How to make a PvP armor l2

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♥ Yuuki Asuna ♥
elite * gold: 45

The guide is a bit older and not mine, but still ok to get an overview of the magician classes.

1 Introduction

Mages are powerful and weak at the same time, they use crowd control skills or incantations to keep enemies at bay while using ranged magic attacks to attack. If a very high risk offensive class that takes a lot of skill sounds good to you, then this path is for you.

You start the game as a magician with a magic book as a weapon. At lvl 9 you get the Daeva Quest, in which you can choose between the magician and summoner path (it is the same quest that gives you your wings). By completing the quest you will automatically be set to lvl 10 in your new class.

The magician specialization follows the traditional magician path, which focuses on high damage from magic attacks and crowd control skills such as * sleep * and * chains *.
The summoner learns the ability to summon and control companions, he is also the only class in the game that can do that.

2. Mage Basic Stats

Strength: 90
Endurance: 90
Accuracy: 95
Agility: 95
Intelligence: 115
Spirit: 115

3. Equipment

Both mage classes can only wear cloth, and that's what they should do, because cloth armor supports the mana and concentration (?!?) Bonuses that are vital for both classes.

Wizards can only carry magic books, summoners can carry bullets, these have higher attack values ​​than magic books

(Ps in CBT3 the stigmaskills allowed players of every class to achieve mastery in every weapon and armor skill. For example, it was possible for a magician to wear heavy armor and wield two hand swords. Anyway, it is very possible that this will be changed during the open beta as the developers have already announced that there are too many balancing problems with this feature.)

3 Stars: Primary
2 Stars: Useful in some situations
1 Star: Not really useful
No Star: Not wearable

4. Wizard

Play style
Damage Dealer, Crowd Control
Wizards do a very high level of magic damage and use numerous bondage and sleep skills, with which they keep their opponents at a distance.
Comparable classes from other games: EQ2 Magician, WoW Magician, L2 Spellsinger / Sorcerer

Popular builds

With wizards everything revolves around the magic damage, but even if you get skills that can keep your weak self alive - make the most of it. Aion's ‘Glass Cannons’ class is especially susceptible to physical attacks, even more than in other MMO’s, and that means you have to choose between HP and damage output in some cases.

1. Max damage build
Equipment: + intelligence cloth armor (bonus available on various Abyss armor)
Enchantment: + magic spell damage
Cooking skill is highly recommended for + intelligence eating

2. Survival Build
Equipment: + HP cloth armor (bonus available on various Abyss armor)
Enchantments: + Max HP, + Max MP
Cooking skill is highly recommended for + intelligence eating

5. Summoner

Play style
Damage dealer
Summoners summon or host elemental spirits, and they are the only summoner class in Aion. They are unique in their flexibility, which can vary depending on which companion they use. But in small, casual groups, they will mostly take on the role of damage dealers.
Similar classes to other games. EQ2 Elementalist / Necro, WoW Warlock, L2 Warlock / es / ps

Popular builds
Since so many of their abilities come from summoning, summoners are the least geared class in the game. With the smallest HP pool in the game, PvP players will want to add quite a bit to their health bar in order to survive their enemies.

1. Survival Build
Equipment: + HP cloth armor (bonus available on certain Abyss armor)
Enchantment: + Max HP
Stigma: Enhanced Health


1. Fire element

As a well-balanced elemental, it is useful for offense as well as defense. The fire elemental is the main summoner of the summoner.

1. Main features: physical and magical damage increases and HP decreases

2. Special Ability: Flame of Protection: physical and magical damage of the element increases. Provokes enemies and increases threat level

2. Wind element

Has the fastest movement speed and has the ability to knock down opponents. Popular for pvp

1. Main features: fast movement speed, magic attacks have a chance to knock down opponents

2nd special ability: wind shock - causes wind elemental damage and has the chance to knock down opponents for 3 sec

3. Earth element

Has the highest HP and defense values ​​of all elementals. At the moment not used as often as the Fire Elemental (not even for refueling) because of its low damage

1. Main Features: Highest HP and Defense values, can refresh its own HP values

2. Special Ability: Earth Giving - Heals his own HP for a small amount

4. Water element

Has the highest damage output of all elementals, mainly used in groups. Low physical defense means the player needs careful aggression management

1. Main Features; Ranged attacks, highest damage output

2. Special skills: Water shock - shoots a wave at the enemy, very long range

6. Current state: CBT3

Current state of the magician

Wizard players have consistently expressed mixed opinions about this class during the closed beta. Many players complain about the mana interruptions and are frustrated with their low HP and cloth armor (makes them an easy target in mass PvP)

Most will agree that in PvP the wizard is 2nd best after the hunter. Either way, he's a very strong PvP class. The combination of * sleep * and * causing damage * or * chains * and * pushing back * and then attacking (depending on your style of play) means that as long as you are attentive and watch your back, you have a good chance of getting to the top . Mixed reviews say that the wizard has not yet appeared on NCSoft's radar regarding buff or weakening.

Current state of the summoner

The Summoner's story is a very bitter one, from fame in the CBT to its demise in the CBT3. It's hard to imagine that in CBT2 the Summoner was seen as the strongest class in Aion - fast, too lvln and great at PvP. The incantations had terrible AI, but their high damage and usefulness made up for that weakness. Unfortunately the Nerf hammer came out really hard and in the CBT3 they became the least played class. Worst of all, the Elementals still have a frying pan IQ.

It's hard to say what the open beta will look like for summoners. However, NCSoft's main developer has said that there will be changes and balancing adjustments. As possibly the most complex class in Aion, there will also be players looking forward to the challenge of this class.
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elite * gold: 10
Know-how: Sorcerer PvP

Source: T3h P0w4rb00k for info, AionArmory for skill names in English

This guide explains how to fight against other classes using tips for general situations.

Look in the sticky for my other guides.

PC means members of opposing factions (Elyos, Asmodians, Balaur)

Note, AionArmory? S Database is from 1.0 so skills from it has lower damage value than the 1.2? S actual values ​​(Korean Powerbook values ​​are higher)

PvP Chat Tab Radar:

Make sure you drag it out to an easily visible location.
This radar will let you know if any opposing faction members are within just outside of your visible range.

Seed of Perception: Eating this seed will let you see enemies in its basic Hide mode for 10 seconds. (randomly gathered through various plants)
Crystal of Life: Recovers your Health by 5000. (randomly gathered from )

Second, Aions Utility Damage Class, Sorcerer

Sorcerer? S PvP

They have the most diverse skill line out of all the classes in Aion.

They have many skills that shut down enemies as well as ones that deliver tremendous damage.

However, their HP is very low, and their robes provide little defense, will often get killed by attackers.

Despite this weakness, players have brought out secret abilities hidden within the Sorcerer profession, and those players have become the some of the best at PvP.

They have understood their own skills well, seen what their opponents do when confronted with these skills, and have witnessed their reactions as well. They were gracious enough to put these experiences into this manual.

Tips from Player 베베, Server Kidorun, Used to have 쭉빵 그녀 as main

Most important thing to have is a complete understanding of the skills you currently possess.
So, in air battles, use often. Stacks quite often if you consider the Major Flight time scroll? S duration.
So don't forget and Grace of Protection, VERY useful.

PS: Cannot find Grace of Prot in AionArmory, (best I got, AionArmory doesn? T have and its complicated to translate) skill lvl 28 minimum 352 mana, 10 min recharge, for 5 seconds, you block all melee attacks and your Stun, Knock back, Stumble, Rotation, and Aerial Thrust resistance values ​​increases by 1000.

PvP Sorcerer's keyboard setting

For a class that has very low HP, many times a Sorcerer? S PvP will be decided within a very short time.

To recover and counter attack requires fast reaction and decisions! For this you need a good keyboard setting and skill placement.

Tips from Player 민영 공주, Server Kidorun, Lvl 50, Asmodian

Best to place skills that can be used while moving in keys Q, E, T, G whereas spells that needs casing time can be put on F1-F10 and the number keys. The DP should be placed at CTRL + 1. Consumables you should use your mouse to activate.

Its very hard to have every skill put into the number keys and F1-F10. Because while you are moving, if you want to use an instant cast skill, you need to use your mouse or put your fingers away from your movement keys. So its best to put those instant cast into Q E T G Middle Mouse Click CAPSLOCK and Shift +.

: Q or E, most often used skill! You need to keep moving after you cast this spell. In the abyss, when you meet a pro gosu, you have to run like hell. And when you lose direction because of it, use this spell to find where he is!
: Q or E, or very close to it.
: Scrollwheel mouse click (middle mouse click)
: T or G rather than number keys! It's more comfortable that way.
DP skill: You don? T use it often? and you need to be able to use it quick? so CTRL + 1 or 2 would do.

PvP Gear Setting

Tips from Player Mebby, Server Spatalos, Lvl 50, Asmodian

Defensive gear: To become the top notch 1% player, you must have Abyss gear with HP or Magical Resistance bonus set + Magical Boosting Power bonus set. Using a macro, when you are fighting Glads or Temps you switch to the Magical Boosting set, then when you are done back to the HP set. You should have 8k HP, 1350 Magical Resistance, 1200 Magical Accuracy, 1250 Magical Boosting Power would be good.
Godstones: Out of 1% and 2% damage stones, I think 1% is better.

Tips from Player 중독 된 보이, Server 페 렌토, Lvl 50, Asmodian

Defensive gear: HP, Mboost, Concentration and even 1 more socketable gear (Abyss Gear would be good) Speed ​​22% + Boots / ASPD gloves are needed as well.
Weapons: HP, Mboost, MAcc, and / or ASPD + books. I trust that everyone knows why Sorcs need ASPD + (It gives casters faster spell motion, meaning lower aftercast delay).
Manastones: Magical Resistance seemed best to me.
To avoid being killed by Assassins, you need to avoid their stunning ability. Magical Resistance is helpful against them. I used buffs to get my hp upto 7k, but after experimenting, Magical Resistance was better against Assassins than HP.
GodStones: I? D like to recommend 1% or 2% damage stones. Blind / silence / paralysis ones are too expensive, and compared to dual wielders you cant wait for the godstone effect to kick in. And with the exception of paralysis, if you Blind / Silence assassins, they can just run and wait for the effect to expire, and too fast to catch them as well.

PS: New in Patch 1.5, some unique weapons have + Cast speed. These are nice, but not a must. In PvP, Sorcs are all about burst, not DPS pressure.

PvP stigma

PS: Its not in the guide, I had to find one on the list of comments because this section was somehow excluded? but the comment comes from one of the commenters on most of the sections tho. So, couldn't find any list for Asmo.

Tips from Player 프리 샤 and Mebby Lvl 50s

The absolutely needed stigmas for Elyos are

(Elyos) or (Asmodian) (I'd go with Jikel's Wisdom myself tho, shorter recharge)
Rest can be any of these, depending on your preference

Volcanic Explosion (not in AionArmory, stigma version of , with stronger damage. AionArmory? S damage for this skill is misleading, the non-stigma version has at least 3x + damage, and the stigma has 4x + damage)

PvP in the field

Many opinions stated that in ground battles, Assassin? S was the most annoying of them all.
It has come to a point where ground battles = battle against assassins for Sorcerers.

Tips from Player 마리, Server Jikel, Lvl 50, Elyos

When you fight ground battles, the most fearful class is Assassin. Ambush + Aerial Thrust = wings folded.
Use when you are up against one. Makes running and fighting easier.
When an assassin uses Ambush on you, just bash on that Dimension Backdoor key!
Well, if it finishes before that, nothing to say? But if the door triggers, he? Ll have lost target. Use your snare on him. Once this happens, most assassins will use Contract of Evasion or Focused Evasion (both skills evade magical attacks) once that happens, don? T panic! Use a cheap DOT skill, + another instant cast if he used contract, then use shutdown condition, followed by Aerial Thrust and most sins are done.
If AT fails? then use the usual technique, shutdown condition then burst damage.

PvP in the Abyss


Sorcs disable the enemy with conditions, then puts large amount of burst firepower to kill. When flight controls are added to this class, they become something like Gunships.

But to become like a gunship, you must get a few things straight.

First is the flight speed and items that give bonuses to flight time.
Flight speed can be increased by gears that give bonus flight speed and Major Flight Speed ​​Increase scrolls.
If you got these, then you already are a gunship.

Sorcerer vs Templar

One of the most annoying opponents to deal with, the Templars.

Not only do they have lots of HP, they have a skill that can raise magical resistance waaay up (Armor of Interception, look in Templar PvP translation) So its not an opponent you can defeat within a short time.

Time your condition skills with the time that their armor of interception would end, then plan ur strategy from there.

Tips from Player Mebby, Server Spatalos, Lvl 50, Asmodian

Watch when that Armor of Interception comes down, then run down snare. The thing that makes Templars different than Glads in this aspect is that they have a skill that can release snare other than using a Greater CC Pot. Its Iron Skin and a skill that prevents anti-Flight magic (referring to Shield of Speed, look into Templar PvP thread). Snare, then use a shutdown condition, then deal damage. After this, you have go unload your instant cast skills then use a shutdown condition again, and repeat.

Tips from Player 프리 샤, Server Kasaka, Lvl 50, Elyos

Use Stone Skin? S 4 min duration 2 min recharge time carefully, and Grace of Prot well. When the Templar throws a stunning strike, immediately use Greater CC Pot then get some distance while using other . You stop running when the Templar? S Armor of Interception runs out, then snare him with or normal snare. Then turn on , and unload other (Note, actual Kor version damage is more than 4 times than this). These do a lot of damage, and if they eat it, it breaks down about half their hp. Then unload your quick and instant cast skills in any order. While they are running, if their Iron Skin has cooled off, turn on your Shock absorption scroll so you don? T get Stunning Strike? D.
For me, once I got 7k hp I could deal with a template. Before I used to get burned? anyway, using this method I usually win 1 on 1.

Sorcerer vs Gladiator

You get the feeling that they are a little easier than Templars, but you should watch out for their Aerial Thrust! Just keep your distance.

As usual, use shutdown condition, then unload some burst damage onto them.

Tips from Player Mebby, Server Spatalos, Lvl 50, Asmodian

Once the opponent gets out of snare with a Greater CC pot, make him a tree. Then go upto him and hit him with WinterRestraint. Reason being, if you attack him under tree state, the Tree stigma? S enemy magical defense buff will kick in, doing less dmg. Once you? Ve hit him with winter restraint, under this state he cant do much other than throw ranged chain. These attacks shoudn? T hurt unless your Stone Skin is down.
Use boon + Baizel? S Wisdom, Then use > > > > > . If you even unload your DP skill, it? S a damage amount impossible for gladiators to survive.

Tips from Player 프리 샤, Server Kasaka, Lvl 50, Elyos

Once you? Ve used either Winter Restraint or Restraint and force him to use a CC pot, then restraint him with one of the two that you havent used, turn on Baizel? S then unload Flames of Hell and Volcanic Explosion, unless he doesn? t have armor of balance. If he doesn? T, turn him into a tree then put him to Aerial Thrust, and go from there.
Their aerial thrust is instant, so you should kill them from a distance. You can remove their with , but in Aerial Thrust not really. If you? Ve been ankle snared and cant DDoor, use tree / sleep / Grace of Prot / Barrier of Severance, and go from there.

Sorcerer vs Ranger

Scouts can use Hide, so to Sorcerers they are sworn enemies.

Not only that, Rangers have longer range, so many times rangers gets the first attack opportunity.

To fight rangers who can hide and fire devastating burst damage, using the chat to your advantage will help a lot.

Tips from Player Mebby, Server Spatalos, Lvl 50, Asmodian

Using Silence, sleep, and hide ability, Rangers can pour explosive damage onto Sorcerers, leaving them wondering why they died. While you are fighting, if you receive criticals it will leave you speechless. If you don? T receive criticals and your invincibility spell (s) (he means Barrier of Severance, Sorcs have 2 invincibility skills tho) are recharged, you can fight them fine.
But top notch 1% Rangers use sleep to prevent the invincibility spell, making it mind-boggling to fight them.
If you saw him first, unload your Frost (Severe Cold if you are Asmo) and other skills of the same kind. If he saw you first, don? T even look back and press that invincibility spell, or Dimension Door to make him lose target, then deal from there.

Sorcerer vs Assassin

They are called sworn enemies of Sorcerers: Assassins.

Even though Sorcerer's skill line lets them defend against them, they are still very dangerous to the low HP class. If you? Ve been hit with and died in one chain, too bad. But if you see room, you must use Dimension Door, put him on shutdown condition then kill him with strong burst.

Tips from Player Mebby, Server Spatalos, Lvl 50, Asmodian

To Sorcerers they are a scary existence. They can use followed by one-kill chain. Also, the most of the top notch 1% assassins are now acquiring Paralysis Godstones. To avoid getting caught by this skill, two things you can do are raising Magical Resistance or using HP manastones. Once you've been stunned in air, you must get away quickly using restraints then go from there.
Use Flame Cage DOT? S to take down their evasion skills, Once they released their restraint with a Greater CC pot, if you can unload a Soul Freeze onto them, it makes the fight easier. While you are fighting during flight, get away using DOT? S and cold summonings.

Tips from Player 중독 된 보이, Server 페 렌토, Lvl 50, Asmodian

Using the chat If you look in the chat tabs theres a tab named Combat. Take that out to another place in ur UI, go into options, click on Combat? Third, uncheck everything else, make the font colored red, then click Change
Flight If you are in flight, you cannot use Ambush.

Sorcerer vs Cleric

Tips from Player Mebby, Server Spatalos, Lvl 50, Asmodian

Just make him a tree. If you are out of range, snare him then make the room. Once they are a tree, you do the combo. The combo that everyone knows that I listed in .vs Gladiator.

Sorcerer vs Chanter

The reason may be that its so easy for Sorcerers to kill Chanters, but there wasn? T any good suggestion on how to fight this class. The little amount of suggestion was really generic.

However, to beat them, sorcs should follow the same tactics to beat Clerics.

Sorcerer vs Sorcerer

Same class. It will depend on whose shutdown conditions succeed.

Knowing your class, it will be much easier to spot weaknesses. First sighted will put shutdown first, and deal damage first!

Tips from Player Mebby, Server Spatalos, Lvl 50, Asmodian

If you are fight the same Sorc class, the side who turns the other into a tree will be advantageous. If you can Freeze then Curse Tree, then owned he will be.
If you? Ve been caught with no stone skin available or low hp, restrain him then run. He will eat Greater CC then come after you. Once you? Ve got some def and cooltimes down, fly once he comes close, then DDoor then use Soul Freeze. Or you can just suddenly stop running, use DDoor Freeze then Restraint of winter. Since he used Greater CC on Restraint earlier, he? D be unable to use magic. Then you know what to do.

Sorcerer vs Spiritmaster

Same Mage school, but one of the most annoying opponents.

Especially you must avoid the flight disabling skill and control disruption skills they possess. Try to hit them unnoticed.

Tips from Player 쏘스, Server Asphel, Lvl 33, 4th Sorcerer character

If you think the opponent is lower lvl, less-experienced, or worse-equipped, then fight.
Freeze (Spiritmaster? S first skill to avoid against Sorcs)> Treee> Restraint> Soul Freeze> Burst damage.
If you think it? S a fair match or better, don? T do it. Very hard to win.

Heres a little recap of what Sorcs can do in PvP:
Backward Dimension Backdoor = Pro

He isnt all that epic anymore with the newer pros out, still awesome.


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