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―Mongraal ranting about Fortnite adding the 'Infinity Sword' to the game.

Kyle Jackson (born: August 13, 2004 (2004-08-13) [age 16]), better known online as Mongraal, is an English eSports player who mainly plays the game Fortnite. At 13 years old, he had found success, and was featured on BBC News. Kyle was a player for Team Secret (joined in April 2018), but decided to leave the clan on July 7, 2019 to join FaZe Clan.[1]


Summer skirmish

Summer Skirmish is a Weekly tournament hosted by Fortnite themselves which comes in on Multiple days. Kyle was not allowed to join due to him being too young[2], as Kyle did mention that he is one of the top players when it came to other tournaments. Kyle also mentioned that he cannot control his age and is unfair as he is the youngest competitive player in the world.

BBC News interview

In April, 2018, Kyle was interviewed by the company 'BBC' (British Broadcasting Corporation) as he was the # 1 British Fortnite Player and Youngest Competitive Fortnite player[3]. Kyle had mentioned that he had played games his whole life, and started playing more professionally at the age of 9, when he was playing Halo and Call of Duty. There were also questions about Kyle's school work. Kyle responded saying that he has time to study, and is doing well at all subjects in school, and his parents don't have any worry in him playing a lot.

Edit Course

Ever since the release of Fortnite's Creative, multiple content creators on YouTube made maps for the community to use for practice or challenges. Kyle created his own building / editing course. The server was also used for a $ 500 giveaway to the person who can finish Kyle's edit course the fastest.

Currently, the person who has finished Kyle's edit course, the fastest is Pxlarized with the time of 2 minutes and 26 seconds.[4]