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This article covers the game mechanics. For the status effect "Hunger" see Status Effects # Hunger.
The hunger indicator can be seen on the right-hand side and the life indicator on the left.

hunger can influence the player negatively (the life points decrease), if he does not use this effect with the inclusion of food counteracts.

The current state of hunger is emptying Hunger indicator to see, which is located next to the life indicator and is represented by meat legs.

If the hunger indicator is full, the player is not hungry. If it begins to empty, the player is hungry and has to eat. A full hunger display represents 20 food points , i.e. one leg of meat represents 2 food points. The drop by a single food point is a little difficult to see, so the difference is shown here in the magnification:

A full leg of meat
stands for 2 food points

A bitten leg of meat
stands for 1 food point

In addition to the hunger display, there is also the invisible count of the saturation. Food always fills up both the hunger indicator and the invisible satiety. By exhaustive activities (e.g. sprinting) the saturation is first used up, only then does the visible hunger indicator decrease.

Eat Drink: Food is eaten by pressing and holding the right mouse button. Potions are drunk in the same way. You can only eat food when you are hungry, i.e. not when the hunger display is completely full, with the exception of the (enchanted) golden apple and the chorus fruit and in creative mode you can also eat since 1.15, but unlimited, so if you, for example was in survival mode and you were hungry, if you then switch to creative mode and eat something and then go back to survival mode, you can see that the food bar has filled up. In earlier versions this will not work.

A scoreboard command is used to check whether a player is eating something: The command generates the score "apple", which is increased by 1 for each player as soon as he eats an apple. Then the command finds all players who have eaten their first apple. Further examples can be found under technology.

There is also the status effect saturation, which, similar to food, replenishes the player's hunger display.

Properties [edit]

  • Movement slows down while eating. This does not apply to the use of ladders, scaffolding, carts, boats, horses, tendrils, pigs and elytra.
  • In the degree of difficultyPeaceful the hunger indicator fills up automatically.
  • When the hunger display is reduced to 3 clubs, the player can no longer sprint and one runs backwards faster than forwards.

Saturation [edit]

A player eating a loaf
  • The player starts with 20 food points, i.e. a full hunger indicator, and 5 saturation points. The rested player has an exhaustion of 0 at the beginning.
  • Some game actions more or less exhaust the player (see table below). The exhaustion is added until it reaches the value 4.0. For example, every meter sprinted increases exhaustion by 0.1 - after 40 meters, full exhaustion is reached.
  • As soon as full exhaustion is reached, the saturation is reduced by one point and the exhaustion is reset to 0. After a 200 meter sprint, the entire initial saturation is used up.
  • If the player has a saturation of less than 1 point, the exhaustion is still reset to 0 when it is consumed. This residual saturation thus acts like a whole saturation point, which can be exploited by eating biscuits, melons, etc. individually if possible.
  • As a visible sign of exhausted satiety, the hunger indicator begins to tremble.
  • When the saturation is empty, the player has no more reserves. Then a visible point of food is removed from the hunger display if the person is further exhausted. The player is now hungry.
  • With increasing hunger, effects occur (see table below) up to a reduction in life points.
  • If the player ingests food, he gets back food and saturation points (see table below).
  • The sum of the saturation points never rises above the sum of the food points. This means that if the hunger indicator is very low, the satiety effect of highly satiating foods is not fully exploited. The best example is the golden carrot, which gives 6 food points plus 14.4 saturation points. If the player is already very hungry, e.g. because his hunger display has dropped to the value 2, all 6 food points are added by eating the golden carrot, but only 8 saturation points because the hunger display is now at 8. The player only gets the full saturation of 14.4 points if he has at least 9 food points (because 9 + 6 due to the golden carrot = 15, which is greater than 14.4). It therefore makes sense to only eat particularly filling foods when you are not very hungry. However, if the player has only lost 2 food points, for example, the golden carrot provides all 14.4 saturation points, but only 2 of 6 possible food points. Optimally, you make the most of a particularly filling food when you are just as hungry as it returns food points.
Hunger indicator 1234567891011121314151617181920
+ Food points 6666666666666654321-
= New hunger indicator 78910111213141516171819202020202020-
Saturation points 789101112131414,414,414,414,414,414,414,414,414,414,414,4-

The hunger status of the player is saved in the player data in the following properties:

  • foodLevel: current status of the hunger indicator.
  • foodSaturationLevel: current level of saturation.
  • foodTickTimer: Increases with every tick as soon as the hunger indicator is at least 18 or 0. If foodTickTimer 80 (= 4 seconds), 1/2 heart is added or subtracted from the player, depending on whether he is full or starving.
  • foodExhaustionLevel: Adds up the exhaustion.


Any action listed here increases exhaustion. All other actions increase exhaustion Not. For example, the player can take the boat for days without his hunger indicator going blank.

action exhaustion
Swim per meter   0,01
Mining a block   0,005
Sprint per meter   0,1
Leap   0,05
Attack a being   0,1
Take damage that can be blocked by armor   0,1
Hunger effect per second   0,1
Run and jump   0,2
1 () regenerate   6,0

Hunger effects [edit]

Food table [edit]

Surname picture Food points Main source Saturation points Effective quality[Note 1]
Additional effects

(Food points + satiety)

Tropical fish1 fishing0,2 1,2
Puffer fish1 fishing0,2 1,2 100% chance of food poisoning (hunger III for 15 seconds) plus nausea II for 15 seconds plus poisoning IV for 1 minute
potato1 Harvest potatoes 0,6 1,6
Dried seaweed1 Harvest and dry seaweed0,6 1,6
Beetroot1 Harvest beetroot 1,2 2,2
New with version 1.17: Luminous berries2 Harvest cave tendrils 0,4 2,4
biscuit2 Produce0,4 2,4
Raw cod2 fishing0,4 2,4
Raw salmon2 fishing0,4 2,4
Poisonous potato2 Harvest potatoes
(2% probability)
1,2 3,2 60% chance of food poisoning (Poisoning I for 4 seconds)
Melon slice2 Harvest melons 1,2 3,2
Raw mutton2 Slaughter sheep 1,2 3,2
Raw chicken2 Slaughter chickens 1,2 3,2 30% chance of food poisoning (hunger I for 30 seconds)
Spider eye2 Kill spiders and cave spiders 3,2 5,2 100% chance of food poisoning (Poisoning I for 4 seconds)
Sweet berries2 Harvest sweetberry bushes 0,4 2,4
Raw rabbit3 Slaughter rabbits 1,8 4,8
Raw beef3 Slaughter cows 1,8 4,8
Raw pork3 Slaughter pigs 1,8 4,8
carrot3 Harvest carrots 4,8 7,8
Rotten meat4 Kill zombies 0,8 4,8 80% chance of food poisoning (hunger I for 30 seconds)
Apple4 Destroy oak leaves 2,4 6,4
Chorus fruit4 Harvest chorus plants 2,4 6,4 Teleportation like an Enderman to a coincidentally close position within an 8x8 area
Golden Apple4 Produce9,6 13,6 Regeneration II for 5 seconds, absorption for 2 minutes
Golden apple (enchanted)4 Find 9,6 13,6 Regeneration V for 30 seconds, absorption for 2 minutes, fire protection and resistance for 5 minutes
loaf5 Produce6 11
Fried cod5 Raw Cod Roast6 11
Fried rabbit5 Raw rabbit roast6 11
Baked potato5 Harvest and bake potatoes7,2 12,2
Borscht6 Produce7,2 13,2
Roasted chicken6 Raw chicken roast7,2 13,2
Mushroom soup6 Right-click on a moss room with a bowl 7,2 13,2
Fried salmon6 Raw salmon roast9,6 15,6
Fried mutton6 Raw mutton roast9,6 15,6
Golden carrot6 Produce14,4 20,4
Strange soup6 Trade with farmers and in chests7,2 13,2 One of the following effects for 0.3-11 seconds
Fire protection
Night vision
Honey bottle6 Beehive and beehive9,6 15,6 Removes the effect
pumpkin pie8 Produce4,8 12,8
Roasted pork8 Raw roast pork12,8 20,8
steak8 Raw roast beef12,8 20,8
rabbit stew10 Produce12 22
(seven uses
à 2 per use)
(seven uses
0.4 per use)
Due to the way saturation values ​​below 1 work, effectively a saturation of 7 if each piece is consumed individually.
(seven uses
2.4 per use)
Due to the way in which saturation values ​​below 1 work, effectively a quality of 21 if each piece is consumed individually.
  1. ↑ A rough estimate of how long the food will last, see above for more information.

Inedible food ingredients

Food poisoning

Food poisoning can occur when eating some foods (see table above) and triggers the "hunger" status effect. Particles appear around the player, the hunger indicator turns green and empties faster.

Eating a poisonous potato or a spider's eye or drinking the poisoning drink leads to poisoning, but without the hunger effect that is at stake here.

Normal food poisoning lasts for 30 seconds and adds 15 points of exhaustion to the player over this time. This subtracts a little less than 4 satiety or food points.