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updated on 04/12/2021

What are no-claims classes?

No claims classes are also called SF classes.

The SF classes affect the contribution of your car insurance.

If you have multiple cars, you will get a separate SF class for each vehicle.

Your SF class is based on how many years you have been driving accident-free. After every year of insurance without damage, you will automatically move up one level.

For you, this means: the higher your SF class, the lower your contribution.

In order to get a better SF class, the insurance coverage must be at least six consecutive months exist per insurance year.

Table of no-claims classes

There are no claims classes in motor vehicle liability and fully comprehensive.

The example table shows you how the division works. As a rule, the classes range from SF 1 to a maximum of SF 35. Some insurers now go up to SF 50.

Each SF class is assigned a no-claims discount (SF discount) by the respective motor vehicle insurer.

This discount reduces the contribution.

Using SF class 4, we explain what that means in concrete terms:

Your motor vehicle insurance premium costs 500 euros a year.

Since you drove accident-free, you will receive an SF discount of 40 percent (equivalent to 200 euros) from your motor vehicle insurer.

So you actually only pay 300 euros.

There are also special classes. Here, risk surcharges on the so-called basic fee of 100 percent are due.

Which no claims class do I have?

You can find out which no-claims class you have on your last premium invoice.

You can easily calculate your SF class yourself - provided you know how many years you have already insured a car (with no reported damage).

Take the total years and subtract 1 year - this is usually your current SF class.

In other cases, such as when a claim has been settled in the past, it is best to contact your motor insurer directly.

Initial classification

How long you have already had your driver's license is (almost) irrelevant for the no-claims class. The insurance period counts. With years of driving experience you will at least get the SF class ½ or 1 as your first classification.

Downgrading the SF class after an accident

After a liability or fully comprehensive claim, your vehicle insurance will be downgraded to the respective SF class for the next insurance year. This increases the car insurance premium.

How far you will be downgraded is stated in the insurance conditions of your motor insurer. Unfortunately, there are no uniform guidelines here.

This could be a downgrade in the event of a claim:

The downgrade tables are contained in the insurance conditions of your motor insurer or can be requested from them.

The differences in downgrading are huge. It pays to choose a car insurer that guarantees a fair downgrade after an insurance claim. CHECK24 has calculated what this can mean financially:

* SF class = no claims class; Motor vehicle liability insurance = KH; Fully comprehensive insurance = VK; Sample calculation CHECK24 from 11/10/2020

Can I prevent a downgrade?

Yes, there are ways you can prevent a downgrade. Read about it:
Prevent downgrading in the no-claims class

How can I transfer no-claims classes?

No claims can be transferred to:

  • close relatives
  • People living in the same household (e.g. to a partner)

The takeover is subject to conditions. You should therefore read our tips in advance:
Transfer and adopt no-claims classes

questions and answers

Which SF class do I get when I change insurance?

When changing vehicle insurance, the new company takes over the existing SF class from the previous insurance.

What happens if the contract is interrupted?

If you insure a vehicle again after a contract interruption, your previous SF class will usually be taken into account.

How do I transfer SF classes from abroad?

If you had a vehicle insured abroad, you may be able to have this taken into account when you insure a car in Germany. To do this, contact the respective motor insurer directly. They will tell you which evidence they need and which SF class you can expect in your case.

Which no-claims class does my second car get?

You can obtain car insurance for second cars from car insurers with low-priced special car ratings. The specific SF class in which your second car is classified depends on the insurance tariff.