How do I print a CD DVD label with nero

CD / DVD / BD printing -> Buy printer

Hello everybody

I thought about getting a printer that I can use to print on CD / DVD and BD.
but now i'm not sure what kind of printer to use, so i thought to myself that someone might have a good suggestion for a model for me.

The printer must only be able to print on CD / DVD and BD, the other functions are not important.
I want a printer that prints directly on the DVD, and not just prints stickers on the DVD.
Of course, the print should also be able to be colored and be of good quality.
I won't print very much, just a DVD from time to time, as already mentioned.

Price range well, it should certainly not exceed 200 euros, better around 100 euros.

Hope someone can suggest what a good printer would be

I also wanted to ask whether there are special DVDs / BDs for printing and what to look out for when buying them.

Kind regards