When someone says kpoptown

Does that do the feelings of religious people & comma; if someone says & comma; that there is no god & quest;

What do people feel who believe in God when someone says their opinion that the Bible is just a storybook and that there is no God at all? You can say anything, even that you disagree, but the sound makes the music. I myself am

5 possible answers & comma; if someone says & comma; that the gassing of the Jews would never have happened & quest;

Hello Community, Do you have: 5 possible answers if someone says that the gassing of the Jews never happened? Thanks in advance! :) Are you aware that you express yourself extremely coldly, inhumanly and mercilessly? One gets the impression that

What should I do & comma; if someone says & comma; that he ever killed someone & quest;

What should you do with people who claim they are murderers and have already killed someone? I don't know the guy personally, but that's what he claims on the internet. Just that he's stabbed someone before. Now to my question: Would

When someone says & comma; that he wants to get to know you better

I want to be absolutely sure now and ask here. So when someone tells me they want to get to know me better. Can that also be meant in a friendly way or is it more of a statement when you are interested in a relationship? Please no stupid

What does it mean & comma; if someone says & comma; that he is an "academic" & quest;

Just to have an academic degree? Or that one is educated? What do you mean by that? That he has a university degree. There is certainly a certain education there, but sometimes an academic has a very tough one

What about the EGR valve & comma; if someone says & comma; that the DPF is defective due to the EGR valve & quest;

The EGR valve directs burned exhaust gases back into the combustion chamber in order to lower the combustion temperature and the resulting nitrogen oxides / NOX content. The return is usually connected to an EGR cooler. If the EGR valve sic

Does it mean & comma; if someone says & comma; that he feels comfortable in his relationship & comma; he understands himself and the other partner is deprived of & quest;

I can't say that. My boyfriend and I are both comfortable.

Is it normal & comma; that I am being attacked personally & comma; if someone says & comma; that he does not believe in God & quest;

There are people who think that God does not exist and that it is only made up. I feel completely broken because believing in God gives me strength then my recommendation, read the sure YaSin - God explains something to you ... or the prophet saw, that

If you say & comma; that you did not complete your training through extreme bullying & comma; then is the eternal sacrifice and is considered dumb & comma; so not to tell & quest;

Today I am pretty self-confident, recognized and accepted in my companies, I have completed my degree as a specialist and will soon be a business economist, unfortunately I had a nightmare apprenticeship, and after finishing this I was ready for

What & comma; if someone says & comma; that I am mysterious & quest;

My crush told my girlfriend that I was mysterious. What exactly did he mean? Does that sound negative or positive to you? It also depends a little on the tone. Like he said it was. Why don't you ask your girlfriend whether he's disparagingly or marriage

What can be said as a counter-argument & comma; if someone says & comma; that globalization is damaging the earth & lpar; global warming & comma; Ozone layer & period; & period; & period; & rpar; & quest;

Globalization in itself does not harm the environment, but more the way in which it is operated in part. Some companies outsource production to regions where cheap labor is available and the products are then unnecessary

What does the & comma; if someone says & comma; that I look like mom & quest;

I don't think that was meant in a friendly way, but if you feel comfortable in your clothes and are confident, you can make this your "trademark". According to the motto "I look like mom's darling, but when she does

What should I do & comma; if someone says & comma; that I'm ugly & quest;

So I go to school and some from my parallel class always say I'm ugly. These are these people who know they look good and have to insult others because of it. So I'm not ugly but not the best looking either. D.

How should one react & comma; if someone says & comma; that you look like Joseph Goebbels & quest;

I'm really only 1.70 tall with my 19, almost 20 years and also have dark eyes and hair and I'm not particularly strong. Lately someone said to me that I remind them of Goebbels and I somehow thought that at all

What happens & comma; if someone from abroad his court & lpar; criminal & rpar; missed in Germany & quest;

What are the consequences? It depends on what you have been summoned to do. If you are a defendant in a criminal case, you may miss the opportunity to defend yourself. Whether the police of the country in which you live are looking for and handing you over

When someone says & comma; that he has no time - does he really have no time or no interest & quest;

One cannot answer, both and. Some really don't have the time and there will certainly be some people who just often use something like that as an excuse.

What do & comma; if the friend wants to be an IS & quest;

Dear community, I have a very strange request. I discovered a handwritten list on my friend's house. It's kind of a to do list. It says things like "become more aggressive" and "convert to Islam". Now

What happens & comma; if they recognize & comma; that I only get too little money and the investment was not successful & quest;

Hello, my P-account is currently being seized. But I don't earn a lot, so I never exceed the available allowance. At the beginning of the month I make all the transfers and have the rest of the money paid out to me because you can't do anything

Whatsapp & comma; what happens & comma; when someone mutes the chat & quest;

hello everyone, what happens if someone has muted the chat on whatsapp? does this person appear to me as offline? And my messages are not arriving? Or when I write to someone who only see ticks - i.e. my message is on