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Why does this product take first place in our test? The main reason is the excellent workmanship, which results in a high level of theft protection and quality.

Scope of delivery: 1 x RW-Manufaktur bicycle lock (type: folding lock), 2 x security keys, 1 x bracket including material for assembly (Velcro tape and screws), 1 x operating instructions

Workmanship and material: As far as we can tell, the RW-Manufaktur uses hardened steel for their bike locks. This material is particularly characterized by its strength compared to conventional types of steel. The lock has a total of 6 links, which are connected by robust safety rivets.

What can the bike lock do? Of course: it mainly protects your bike from theft. The Ruhr-West Manufaktur bike lock is a foldable lock (also called a folding lock) that can be opened and locked with a key. The lock has a high level of stability and robustness with a comparatively low weight. Because of this, it is very convenient to use and transport. We particularly like the supplied accessories for attaching to the bike frame. We are therefore extremely satisfied for the price of 59 €.

Quality of the lock: As already mentioned, this product uses a security lock that makes so-called “lock pickers” desperate. There is no chance of picking the lock here. The bike lock is supplied with two security keys.

Breakage and theft test: Folding locks usually give in after a short time when using a bolt cutter. It was different with this product. RW-Manufakur uses a sheathing during production that strengthens the links to be cracked so that they can hardly be grasped with a bolt cutter. In addition, the casing has a particularly smooth surface structure that does not allow the thief to cut through the lock. In our test, the lock kept slipping out of the bolt cutter. Last but not least, RW Manufakur relies on a link thickness of 5 mm, which makes theft difficult anyway. The folding lock from the Ruhr-West Manufaktur is therefore absolutely safe and suitable.

Equipment:In addition to the two keys, the packaging also contains a holder, two Velcro strips and a few screws, as well as nuts and detailed instructions for use. You can therefore easily attach the bike lock to the bike in two ways. Either with the help of the Velcro strips or by screwing. Both types of attachment are safe and do not cause any annoying rattling or damage to the bike. Here, too, there is a thumbs up.

Service promise: In the event of your dissatisfaction, the company offers a 14-day money-back guarantee (even if the product already shows clear signs of use). Of course we also tested that. The promise was kept and we were reimbursed the entire purchase price for a lock with signs of use.

Conclusion: If you want to protect your bike optimally against theft and want to spend relatively little money on it, this is simply the right bike lock. It has a safe and high-quality workmanship. In addition, the RW-Manufaktur offers great customer service! From our side, therefore, a clear buy recommendation!