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Mercedes A45 AMG versus VW Golf R

But by that stage, we're nearly out of the Fens and onto the B660. This is one of the great B-roads. Running from a little way south of Peterborough all the way down to Bedford, it somehow manages to dodge most villages as it weaves and carves along. Like many great B-roads, it contains surprises of the "Why on earth did they put a bend there?" variety, and is well-sighted and therefore quick. If we clarified one thing on this trip, it's that progress is not only more entertaining on a B-road, but often faster than on a single-carriageway A-road where everyone travels at 45mph line-asters. Please note, from previous experience, I know this does not apply in the parts of Britain where they favor high hedgerows or dry-stone walls. Yes, Cornwall and Cumbria, we're looking at you.

Both cars lap up the B660, allowing them to reveal their own character traits. The golf, as expected, is the tidy sock drawer type. It's efficient, ordered and incredibly rapid. It has less turbo lag, and works its chassis very evenly. The Merc has a looser grip on itself. There's a bit more slack around the straight-ahead of the steering, a hint of torque-steer, a gearbox that hands out downshifts only when it's good and ready. Drive it at 6 / 10ths, and it's not really too bothered. Heap a couple more tenths on, and it's suddenly all there.