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Setup & installation

The Nuki Smart Lock is attached to the existing lock cylinder on the inside of your door. Two different brackets are available for attachment: Depending on the protrusion of your door cylinder, the Nuki is either firmly clamped to it or glued to the door surface around the cylinder. You can find more information about the installation requirements here. If you attach the Nuki Bridge to your Nuki Smart Lock within five meters, you can even control your electronic door lock via the Internet while you are out and about.

Nuki app

  • Unlock and lock the lock

    Unlock and lock the electronic door lock simply by swiping your smartphone or your smartwatch.

  • Auto unlock

    If you have activated Auto Unlock, the Nuki Smart Lock recognizes your phone and automatically opens the door for you without you having to lift a finger.

  • Lock ’n’ Go

    When you leave your house and you want the Nuki Smart Lock to lock behind you at a time, simply press the Lock ’n’ Go function in the Nuki app or the button on the Smart Lock.

  • Access authorizations

    Manage access authorizations for your family, friends, guests, do-it-yourselfers or babysitters - whether permanent, recurring or one-time.

  • Lock protocol

    If you want, the Nuki app can also record who has opened or closed your Smart Lock and when.

  • Smartwatch integration

    The Nuki app is also available for the Apple Watch and Android Smartwatches. Open and lock your electronic door lock from the comfort of your wrist.


Nuki offers you maximum comfort without having to forego security

Invisible on the inside of the door

Nuki is on the inside above the lock cylinder and is therefore not visible from the outside.

Confirmed by experts

Property insurance companies have confirmed that the use of Nuki does not affect the security level of a door.

Revoke key

Should the phone be lost, simply remove its access authorization. Tedious key management is a thing of the past.

Ultra-strong encryption

Clever end-to-end encryption ensures the highest possible security standard. More information here

Auto unlock

For maximum ease of use, you can activate the Auto Unlock function in the Nuki app. Then your Smart Lock opens automatically when you get home - so your hands stay free and your phone in your pocket. As soon as you get close, the Nuki app will start looking for your Smart Lock. If you get a few meters closer to your door, Nuki opens the lock.

Lock ’n’ Go

With the Lock ’n’ Go function, Nuki locks your door behind you when you leave your home. If you press the button on your Smart Lock twice, your lock will be unlocked and automatically locked again after 20 seconds.

IFTTT + Nuki

With Nuki and IFTTT you can connect your Smart Lock to the apps and devices that you use every day, such as Facebook, Twitter, Philips Hue and Fitbit. Open and lock your front door at a specific time or have your lights turn off automatically when you leave the house.

Questions about Nuki?

We understand that door locks can sometimes be confusing, and not everybody is an expert.

If you have any questions about Nuki, you can call us Mon-Fri between 9 am-6pm (CET).

International +1 (915) 600-7233
Germany 0800 880 8710
Austria +43 720 880010
Switzerland +41 44 505 16 16
United Kingdom +44 1688 212012

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