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January 10, 2013 by Hermann Achenbach

William Shakespeare: How sweetly the moonlight sleeps on the hill

How sweetly the moonlight sleeps on the hill!
Here we sit and let the music slip to our ears;
Night and soft silence, they become keys of sweet harmony.
Come on, Jessica! See how the heavenly corridor
is inlaid with discs of light gold!
Not even the smallest circle that you see
who doesn’t sing like an angel
and joins the cherubim choir.
Eternal spirits are so full of harmony:

Only us, while this fecal robe of mortality roughly encloses us,

we can't hear them.

Translation by August Wilhelm Schlegel

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  • Shakespeare says patens for discs. But these were the golden sacrificial bowls at the Eucharist. So:

    ... inlaid with sacrificial bowls of glowing gold.
    Not even the smallest star (instead of a circle) ...

    This is how our looking eye arrives at the mystery of substance! -

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