I'm in the middle of tyranny


Of course I admire Helene Fischer! That's THE Russian German! She did it! A beautiful woman, extremely talented, great voice, great performer. Yes, a real rampage pig, if you can put it that bit roughly.

Helene Fischer is our star! This is the pride of all of us. She is a role model for all of us. There is only you! The real deal. The Helene Fischer. There is only Helene Fischer and no one else. She is our voice. Our symbol. She represents all Germans from Russia. We can all identify with her. All. Just not me. I am not Helene.

Maybe I'm the only one who defies this Helene madness. Even if - I don't care. I just can't take it anymore. I'm tired of it. As soon as it comes to Russian Germans, the first thing you hear is the name "Helene Fischer". Everyone knows that. As if there is no one else among our three million. How can you reduce three million to one person?

I'm tired of having to like Helene Fischer. Why do i have to like her? Just because she happened to be born in the Soviet Union, like me? Because our ancestors had the same fate? Is that the only argument? Is there nothing more to offer?

For me, Helene Fischer is nothing more than ONE singer. One of many. An infinite number of German singers who I think are really great, but nothing more! I am out and about so often and you cannot imagine how present Helene Fischer is everywhere. Where it comes to Germans from Russia. Whether cultural, political or scientific events: Helene Fischer is the measure of all things, it seems to me. How sorry I am that Helene Fischer's videos and audios are played at these events. And we have to be happy, cheer and ideally do a backflip, because OUR Helene, the goddess of all Russian Germans, is present, even if only through audio or video - but!

How many times have I forced myself to like her. I watched their videos on the internet and concerts on TV. But I'm sorry. I don't feel anything. It is an absolute emptiness when I see or hear it. She has very nice songs. No, she even has some great songs! But first of all, that's not my style of music at all. Generally not. I can hear it every now and then, but not all the time. Second, please stop singing in Russian. And leave Ukrainian at the same time, please. That is really partially borderline. This forced "being Russian". When she sings Russian, my mother tongue sounds so soulless that I would like to crush my cell phone or notebook. Show, show, show. No heart, no feeling, not even a clever pronunciation… But apart from phonetic difficulties - she just doesn't feel this music. It's a terrible distortion of Russian music. The meaning and content of the Russian soul. This hooping and twitching, BUT the crowds are raging! And that's what matters.

Now I can already see the fans of Helene Fischer sharpening their knives and accusing me of envy and other things. Absolutely not. As I said before - she's a great singer and entertainer. But I, as a Russian-German, absolutely do not identify with this woman. And I wonder who even sets up these patterns, these rules? Everywhere you look, everyone brags about Helene Fischer.

In my eyes she is not a representative of our ethnic group. I am not Helene. In no way. There is nothing I can get from this woman. And it makes me angry that we're all reduced to just that one person. There are so many Russian-German cultural workers who present our ethnic group in a much better light.

So many artists, of Russian German origin, but they all seem to be drowning in Helene's shadow. Those who really stand up for the interests of our compatriots. Those who give us a voice, hold the flag high, are not ashamed of their origins and openly address problems. The ones I look at and think: Yes, that's me!

People who impress and touch me with their music, their songs, their literature, their pictures or even films. Who speak from my soul with their art.

For me, these are the voices of the Germans from Russia. They all. Because there are so many. For each of us there is a suitable voice somewhere.

But I am not Helene. And I'm not the only one who thinks and feels that way. The only difference is that I like to think out loud and often.

I have nothing against Helene Fischer. I still think it's great. Soon it will be Mardi Gras and I'll dance to their songs just like everyone else. For me she is the hit queen. But not the queen of the Germans from Russia. And point.

Katharina Martin-Virolainen