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Stone buildings primarily classes can be accommodated for children and youth groups.
Stone buildings primarily for children and youth groups, classes can be accommodated.
we check primarily the worthiness of an infrastructure measure from an economic point of view.
Primarily we assess the viability of an infrastructure measure from an macroeconomic point of view.
He will primarily used for socket-welded and screwed fittings.
It is mainly used for socket-welded and screwed fittings.
Not for nothing speak here primarily Women on this subject.
It is for good reason that it is mainly women who are speaking here.
Cashmere belongs primarily the Kashmiris themselves.
We must primarily Prevent distortions in the internal market.
The citizens of Europe are primarily Consumers.
Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, the citizens of Europe are first and foremost consumers.
Are cultural issues primarily a national and intergovernmental matter.
these are primarily Technical proposals.
I am natural primarily still very critical product tester.
The H-boat is impressive primarily due to its excellent sailing properties.
Robert Beatty is primarily Designer.
Education policy is primarily A matter for the Member States.
This thrust concerns primarily the automation of element production.
This option will primarily used for workspace blanks.
This option is primarily used with envelope stocks.
Become callouts primarily used to designate element positions.
Callouts are used primarily for defining element positions.
An HDTV set is primarily designed for displaying moving images.
An HDTV is designed primarily to show moving images.
This property is primarily intended for development.
This property is intended primarily for use during development.
This is primarily implemented for compatibility with Transact-SQL.
This is implemented primarily for Transact-SQL compatibility.
This is primarily a function of the type of load.
This is primarily a function of the load type.
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