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Combine silver

If you want to upgrade your outfit a little, the first trick is always jewelry. A nice watch, maybe your favorite necklace and bracelets. You already look more stylish ... right? Just putting on jewelry is far from good for your outfit. So that you feel really comfortable in the future, we are talking about today Combine silver.

You can match silver jewelry to your outfit as well as wear it with other metals. You can pay attention to a few small things. Not only the hair color, eye color and skin color play a role. The occasion on which you are going can also help with the decision.

In the following guide, always keep in mind that I am only giving you assistance based on experience. Try it out and decide for yourself what feels good and looks chic.

Who Does Silver Jewelry Look For?

Before you decide on a particular piece of jewelry, you should first know whether the jewelry color is even to face. And silver jewelry is (according to the rules) perfect for light or pale skin types. The cool, partly bluish undertone of silver underlines the fair complexion perfectly. For this reason, if you have a pale complexion, you can reach for the jewelry and combine silver.

By the way, you don't have to limit yourself to silver yourself. White gold is a very noble alternative to silver jewelry. It is gold, from which the color is removed by silver, chrome or platinum components. This gives gold a silver color and adapts wonderfully to the complexion of pale skin.

Combine silver

Probably the most interesting part of the accessories is the combination of different metal colors. It is no longer a secret that you are not allowed to wear just one decorative color. Gold and silver, rose gold and silver, or just all three metals. Your creativity knows no limits.

Combine gold and silver

Only wearing a single spot color is out. You look really stylish when you combine several metals. Gold and silver are the most popular color combinations when it comes to accessories. Two-tone pieces of jewelery in particular make combining them easy and suitable for everyday use.

Simple and reduced pieces of jewelry are recommended, especially for the beginning. This is the best way to develop a feeling for the metals and how to combine them appropriately. A gold necklace and a silver necklace offer a great basis. If one is longer than the other, you get an interesting layering look conjured up straight away.

With this base you can then add new pieces of jewelry over time and thus find your very own style. If the selection is too time-consuming for you, then the two-tone pieces of jewelry are ideal. With these you simply have an exciting color combination ready. When buying, however, you should pay attention to the balance. Silver should be the predominant material, while gold details complement the piece of jewelry.

Wearing gold and silver rings together

The metal mix with rings is particularly easy. Regular rings as well as knuckle rings are easy to wear together because ring stacking is so popular. So you can easily create transitions and the combination looks almost natural.
Between the metals you combine a "bridging ring" with a bicolor design. A sparkling piece of jewelry with rhinestones is also possible.

Combine gold and silver chains

In addition to the rings, you can also easily combine different colored chains with each other. If you pay attention to a reduced design and different chain lengths, then you have a perfect look.

Combine rose gold and silver

If you don't really like normal gold, then try the alternative: rose gold. We have already written a whole article about where and how you can combine rosé everywhere. Basically, the approach isn't that different. However, rose gold has one big advantage over gold: combined with silver, it has a very neutral effect.

So this means: You can combine silver as much as you want and don't have to pay attention to a certain balance. Only a ring made of silver and a ring in rose look good. But three rings can work just as well. The same applies to bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Incidentally, a two-tone rose gold and silver watch is very chic in my opinion.

And for the fashionably conservative men out there: Yes, you too can heartily reach for rose gold.

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