How to get into the Cannes Film Festival

How do you get to the Cannes Film Festival?

Hello everybody,

I am going to Cannes next week and would like to know how it is there with buses / trains from Cannes to Nice, Antibes, Monaco and Monte-Carlo. I've already looked at the bus timetables, but I still haven't found the prices, but I probably overlooked them: D

I would also be interested in where you can eat well and cheaply in Cannes, whether it's Lidl in the city center or similar. You can find where you can get souvenirs for good prices and whether you can pay the reduced price for museum admission if you only have a German school certificate (by that I mean, whether it is accepted there, I already have the language barrier deliberately).

And are there any recommended free travel guide apps with offline maps in the App Store? Everything I've downloaded so far always includes in-purchases: /

I would be very happy about general testimonials (like positive, negative ones too) :)

With thanks in advance,