What does profile title mean

Profile text for the single exchange - examples of a successful profile

For the first impression, the brain only needs a tenth of a second to evaluate unknown people. The studies certainly relate to encounters in real life; in the area of ​​online dating, it is assumed that users look at a profile for five seconds before deciding what to do. Cover letter or click on - this sword of Damocles is always hanging in the air.

Surely many users are also wondering how you can best reveal a lot about yourself, but still not focus too much on yourself. You will find the best tips and tricks in this guide to a good and exciting profile text.

AIDA as a basic idea

Surely you can find tons of templates for the perfect profile on the Internet to get inspiration. However, it is better to talk about the purpose of the formulations beforehand. During our research, we noticed that the AIDA advertising effectiveness principle achieves the best results here. It stands for:

  • Attention - the arousing of attention
  • Interest - creating interest in the other person
  • Desire - the desire for more is often a good driving force
  • Action - a potential flirt partner must want to write to you

Before we immediately explain the right strategies for creating a profile text, a few short words about choosing a nickname. A lot can go wrong with this simple matter. It is best if the nickname does not allow any negative associations. Words like "small" or "bug" should be avoided. Playful names are particularly popular, whereby men tend to be fixated on attractive properties such as “sweetness”. Women tend to value a "cultivated" name, so Hammerhart35 is simply out.

The first letter also plays an important role. The further up the alphabet, the more likely it is to be associated with a high level of education and a higher income, as Khalid Khan and Sameer Chaudhry from the London School of Medicine found out.

attract attention

Images certainly create a lot more impression than a profile text, especially on dating sites, but both should be treated with care. If a reader starts yawning after just a few words, something has been done wrong. Perhaps you give it a try with a personal greeting, then you will not be so in the foreground.

Examples of different search results and profiles
  • The welcome text is at the center of the PARSHIP proposals.

  • Not only the personal quote, but also the other free texts ensure a lot of creativity at PARSHIP.

  • Images are the focus when searching through LoveScout24.

  • A lot of information is shown in a table in the profile. The imperfections (small quirks) are immediately noticeable.

  • Single.de also relies on large photos from the user.

  • In addition to entries on interests and hobbies, questions can also be answered individually.

Especially with partner exchanges, you should score with the statement that is displayed in the search. You should choose statements that are not expected! If you first read sentences like “Mi casa es su casa”, “My goodness, I'm parshippe now” or “Welcome to my profile, have fun reading!” You feel addressed. Also, it's not always the standard “I'm looking for…”.

Build interest in getting to know each other

It is best if you captivate the visitor of the profile text immediately and put them under their spell. Sometimes it is enough to put a smile on the face of the other user. This can be achieved by getting lost in a few small details and perhaps using a minor weakness like impatience. This area can be rounded off with a rather challenging question: "Are you looking for something special?" Or perhaps "Salsa fan is looking for a dance partner: is it you?"

There are a variety of options here. Just try out different formulations and choose the one that suits you best.

Primary goal: Generating the desire for contact

The prerequisite for creating the desire is that you reveal a little about yourself and still encourage responses. The best way to do this is by asking very offensive questions: “I've always wanted to experience a sunrise on the equator. What is your dearest wish? ”Or“ I would like to laugh again without restraint at an appealing story. When was the last time you laughed really loud? ”Are statements that can arouse interest in a person. You want readers to want to know more about you. The statements should of course be tailored to your character. We only give a few examples here to describe the general procedure. Just take a little time and try it all once.

Action: Put the words for the first email in your mouth

As with fishing, you should cast a bait that tastes good when you are online dating. The final step is to try to encourage action. However, you should differentiate depending on the type of portal. In any case, we would recommend an offensive question. Here some examples:

5 examples of good profile texts

Writing your own profile text is never easy and since the rules of action always seem very abstract, we would like to introduce some formulations for different types of characters at this point. So you can get a little inspiration here and then create your own profile.

Example 1 - the open one

What should you tell about yourself in great detail here? My friends find that I am a spontaneous and fun person. I'm up for almost everyone and I'm always out and about with my people. You can also count on me if you need help.

Last summer I was in Barcelona in the Sagrada Família and had a moment of silence and contemplation. I realized that I wanted to spend these moments with someone special by my side. Do you know such thoughts? Do you want to talk about it over coffee?

Here the single tries to openly write about his own motivations for online dating. In doing so, he reports on some intensive incidents and at the end also asks for direct communication.

Example 2 - the mysterious

In the morning I strolled through the empty city and wondered if there was life here again. Certainly more and more people will come out of their homes and rush to work, then surrender to everyday life. Is that what we are granted in life? Always the same movement, the same rut as Sisyphus who has to keep rolling his stone up a mountain?

If you want to have in-depth conversations and explore the meaning of life on the side, you should get in touch now. Philosophical topics are very important to me and the conversation is usually a lot of fun. Do you want to open your gates to perception and let in a new light?

A rather unusual formulation, but it is noticeable very quickly. Not all of them will feel addressed by it, but such a single is also looking for something very special. In retrospect, honest execution saves a lot of frustration.

Example 3 - the skeptical

Okay, I've signed up here now, but I'm not entirely comfortable with it. First of all, I would like to take a look around. I don't believe that the love of life can be found here, but if you don't dare, you won't win, right ?! Perhaps there is the perfect match that thinks online dating is humbug and helps me understand the intentions of most users. If you have such ambitions, you could get in touch. Over a coffee or tea, we then see whether it fits or not. If you don't like that, you can suggest something else. I'm a pessimist, but life still surprises me with positive twists and turns.

The lyrics sound a little depressing, but they are honest. In addition, there are also singles who like such skeptics, since they are relatively firm in life and can hardly be impressed by negative twists and turns. So it's worth a try.

Example 4 - the fun one

Good morning, you found the way to my profile, I'm glad. Still, I have to admit that I probably belong to the type of person who was born with a midlife crisis. Although I do not live with constant depression and know only a few bridge piers, life seems to have conspired against me.

If you have read this far, I would like to clarify my current situation. I still refuse to grow up and see this world with its problems through the view of the Bild newspaper. So, to diversify, I tried to chase after every rock, but since my condition is not exactly the best, I had to be content with online dating.

If you understand this kind of humor and are not put off by the five voices in my head, you can get in touch. I can definitely make you laugh and I'm also happy when we can have a little more serious conversation over dinner. See you soon!

Humor is always quite a difficult thing. Still, most women love stories like this and enjoy the dry joke that this text brings across. Of course, men also like to smile once in a while, but the women should be a little more cautious about their stories.

Example 5 - the demanding one

The whole world is a stage and we are the performers. I am particularly interested in culture, theater and art. I can be just as enthusiastic about Greek vase painting as I am about Indian high cultures. Temple architecture and ornaments trigger an irrepressible desire in me that I would like to share with the right partner. I'm about 1.78 meters tall and expect my steadfast friendship to be about the same. In addition, she shouldn't be averse to cooking evenings together. If interested, you could just get in touch and we could arrange to meet at the opera or the theater. In the end we will then know whether we want to repeat these evenings.

This single knows exactly what he is looking for and communicates this too. Already in the first sentence it becomes clear that classical literature is his trademark and the flirt partner should also have this passion. A great way to make new friends in a targeted manner.

Testing is above studying

In summary, it can be said that the profile text is an important tool to get a potential interlocutor to write a cover letter. The four most important steps should be taken into account: attracting attention, generating interests, creating a desire for more and then moving to action.

We do not recommend writing more than 100-200 words. Otherwise, visitors are more likely to be put off by the mass of text. You should always stick to the truth, as lies are uncovered on the first real date at the latest. Also pay attention to the spelling, many members, especially of dating agencies such as ElitePartner, are very pedantic here.