Diproson ointment 50g is like many ounces

Conversion table for units

This can be done with the help of this table Convert different units effortless. The units (Milliliters), (centiliters), (ounces),, cup, split, (American whiskey measure), (small side of the jigger), (teaspoon) and (tablespoon) can be converted into each other using the table below.

Old bar measureOunces (US)Milliliter (UK)Centiliter (DE / AT / CH)
1 teaspoon (teaspoon)1/8 oz5 ml0.5 cl
1 tablespoon (tbsp)3/8 oz. - 1/2 oz.15 ml1.5 cl
1 pony1 oz.30 ml3 cl
1 jigger (shot)1.5 oz.45 ml4.5 cl
1 wineglass4 oz.120 ml12 cl
1 split6 oz.180 ml18 cl
1 cup8 oz.240 ml24 cl
1 dash1/32 oz.1 dash1 dash