the delicious smell of freshly baked rolls. There are many sandwiches spread out on the dining table and I can even spot fruit.

With a growling stomach I sat down at the table, which Jax is like me and start to cut a roll and top it with a slice of cheese. As I take the first bite, my stomach gradually calms down.

God this is so delicious.

Food is the best no matter what time of the day.

My gaze falls on Jax who looks at me curiously.