How do I get a police miter card

Has your debit or credit card been stolen?
Then have the card blocked quickly!

Every year there are very many hand bags

or other luggage stolen.

Often the debit cards or credit cards are gone.

Then you need to have the cards blocked quickly.

Then the card is invalid.

So that nobody can simply get money with your card.

But sometimes simply blocking the card is not enough.

That only helps

when the thieves want to use your card with the secret number.

The thieves can still pay with your card.

All the thieves have to do is copy your signature.

This is how you can pay in many shops.

That is why there is now the project KUNO.

In this project, the police work with the shops

and other places together.

The police give the data from your debit card

to shops and other places.

Then your card is blocked everywhere at the cash register.

The police have been with the project since June 2006 KUNO with it.

If your card has been stolen:

Then you can go to any police station

and have your card blocked with KUNO.

What do they have to do,
if your debit card was stolen?
Or if you have lost your debit card.

  1. Go to your bank.
    Have the debit card blocked.
    Or you call this number: 018 05 – 021 021

    There you can have your EC card blocked on the phone.

  2. Go to the police station.
    There you can report the theft.

    And your debit card is over KUNO blocked.
    You need this information:
    • Your bank routing number and the name of your bank.
    • Your account number.
    • The number on your debit card.
      The bank can tell you this number.

What do they have to do,
if your credit card was stolen?
Or if you've lost your credit card.

  1. Have your credit card blocked.
    At your bank or the credit card provider.
    Here you will find the most important telephone numbers: