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HOW TO: 7Z file (what is it and how to open one) - 2021

A file with the 7Z extension is a compressed 7-zip file. A 7Z file is similar to a folder on your computer, except that it really looks like a file.

Both a folder and a 7Z file can store one or more files and even other folders. In contrast to folders, however, 7Z files are only individual files with the extension .7Z that serve as a compressed archive of the data.

You will most likely only see 7Z files when downloading bundled files from the internet e.g. B. Computer software programs, picture albums, document collections, etc. Basically anything that is best downloaded in a smaller, compressed form.

Some 7Z files are broken up into smaller chunks for ease of sending or storing. You will then get a different file extension such as .7Z.001.

How to open a 7Z file

7Z files can be opened with a growing number of compression / decompression programs, but the free 7-Zip tool created by the makers of the 7Z format is probably best for Windows, Linux, or Mac OS. With 7-Zip you can extract (open) and even create your own 7Z files.

PeaZip is another favorite that supports extraction and compression from the 7Z format.

On a Mac, Keka or The Unarchiver, both free, are two great alternatives for extracting 7Z files. Commander One is another option, but it's not free.

If you install a double - click program, the 7Z file will not open even after installing a file extraction program. A quick and easy solution is to right click on the 7Z file and open it in the decompression program. In 7-Zip this can be done via 7-zip > Open archivewho will open the 7Z file in 7-Zip File Manager.

If you want to preselect a program that always opens when you double-click 7Z files, check out our guide on how to change file associations in Windows. Although you can use it to change the program, it will automatically open 7Z files. You can always use another tool by opening the other file extractor first and then loading the 7Z file.

There are also plenty of free 7Z file openers online that don't require downloading any software and that can run on any operating system with a modern web browser. This works by uploading the 7Z to the website and then having them download individual files from the 7Z file.

B1 Online Archive and Archive Extractor Online are two free online 7Z file openers. Another is WOBZIP, which even supports opening password-protected 7Z files in your browser.

If you need to open 7Z files on a mobile device, free apps like iZip (iOS) and 7Zipper (Android) should work.

How to open 7Z part files

Do you have multiple 7Z files that need to be opened together? When a 7Z file has been split into different parts, you have to put them together in very specific ways to create the original file, which you can then extract normally.

For example, you might have a part1.7z, part2.7z, part3.7z, etc. This can be confusing because if you only open one of these 7Z files you will likely find another file named something.001 and this one Pattern continues with each of the other 7Z files.

It's a little confusing to understand if you've never looked at multipart 7Z files. I recommend reading through these steps on the Nexus Wiki for some picture instructions on how to combine the 7Z files to finally get to the content that is stored in those parts.

The instructions in Nexus Wiki are for opening certain files. The filenames therefore do not match those of your files. However, you can still use the steps to open similar items with multiple 7Z parts.

How to convert a 7Z file

Remember that a 7Z file is just like a folder that contains one or more files. That means you won't be able to convert a 7Z file to PDF, DOCX, JPG, or any other format like this one. In such a task, the files must first be extracted from the 7Z file and then converted one by one using another file converter.

The only other file formats that 7Z files can be converted to are other archive formats like ZIP, RAR, ISO and many others.

The easiest and fastest way to convert a small 7Z file is to use an online service. Zamzar in particular can convert 7Z files to a number of other archive formats, such as ZIP, TAR, LZH, and CAB.

Two other examples are CloudConvert and Convert Files. These are the websites that can convert 7Z to RAR for free in your browser, as well as other formats like TGZ. Reserve these sites like Zamzar for smaller 7Z files as you will need to upload the entire archive to the site before you can convert it. Then you need to download it to save it.

Check out these free casual format file converters for some other websites that can convert 7Z files.

If your 7Z file is large or you want to convert 7Z to ISO, it is probably best to use a dedicated "offline" compression / decompression program such as IZArc, TUGZip, or Filzip.

More information on 7Z files

7Z is an open file format under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

The 7Z file format was originally released in 1999. It supports file sizes of up to 18 EiB (16 billion GB).

7Z does not store file system permissions. This means that you cannot set the permissions on files, save them to a 7Z file, and expect the same permissions to be retained when the files are extracted.

The 7-Zip program allows you to choose five different levels of compression when creating a new 7Z file Fastest to Ultra. You can even choose Business if you'd rather not compress the 7Z file, it will allow you to create and extract files faster later, but it will also take up the most disk space.

When choosing a compression level, there are several compression methods to choose from including LZMA2, LZMA, PPMd, and BZip2. Some other options when using 7-Zip to create a 7Z file include choosing a different dictionary size, word size, volume block size, number of CPU threads, and more.

Once a 7Z file is created, you can add new files by simply dragging them into the folder when it is open in 7-Zip (and possibly other file compressors as well).

If you want to read the specifics of the 7Z file format, I recommend you visit