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Vegetable calorie table

Valuable vitamins and flavors

The vegetable calorie table lists a large number of common varieties that contribute to a balanced and healthy diet. From a nutritional point of view, vegetables contain a lot of nutritional values. Since these are contained in high-quality and fresh foods in their most concentrated form, the products should preferably be obtained from controlled organic cultivation. By leaving them untreated and only storing and transporting them briefly, the nutritional values ​​in the vegetables can be preserved.

Even when storing the products contained in the vegetable calorie table at home, measures can be taken to preserve the valuable vitamins and flavors. It is important that the plant products are only stored briefly and, above all, in a cool place. Aubergines, asparagus or red cabbage should also be stored away from oxygen and light.

Protein carrier with little fat

As can be seen from the vegetable calorie table, the vegetable fat content is very low in most varieties. From a nutritional point of view, however, vegetables contain higher amounts of protein that are sufficient for the organism. Potatoes have the highest protein content of all vegetable suppliers. Protein-containing products such as potatoes and beans support muscle building and have a vitalizing and regenerating effect on the body.

In contrast to protein, carbohydrates are usually only hidden to a small extent in vegetables. However, this depends mainly on the type of preparation. When cooking, a lot of water is usually withdrawn, so that cooked vegetables lose calories. Basically, raw food or only gently cooked food should be preferred, as many important ingredients can be lost through overheating. The vegetables on the nutritional table are best able to retain their sensitive ingredients when using gentle cooking methods such as stewing in a little fat or broth in a wok, pressure cooker or Roman pot. The proportion of calories in vegetables is higher than when they are cooked, but the increased nutrient intake outweighs this fact.

It is also advisable to always wash carrots, broccoli, bell peppers or lettuce before chopping. In order to round off the taste of the products, which are usually used as a side dish, and to add vitamins, they should be sprinkled with chopped herbs before serving.