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Franchise concepts for self-service bakeries and coffee shops

Coffee business ideas

Have you ever thought about starting your own business with a café, a bakery or a bakery? If so, you've come to the right place. Because around baked goods and coffee there are more business ideas and variants than you might think.

Coffee capsules, coffee pads or the good old coffee filter machine do it at home. But in the café we have become more and more choosy over time: decaffeinated coffee, Italian coffee specialties or Blue Mountain coffee - we like a real barista coffee so good that we sometimes spend a little more.

Opinions differ as to what the “best coffee” is. The franchise systems that can be found in the coffee sector are just as varied. Cafe is absolutely not the same as cafe; the additional offer is very individual - take a look around!

Become self-employed with baked goods

On the market development: Bread and baked goods have always had a long tradition in German-speaking countries and are still bought with great pleasure. The baked goods market underwent a radical change with the introduction of baking stations in the chain stores of the food discounters. This intensified the competitive conditions for traditional craft bakers, the number of whom is steadily decreasing.

The retail concept of self-service bakeries has revolutionized the baked goods market since the world's first self-service baked goods shop was opened in 2001. These self-service bakery shops have recently undergone a major change: snacks and creative variants of the classic “sandwiches” are real bestsellers. The trend towards out-of-home consumption is decisive here. With their range, bakeries and bakery shops are now even competing with system catering - in the meantime this type of business has become an indispensable part of the shopping miles and transport hubs of medium-sized and large cities. So baked goods have a lot of potential for budding founders!

Just think of the classic and partly regional baked goods, gluten-free baked goods, organic baked goods, baked goods to order, waffle and crepes shops or even food trucks or other mobile units - the business ideas for baked goods and coffee seem unlimited. You will find a corresponding number of attractive and well-known franchise and license systems in the “Baked Goods and Coffee” sector. Have fun browsing!